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Mi-ar plcea s vorbesc alt limb, dar

Nu exist nici un motiv cu adevrat bun pentru a nu nva o limb strin, dar exist sute
de motive pentru a o face.
Iat cteva dintre cele mai bune motive. Faptul c vorbeti o limb strin:

1 Deschide o nou perspectiv asupra oportunitilor de

nvarea unei a doua limbi deschide o ton de oportuniti n carier. i nu e vorba doar
de freelancing. Sunt i alte modaliti prin care cunoaterea unei alte limbi ii poate mbinti
prospectele de angajare.
Lumea este n schimbare. Mai multe companii ca niciodat fac afaceri n nenumrate ri
din jurul lumii dar nu pot s o fac fr s angajeze personae ce forbesc cel puin o limb strin.
i-ai dorit vreodat s fi ca acei oameni de la televior ce sunt mereu n aeroporturi cltorind on
business? Poi s fii.
Chiar i n companiile mici exist ansele ca a vorbi a doua limb s te diferenieze de
ceilali aplicani.

2. D creierului tu un avnt
Vorbitul unei limbi strina n fiecare zi chiar poate ine doctoral departe! Studio dup
studiu arat beneficiile cognitive ale nvrii unie alte limbi, indifferent de vrst. mbuntirea
memoriei, o durat mai lung de concentrare a memoriei, i un risc redus a declinului cognitive
legat de vrst sunt doar cteva dintre efectele positive cunoscute cnd se nva una sau mai
multe limbi strine.

3. Stabilete conexiuni adnci i prietenii ntre culturi

Sigur mcar o dat n via ai simit un junghi de regret n timpul ntlnirii cu cineva din
alt cultur cnd i-ai dat seama c experiena putea fi mbuntit cunoscnd limba acelei

i s-a ntmplat asta vreodat? Vizitezi un stand de mncare dintr-o pia local cns eti
n vacan unde angajaii vorbesc ntre ei n proprie limb? Tu comanzi ceva, n limba ta,
ntrerupndu-le conversaia vesel. Un localnic vine, n timp ce tu atepi, comand mancare n
limba local, i ncepe s vorbeasc vessel cu buctarul despre ceva. Un minut mai trziu
buctarul se opreste din discuie i i ntinde farfuria dnd din cap. Tocmai ai pierdut o
experien cultural autentic pentru c nu te-ai putut altura.
Dar ce zici de asta? Ai un prieten ce vine din alt ar cu care i place s petreci timpul,
dar nu putei vorvi dect n limba ta. Simpi o legtur cu acea persoan i o considerai un bun
prieten. i apoi vorbete de un grup de prieteni, ce i vorbesc limba natal, cu care se ntlnete
tot timpul. Dar nu ai fost invitat niciodat pentru c nu ai fi neles pe nimeni.
OK. Deci nu poi nva toate limbile din lume sau s cunoti bine fiecare cultur de pe
glob. Dar dac exist o cultur pe care vrei s o nelegi mai bine, sau chiar o persoan n viaa ta
pe care vrei s o cunoti mai bine, atunci una dintre cele mai bune modaliti prin care poi s o
faci este s le vorbeti limba.

4. Primete o perspectiv nou asupre culturii tale.

ncercarea de a-i nele cultura doar din interior este ca i cum ai ncerca s nelegi ce
este un autobuz cnd l-ai vzut doar din interior. Nu poi vedea roile autobuzului, culoerea
exterioar sau motorul care l pune n micare.
Vrei o imagine de ansamblu? Trebuie s cobori din autobus i s l priveti din afar.
Cultura i limba unei ri sunt legate puternic. nva o alt limb i vei avea perspective
unei alte culture. Vei avea ocazia s te plimbi cu alt autobuz i s vezi nu doar cum este
nuntru, i s te sini confortabil acolo, dar i s ai o vedere clar al autobuzului tu pentru prima
Prea muli oameni i triesc propria via fr s pun sub semnul ndoielii adevrurile
universale despre cultural lor. Dar cnd iei din acest cerc strmt este ca i cum ai iei din
Matrix; n momentul n care ochii ti sunt cu adevrat deschii la acea nou perspectiv, nu te
poi ntoarce niciodat.

5. Stai inteligent n zone turistice

Exist ntodeauna pericolul ca turitii evideni s devin inte, sau s fie agresai de
comerciani, ce pot strica experiena unui loc unde oamenii sunt de fapt calzi i cinstii. Turistul
evident este acela ce vorbete alt limb.
Dar totul se schimb cnd vorbeti limba local.

Am auzit nenumrate poveti despre cum o vizit la Piramida din Giza nu este dect o
serie de a alunga comercianii, dar dac te-ai comporta ca un localnic i ai replica ana la
shiratot timpul nu ai mai fi hruit de nici o persoan

But everything changes when you use the local language.

I had heard countless stories of how a visit to the Pyramids of Giza is nothing
but a frustrating chain of shooing away one tout after another, but by
dressing/acting like a local and replying in (my albeit broken) Arabic the entire
time, I actually didnt feel hassled by a single person all the way there. It was
actually an experience Ill never forget!
In over a dozen years travelling the world, Ive managed to stay sane and stay
safe by attempting to blend in as best as I can, as well as responding
confidently enough in the local language that potential scammers will believe
youve been there a while, and theyll think twice before trying to pull a fast
one on you.

7. Become a Better Learner

Every time I learn a new language, I find it easier than the one before. The
reasoning is simple: with every new language I study, I figure out ways to learn
more efficiently. In other words, I develop language hacks.
Because of my extensive experience with this sort of trial and error, Ive
already identified many common hindrances that I can help you avoid right
from the get-go, as well as language hacks that can help you learn faster.
As you spend time learning your first foreign language, youll identify your own
inefficiencies and eliminate them. Youll start gaining momentum in your
chosen language and learn more and more quickly. Then youll be able to hit
the ground running with the next language. Youll be on your way to
polyglotism before you know it.

8. Conquer Your Fear of Looking Stupid

If a foreigner walked up to you to ask for help with something like directions,
and they struggled to find the right English words, and made many mistakes
but were obviously trying hard, would you feel like laughing at their effort? I
doubt it. Youd more likely be impressed with their courage to walk up to a
stranger and speak a language imperfectly. Thats a person who has
conquered their fear of making mistakes in front of others, and has managed
to communicate with you and gotten help with what they need.
Cant imagine having that sort of courage yourself? Well, if you decide to learn
a language, and you start by speaking from day 1, then youll get over your
fear very quickly. Not only will you be able to communicate effectively (note
that I didnt say perfectly) in a new language, but your confidence will get a
huge boost, and youll never be held back from trying any new skill. Ever
wanted to try dancing? Creative writing? Public speaking? How great would it
be to shed your inhibitions and just go for it!

9. Bring Out Your Inner Mr Spock

This may sound surprising, but studies have shown that when you make a
decision in your second language, youre more likely to think logically and
avoid basing your decision on emotion. In other words, youll become more
like Star Treks Mr Spock.
Theres no way around it. Humans are emotional creatures. Everyone is guilty
of making decisions too hastily and too emotionally. But if you learn to speak
another language, youll learn to think in that language. And when you think
about your decisions in a foreign language, that emotional bias tends to go
away and you end up choosing the more logical outcome.
Live long, and prosper!

10. Enjoy Works of Art in their Original Language

Bollywood films, manga, telenovelas, Swah rap the world is full of nonEnglish works of creative art. Dont you wish you could appreciate some of
them in their original language rather than relying on badly-translated subtitles
or English dubs, which lose much of the charm that made the original product
popular to begin with?
You may find translations, but youd be surprised what is lost in translation.
If youre a fan of any type of foreign media or youd like to be, but arent
interested in experiencing it in English because of all nuances lost in
translation then this is an excellent reason to start learning that new
language. Youll already have a very clear goal in mind, so youll know what
type of vocabulary will be most useful to learn, and you can use those
materials as a study aid as you progress in your new language.

11. No More Paying the Sticker Price

Tired of overpaying for gifts and souvenirs at markets when you go on
holiday? Its common knowledge that at many of these places, there are two
prices: one for locals and one for tourists.
Even if you bring your best haggling game to the table, if you try to haggle
exclusively in English instead of the local language, you might not get very
close to that coveted local price. But if you make the effort to learn the local
language, then youll start the game off with a better hand, and end up saving
quite a bit more money than you would have otherwise. And the best part is
that youll also be participating in an authentic cultural experience in the
country youre visiting.

12. Discover You Can Do It!

As I mentioned earlier, Ive heard pretty much every excuse that people give
for failing to learn a second language. Too old, not enough time, wrong genes.
None of them hold water.
Whatever doubts you have, you really can learn another language. You could
even hold your first conversation just seven days from now.

So What are You Waiting For?

Everyone has their own unique reasons for wanting to learn another language.
But while the reasons may be different, they can all be put into action in the
same way: by committing to stop making excuses, and to start speaking the
language youve always wanted to learn.
Once youve held your very first conversation in a foreign language, trust me:
youll never look back.