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Junior Molina-Nogal

Management Plan
Part 1:

Consistent, Timely and
May differ per different class
Ensemble vs. traditional
Extracurricular have the
same routines
Areas of where things belong
are marked
Students are informed of the
*this will vary by class type
and the school type, to be
taken as guidelines*

You must be present to win
Participation is expected
There is no room for
mediocrity, students must
always try their best
Routines are to be followed
Mutual respect is required,
including the teacher
Performance in a music
classroom is required, solo
playing included
Integration of other content
area is a must

Failure to meet designated
classroom guidelines means
removal of music activities
and assignment of the
Packet. This packet is 200300 pages including math,
English, music theory, music
history, etc. An alternative to

present a solo recital weekly

is also excepted.
Classroom tasks are
assigned, such as duties to
clean up the classroom or
organize chairs
Administration is to be
involved as a last resort

Attendance will not be part of
the grade, however, daily
graded work will be given.
Grades are to be determined
by the school.
Students always have a
chance to make up work with
reasonable excuse or in
unexpected grade
Grades are a reflection of
student effort
Students with effort, pass
Grace grades, drop the
bottom four lowest grades
Standards Based Grading
o Students are provided
with multiple
opportunities. They do
not get to redo an
assignment but get to
show competency of
the standards and
assessment to student
Not part of grades, but due to
material covered and

Junior Molina-Nogal
assignments attendance is
needed to be successful.
Students can learn music
individually but need to be
present to learn from
Always chances to make up
Physical Setup:
Large Ensemble traditional
set up
Chairs and stands to be put
up by students to have an
open space all the time
Instrument and belonging are
to belong in lockers
Request of screen above the
teacher podium
Marked areas for placement
of materials

Junior Molina-Nogal

Part 2:
Teacher Information:
Alfredo Junior Molina-Nogal
Available by appointment or the hour after school
Goals and Objectives:

Students will have a musically rich environment, this means; Students

will experience music, create music, express music and learn about
Students will learn about technique on their instrument and basic
fundamental Music Theory/History in conjunction of work with all other
content areas available at the school.


Students must be present for all class periods

Attendance is not part of grading but in order to receive credit for daily
grades student must be present.
Students must have the adequate amount materials, including but not
limited to; instruments, reeds, valve oil, method books, etc. If you are
unable to obtain these for any reasons, contact the teacher for help.

Grading in the classroom will be based off of standards based grading.

Multiple aural, written and recorded assessments will be given to
evaluate students. Criteria for specific assessment can be found on the
appropriate rubric. Students are not allowed to redo an assignment,
due to trends for the grading system; students will have the
opportunity to demonstrate the standard at a later time improving
their trend.
Mutual respect is required
Students are to always be putting full amount of effort in to anything
they do. Anything less than their best will not be tolerated
Students will perform often, in groups and alone
If students need disciplinary actions, that will be handled according to
school policy, the involvement of administration is a last resort.

A daily routine will be posted throughout the class. This is to let students feel
comfortable in the environment and know exactly where to be and what to
do. Routines may be switched up for terms of excitement however, failure to
follow routines will result in disciplinary actions. Students are expected to
hold each other responsible on the routines and classroom expectation.
Learning Environment:

Parents, students, teacher are all administrators are key to community

An environment of curiosity, respect and discovery is expected.
Students are to have steward mindsets towards one another and their
Students are to take pride in the school culture and be ready
representatives of the school community

As always, I am available for questions, clarification or suggestions.