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Protecting Our Second Amendment Right

Prepared for:

Dr. Jessica McCarthy

English 2880 Professor
University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

Prepared by:

Joseph Enos, English 2880 Student

University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
November 20, 2016


November 20, 2016

Dr. Jessica McCarthy
English 2880 Professor
University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
From: Joseph Enos
English 2880 Student
University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
Subject: Repurposed Research Project Regarding the protection of Our Second
Amendment Right.
Attached is my repurposed research project regarding the protection of Our Second
Amendment Right that has grown threatened by our government more and more in recent
years. I completed the task I described in my proposal: Figuring out my target audience,
researching my topic, and performing the objectives necessary to complete this project.
To complete my task successfully I research statistic, first hand accounts, and laws on
gun control. I fond many resources through articles on the Internet that helped my convey
my message and point with backed up strong resources.
The conclusion that I came to was that gun laws were never threatened in the past it
wasnt until the 20th century when politicians and civilians started blaming all gun
violence on the second amendment, when in reality its due to policeman losing power on
the streets and criminals paying no attention to laws restricting guns.
I appreciate your attention and I look forward to hearing what you recommend for further
editing my product. If you have any questions or comments, please contact Joseph Enos,
at or (423) 991-8085

Table of Contents
Executive Summary.4
Research Methods4

Executive Summary
Since the beginning of this country or nation has worked to preserve the right of many
different freedoms that had never before been giving by a government, one of the biggest
freedoms was our 2nd amendment which is the right to always be able to bear arms and to
never let our government take that away from us. In recent years gun violence in our
nations communities have grown a lot and many people blame these crimes on our right
to bear arms. The thing is no matter what the laws are on guns criminals dont follow
laws and banning gun sales and not allowing people to own guns will do nothing to these
statistics. The fact that the government thinks that the best solution is just to ban all guns
all together makes no sense, we need to preserve the right of the second amendment so
everyone who deserves that right has the ability to protect themselves and there loved
ones at all times. If you compare and contrast different communities gun laws the ones
with less gun restriction are safer and have less crimes of criminals hurting defenseless
The target audience for my project is all communities within the United States. I chose
this audience because all types of U.S. citizens need to fight for the right the this country
has always stood for and not let it be taken away because criminals of this nation who
dont even deserve this right are threating to have it taken from us. We should all care and
want to fight for this right we deserve the feeling of always knowing we can protect
ourselves from any threat at all times, its a because human right to be able to protect
ones self.
Research Methods
In order to complete this project I had to understand my audience and make a useful way
of presenting the issue. When I figured out whom I wanted my target audience to be I
started to think about ways to best convey my message. Since my audience is a broad one
being all community members within the united states I decided to use Facebook because
its such a big social media platform and so easy to spread a message.
I have created a Facebook page that helps people understand the importance of gun
ownership and points out all the pros that come with it. Also posted many articles of
examples of why the 2nd amendment is so important. The Facebook page also points out
many of the reasons for gun violence and how to stop it. This page points out all of the
reasons the government is taking the wrong approach and why we should always fight for
our rights that our nation originally fought for.

The Facebook page I created helped me to educate my intended audience on the
protection of the 2nd amendment very easily. Not only was it easy to post articles and
other sources of information but it also helped me reach a large audience that I couldnt
have done on my own. One of the biggest benefits Facebook has is the ability to invite
people to the group and also spread the messages the page offers to vast number of
An issue might arise from the inability the page might have from not reaching the right
people such as government officials. Another issue may be that not enough information
may be giving to convince everybody who comes across the page so some people may
react negatively to the page which could turn some people away.
See attached Word Document for Repurposed Research Project