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Displacement and Velocity

1. Will goes horseback riding in an open field. He rides 494 m north., 453
m east, 626 m north, 728 m west and finally 1120 m south. What
distance did he cover? What was his displacement?
2. What is the total displacement of a student who walks 5 blocks east,
2.5 blocks north, 10 blocks west, and 2.5 blocks south?
3. Fred rides one of the most expensive cruise ships in the world. The trip
was set to go 50 km west. After visiting that island, they go to the next
one 20 km north. What distance did they cover? What was their
displacement? (1cm = 10km)
4. If a dog runs at 13.6 m/s for 43 minutes, how far will he go?
5. Saitama traveled the first 1.5 hours of his journey at 40mph and the
last 2.5 hours at 75 mph. What is his average speed of travel or the
entire journey?
6. My supersonic punch travels at 999 m/s. How long will it take for me to
punch you if you are 2.33 km away?
7. Rick went to Diagon Alley to fetch his wand. He walked at a pace of
3.45 m/s for 30 minutes until he reached Ollivanders Wand Shop. He
waited at the store for 15 minutes since there were a lot of other
wizards buying wands. Rick then flew home at a speed of 12 minutes.
What is his average velocity? Hint: ave V = TOTAL distance/ TOTAL
8. The Hogwarts Express travels a distance of 167 km at a speed of
55.55 kph. How long did the train reach its destination?
9. Voldemort travels 24 km with a speed of 35kph and another 50 km at
88 kph.
a. How long did it take to reach his final destination?
b. What is his average speed?
10.Louise drove for 3 hours at 50 km/h and another 2 hours at 60 km/h.
a. What is his average speed?
b. If Louise drove south, what is her average velocity?


1. A car moving at 4.5 m/s accelerates at 2.5 m/s 2. How fast will it be
after 7.4 seconds?
2. Marco is out roaming the river at 0.5 m/s. Seeing an alien come around
the corner, he accelerates at 0.6 m/s2 for 8 seconds. By then how fast
is Marco moving?
3. A chipmunk is poking along at 0.3 m/s when Johsen spots it and decide
to kill it but it accelerates at 1.7 m/s 2. After what time would it be
moving at 2.5 m/s?
4. Honesto is flying at 15 m/s. If he accelerates at 2.7 m/s 2, how long will
it take for him to reach a speed of 20 m/s?
5. A boulder rolls down a hill for 15 seconds. If the initial velocity of the
ball was 0.8 m/s and the final velocity was 7 m/s, what was the
acceleration of the boulder?


Uniformly Accelerated Motion

1. A bmx accelerates uniformly from rest to a speed of 7.1 m/2 over a
distance of 35.4 m. How long did it take for the bike to cover this
distance? Determine the acceleration of the bike.
2. A Ferrari accelerates uniformly from 19 m/s to 55 m/s in 2.1 seconds.
Determine the acceleration of the car and the distance traveled.
3. A cheetah starts from rest and accelerates uniformly over 5.21 seconds
for a distance of 110 m. Determine the acceleration of the cheetah.
4. From rest, an armadillo accelerated at 0.8 m/s 2 for 10 seconds.
a. What is the position of the car at the end of the 10 seconds?
b. What is the velocity of the car at the end of the 10 seconds?
5. The Hogwarts Express brakes from 40 m/s to a stop over distance of
100 m.
a. What is the acceleration of the train?
b. How much time does it take the train to stop?


Free Fall
1. Aaron fell into a deep well and is heard to hit the water 3.67 seconds
after being dropped. Determine the depth of the well.
2. I threw Benjo down a cliff and he dies upon impact. If the cliff was 14
meters high, how many seconds elapsed before he reached the
3. An oxygen tank was dropped on Neptune from a height of 2.2 meters.
The time elapsed before the tank reached the ground was 3.18
seconds. What is the acceleration due to gravity in Neptune?
4. A 45 kg object is dropped from rest
a. How far will it drop in 6 seconds?
b. How long will it take for a 5 kg object?
5. An astronaut leaped from his spaceship towards the ground in Mars. He
leaped 4.22 meters, if the acceleration due to gravity of Mars is 3.711
m/s2 determine the time it took for him to reach the ground.