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N Pani Project Overview

Essential Question:
How can I use the ike of my kupuna to teach my community new ways to train my
body and mind while participating in fun physical activities?
What is this project all about?
This project is about exploring ways in which our kupuna trained both their bodies and
minds through physical activities during the Makahiki season. This project will focus
on the ike contained in the creation and participation of Makahiki activities and how
each activity was designed to push participants physically and mentally. Throughout
the course of this project, you will learn about the writing process, expository writing,
and how to write a tutorial. You will also create a new Makahiki activity that you will
showcase during our annual Makahiki event in December.

To what knowledge and skills is this project aligned?

Through this project, you will be asked to apply your understanding and skills
relating to:
analyzing & evaluating information/text/data
synthesizing information
express your ideas powerfully
Leadership skills:
Problem solving and critical thinking - use multiple resources to plan,
design, develop and answer open-ended questions using higher order
thinking skills.
Communicate and collaboration/Creativity and innovation - apply
critical thinking, research methods, and communication tools to create
original work. Collaborate effectively with an audience beyond the
classroom to create original work.

How will you be assessed?

You will be assessed on the communication of your expository writing as
you provide an in-depth tutorial for your audience. Members of your group
will demonstrate how to participate in your new Makahiki activity as you
share your tutorial. Your participants will complete a brief survey to assess
how well your tutorial prepared them to participate in your new Makahiki
activity. After your performance assessment, you will reflect and assess
yourself on how well you critically analyzed information, prepared your
written tutorial and demonstrated your new Makahiki activity.

What is the product?

New Makahiki activity tutorial
Demonstration of a new Makahiki activity


Due Date


Benchmark 1:

Monday, Nov. 28 for 7A & 7B*

Friday, Dec. 2 for 7C only*

Rough Draft of Makahiki Activity Tutorial

Benchmark 2:

Monday, Dec. 5 for 7A & 7B*

Wednesday, Dec. 7 for 7C only*

Final Draft of Makahiki Activity Tutorial

Benchmark 3:

Week of 12/5-12/9: Day 1*

New Makahiki Activity Flow Map

Benchmark 4:

Week of 12/5-12/9: Day 3

Rough Draft of New Makahiki Activity


Benchmark 5:

12/13 Flex

Final Draft of New Makahiki Activity


Benchmark 6:

Week of 12/12-12/16

Exhibition - Makahiki Activities

Benchmark 7:



*Updated 11/30/16 - New Benchmark 3 due date.

*Updated 11/23/16 - New Benchmark 1 & 2 due dates.