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A complex sentence has an independent or main clause and a dependent

or subordinate clause. An independent clause is a complete sentence that

can stand on its own. A dependent or subordinate clause is not a complete
sentence for it cannot stand on its own. Dependent clauses start with
subordinating conjunctions such as:
Whenever etc
A- Identify which subordinating conjunctions in the previous box show:



A condition:

Identifying Clauses in Complex Sentences

B- Read each sentence below. Underline the main/ independent clause and
circle the dependent/ subordinate clause.
1. After the game, we all went out for pizza.
2. Although we were late, we were still let into the show.
3. Unless he shows up, I will have to go on without him.
4. Even though they did the work, they will still have to do it again.
5. We went to the fair, since we had the time.
6. Whenever you are ready, you need to let me know.
7. Before the game, I went to the store and bought some gum.
8. If he fails, I will be the one to blame.
9. Because of the exam, I will be able to go to college.

10. As an officer, I will be sworn in to my duty.

B- Write 10 complex sentences of your own about any of the topics below.
You must use all the subordinating conjunctions. Remember to add correct
punctuation: if you start the sentence with the subordinate clause, add a
comma after it.
Refugees - Childrens rights - The Convention on the Rights of the Child
- Children at war - The importance of education.
B- Join the following pairs of sentences using subordinating conjunctions.
The logical relationship is provided in brackets to the right.
EXAMPLE: Some birds prey on cockroaches. Humans are their biggest
enemies. [contrast]
SOLUTION: Although some birds prey on cockroaches, humans are their
biggest enemies.
1. Cockroaches are a health threat to humans. They carry bacteria like
staph. [effect/cause]
2. Humans try to eliminate the cockroaches. Cockroaches are extremely
successful at surviving. [contrast]
3. Cockroaches are smaller than humans. They have extremely fast
responses and sensitive receptors. [contrast]
4. There is no food. Cockroaches will live on glue and paper. [condition]
5. They cannot find glue or paper. They can live off of body stores for three
months. [condition]
6. Cockroaches are really desperate for food. They will turn into cannibals.
7. Cockroaches must have their antennae undamaged. They can live well
without the use of their eyes. [contrast]
8. Many believe that cockroaches could survive a nuclear war. Roaches can
withstand much more radiation than humans. [effect/cause]
9. Scientists have found that cockroaches can dehydrate and die. They are
deprived of their protective coating. [condition]
10. People want to keep roaches as peculiar pets. They should find a way to
damage their protective coating. [condition]