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Jonas De Meyer


Unit 1
Starting up
A) In my opinion, one of the best communicators ever is Barack Obama.
His speeches have already inspired a lot of people and he seems to remain
calm while doing them as well. I dont think that anyone can be compared
with him considering communication, nobody is that self-confident and
prepared in my opinion.
When were talking about communication in business I can only think of
examples like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg, every speech
they give or gave was also very good and I heard that they love to
communicate with their employees themselves, which is not really
expected from them.

B) - Grammatical accuracy
- An extensive vocabulary
- Physical appearance
C) Being gentle and genuine, you dont want to look like a person who is
forced to do the things he does.

A) Good: Articulate, focused, coherent, responsive, fluent, extrovert, succinct
(very clear), persuasive, eloquent
Bad: Reserved, hesitant, sensitive, rambling, vague, inhibited
B) 1)


C) 1) Listen
2) Interrupt
3) Clarify
4) Confuse
5) Explain
6) Digress
7) Ramble
8) Engage
D) Listen to the answers

Jonas De Meyer


E) Explain subjects, use a correct pronunciation, listen to people carefully

A) No, he thinks that the principles of good communication havent changed
by technology
B) 1. Youve got to remember people have limited attention.
2. You know communication is about meaning.
3. Its just as much about listening as it is about telling things, and the
biggest communication problems I come across in organisations are
actually failures of listening.
4. Theres got to be some sort of emotional connection in it.
C) It communicates well, you know exactly where you are. Amazon is listening
to you,
they suggests products on things you have bought in the past.
D) The company made an amazing computerised voicemail, which seems to
prevent you getting to talk to a real person.

A) An Email
B) Advantages:
- Easy way to explain difficult situations
- Good way to communicate data and big documents
- No facial expression
- Spam
- Not very personal
C) A quiet word beats sending e-mail
D) Advantages:
- It must be admitted that e-mail is hard to beat as a transmitter of docs
and data.
- Spoken words fade, but e-mail is forever.
E) 1.

Face to face
Sensing that it is causing offence
To get away with
To keep in touch with far-flung contacts
To pitch someone

Jonas De Meyer



1. Keeping in touch

2. To get away with

3. Pitching
4. Face to face
5. Reprimanding
6. Causing offence

1) Yes, because it is easier to convince someone to buy your product if

you can use facial expressions. You can also see if people are interested by
seeing their expressions.
2) Be available 24/7 and answer any question very clearly and fast.

3) Memos and faxes will probably be replaced by applications for the

iPhone or computer
that make it even easier to communicate with each other.
4) I delete it and make sure that I wont receive any Emails from that
person again by putting him or her in my Spam-section.
5) Yes, especially because of social media, apps like Facebook, Whatsapp,
Snapchat, and many more make it very easy to communicate with each

Language review:
A) A. To put in a nutshell
B. To get straight to the point
C. To hear it on the grapevine
D. To put someone in the picture
E. To get the wrong end of the stick
F. To be on the same wavelength
G. Cant make head nor tail of it
H. To talk at cross- purposes
I. To beat about the the bush
J. To get it straight from the horses mouth
K. To be like talking to a brick wall
L. To keep someone in the loop
B) To fail to understand anything -> To get the wrong end of the stick
To share similar opinions and ideas -> To be on the same wavelength
To give the main facts in a short, clear way -> To put it in a nutshell
To not understand something -> Cant make head nor tail of it
To delay talking about something -> To keep someone in the loop
To give the latest information -> To hear it on the grapevine
To talk about the most important thing -> To get straight to the point
To hear about something because the information has been
passed from one person to another in conversation -> To beat about
the bush

Jonas De Meyer


To be told something by someone who has a direct knowledge of it

-> To get it straight from the horses mouth
To try to communicate with an unresponsive person -> To be like
talking to a brick wall
To include someone in group communication -> To put someone in
the picture
To not understand someone -> To talk at cross-purposes
C) 1. Keep him on the loop
2. On the same wavelength
3. Put it in a nutshell
4. Beating about the bush
5. Talk at cross-purposes
6. Heard on the grapevine
7. To get straight to the point
8. Been like talking to a brick wall
9. Cant make head nor tail of it
10. Keep us on the loop
11. Straight from the horses mouth
12. Put it in a nutshell

A) A. The persons speaks too fast or quietly
- Can you speak a bit slower/faster please?
B. You want someone to stop talking while you doing something
- Give me a second please.
C. You dont understand a word/expression the other person uses
- What do you mean?
D. You want to make sure of the spelling of something
- Can you spell it out for me please?
E. You want more information about a subject
- Can you tell me something more please?
F. The connection is not good and you cant continue the
- Can you call me back please, I cant hear you that well, I have a bad
G. You want to confirm some information
- Is this correct?
B) A person needs to be sure about the spelling, theres a bad line and the
call receiver doesnt get all the information, a person speaks too fast.
Better pronunciation, a caller waits on confirmation of the receiver,
gives the time to write
something down, he makes everything clear to the
receiver so he gets the message.

1. Hold on a second

2. Slow down
3. Check

5. Did you say

6. Does mean

7. A bad line

Jonas De Meyer
4. Spell

1 -> B
8 -> F

8. Call you back
2 -> A3 -> G

4 -> D

5 -> E6 -> C

7 ->