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Domain F: Looking Forward: Reflection on and Rationale for My Professional Development

Plan (TPE Domain F)
Sara Smith
National University
December 02, 2016

In partial fulfillment of the requirements for

TED 690 Capstone Course
Dr. Clifton Johnson



In this paper, the author will create a five-year timeline that will identify five or more
professional development activities that will lead to university credit, certification, or other
evidence of achievement recognized in the projected place of employment. The author will
reflect on the rationale for selection of the artifacts used in TPE Domain F and she will explain
how her choice of professional development activities will move her closer to her professional


Looking Forward: Reflection on and Rationale for My Professional Development Plan

(TPE Domain F)

Our Professional Development Portfolio is based on the California Teaching Performance

Expectations which are comprised of thirteen standards within six domains. Standards provide
teachers with targeted outcomes in the knowledge, dispositions, and skills related to effective
teaching. Targeted outcomes allow teacher candidates to monitor their own growth towards
program requirements and help experienced teachers to identify goals for professional growth
based on the accepted standards of the profession. (Costatino, 2012). Domain F specifically
focuses on developing as a professional educator so below I created a tentative five-year timeline
of my projected personal professional development.

Five-Year Professional Development Timeline (in addition to any district or school-initiated

professional development required)

Obtain Masters Degree in Secondary Education
Licensure through Nevada Department of Education
Praxis for Health and Physical Education
Google Classroom Basics, Intermediate, and Advanced courses
Using Technology in Physical Education 3-day graduate course


EDU X776 Classroom Management Course at University of San Diego (online)
Become certified American Heart Association CPR/AED instructor

Rationale for Selection of Timeline Objectives

The first thing that I would like to point out is that the above mentioned objectives are in
addition to any district or school-initiated professional development requirements. I know that at
Bob Miller Middle school, the teachers are required to attend a teacher in-service every Monday
after school and at Green Valley High School, they do the same on Wednesday afternoons. This
has replaced the teacher in-service days that were unassigned days off for the students.
After obtaining my Masters Degree in Secondary Education later this month, I will take
the Licensure Exam through the Nevada Department of Education and the Praxis Exam
specifically for Health and Physical Education. I will be substitute teaching until I can find a full
time position in my field of interest.
Right at the beginning of 2017, I would like to start the Google Classroom courses. With
the inclusion of Chromebooks in some of the local schools and Google Classroom in almost all
of them, it is very important that I have access to all of the many tools available through Google
Classroom. Having the ability to utilize this in my classroom will make it much more interactive
and easily accessible by the students even if they are absent for some reason. Being able to post
assignments and online quizzes will keep students in the loop and leave less room for excuses on
not getting work done.


In 2018, I would love to take a course on including elements of technology in Physical

Education. I have stated before that I need to improve personally when it comes to technological
advances and being able to include some of these elements into Physical Education would be
extremely beneficial. Technology is a necessity now, and even more so in the future, so keeping
up to date with new tools is imperative.
I have projected a Classroom Management Course in 2019 but may feel the need to
implement this at an earlier time. There are many styles of classroom management and the more
that I am aware of, the better. My feeling at this point is to involve the students in the initial
classroom management or rule making process so that they are fully aware of the expectations
and are actually a part of creating them. This will help build trust and mutual respect between
me, the students, and their peers/classmates.
Lastly, in 2020, I would like to become certified to instruct CPR/AED through the
American Heart Association. As a Health teacher, we offer CPR/AED certification to our
students and, according to Erin Hill, one of my mentor teachers, it is much better to be a certified
instructor myself rather than relying on an outside source. Becoming certified would also help
students understand how important I feel CPR certification is so that they have the knowledge to
help out in an unfortunate situation should their assistance be required.
This timeline of my personal professional development focuses on areas that I need
improvement on as well as courses/items that I feel will better my classroom for the students.
There is so much information out there and I plan on furthering my knowledge in many ways in
addition to the above timeline as well. Continuous research and collaboration with peers are
things that I may not earn credit for, but will help improve the learning experience for my


students. Being an educator is not just about teaching my students, but constantly learning and
growing myself so that I can be the best teacher that I can be!



Costantino, Patricia M., De Lorenzo Marie N., & Tirrell-Corbin, Christy. (2009).
Developing a Professional Teaching Portfolio: A Guide for Success. Upper Saddle
River, NJ: Allyn & Bacon/Pearson.