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The purpose of this research proposal is to assess the corporate social responsibility of
Marriott Hotel and to evaluate the performance of their CSR program. The first phase of the
research proposal started with an overview of the corporate social responsibility according to
hotel industries that indicates the need of a course for the study then formed the statement of
objectives including the scope and limitations. Furthermore discusses the significance of this
research proposal to individuals, groups and institutions. Second phase of the research proposal
contains the theoretical framework involves the collection of data from different sources such
books, journal, and online references as well as analyzing each data and connecting it to the
theories. And build up a conceptual framework. Third phase of the research proposal
compromise the research methodology contains the flow of the research process which describes
the research environment up to the research procedures of gathering and treatment of data.
Fourth phase of the research proposal presents the findings of the study using charts and tables to
illustrate the result of the survey questionnaires and interview. Last phase enclose the summary
of the entire study thus the major findings that have discovered from the research objectives. And
provided with the conclusion made from the research findings follow by the recommendations of
the researchers for the study.