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Statement of Purpose

Yichun Chen
With sensitivity towards policies and international business, I am
good at them since I love to spend time in analyzing what I am
curious about. When I was a little girl, my fathers company kept
developing international trade with Japanese and Koreans trading
sands. Since 2002 Chinese government have published the policy to
forbid the trade of Chinese land and resources to foreigner
countries, the company focus on domestic commerce instead of
international commerce. However, I did not understand how policies
works when I was 9 years old. So when I asked myself what was my
passion, I came up with an idea that I was so into International
Commerce and Policy and eager to know more about it.
I earned my Bachelors degree at Yunnan University. It taught me
much knowledge such as zoology, phytology and microbiology and
learning skills to pursue my program. As a student in Biology, the
professional study not only built up my framework of knowledge
management system, but also practices my operating capacity.
Whats more I learned the principle that practice is the criterion for
testing truth. Courses such as microbiology bioengineering and
bioinformatics broaden my horizon, make me be a thoughtful and
careful person and understand how to learn a discipline step by
I also had two internships in China. One was in the Second Institute
of Oceanography, Xiamen, China for testing the DNA of marine
organism to figure out if sea area has been polluted or not. The
other was in Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden, Chinese
Academy of Sciences to study life expectation habit of Asian
Elephant, and Parashorea Chinensi that is an endangered species
and has great value of protecting and science. From my internships,
I learn lots of biology knowledge and many data processing
strategies and tips. The most important thing is I learned how to

focus on one specific thing for a long time.

I have improved much during pathway program in language and
gained experiment of American study life. I am a pathway graduate
student in INTO George Mason University now. PROV and EAP
courses make me adapt the graduate study and learn how to solve
the challenge that I may meet in further graduate students study,
form the plagiarism assignment. Those courses also improve my
reading and writing skills in English especially for academic writing.
At the same time, my major courses ITRN 503 and ITRN 504 that are
the fundamental courses in International Commerce and Policy
strengthen my professional knowledge. Thus, enrolling in INTO
Mason program is a wonderful experience for me, which give me
some advantage to compete in master study.
I will spare no efforts for it, doing my best to obtain my masters
degree with honor when I start my masters study. In the short run,
my aim is to gain enough knowledge for building up the knowledge
framework of ICP, and get my master degree with perfect grades. In
the long run, I will apply for a PhD degree and after I get my PhD
degree I will seek a position in Chinese government to use my
precious knowledge in ICP into practice to gain abundant experience
to be a master. I hope I could be a graduate student in George
Mason University to make my first step to be an ICP expert.