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Arcturus: Elohimul libertii, elohim de raza 7

Flacra geamn: Victoria

Calitii divine: libertate, mil, transmutare, iertar
Retreat: Luanda, lng Angola (Africa)

Aliha: Elohimul Pcii, raza 6


caliti: pace, echilibru

retreat: Hawaii
culori: violet, auriu

Amerissis: Zeia Luminii (Regina Lacului)


invocare: pentru Puterea Luminii i Actiunea Sbii de Diamant Excalibur

flacara geamn: El Morya
Calitii divine: responsabilitatea
Raze: Lumina de Cristal a a Akashei, Lumina Cosmic, Flacra Alb, Flacra

Holy Amethist: Archeia Flcrii Violet, raza 7


Flacra geamn: Zadkiel

Calitii divine: libertate, mil, ceremonie
Asist: dezvoltarea toleranei i diplomaiei, ofer inspiraie cercettoriilor,
artitilor, arhitecilor, pentru scrierea legilor i acordurilor politico-economice,
dizolv barierele conflictuale dintre grupuri i etnii
Retreat: templul eteric al purificrii, deasupra Cubei

Arhanghelul Anankiel: arhanghel pe a Patra Raz Secret:


Calitii divine: necesitatea

Raze: raza Aquamarin, fora apei, raza secret a patra a apei
Guverneaz: corpul emoional, invoc acest arhanghel pentru a nelege i
comanda corpului emoional s se alinieze puterii Creatorului. Cnd
experimentezi agita ie, mnie, energii negative, nainte s acionezi,
numr pn la 20, invoc pe Arhanghelul Anankiel pentru a aechilibra corpul
emoional i rostete n gnd: Eu Sunt!

Deva templului de Jad:


Inovcare: vindecare, predarea meditaiei, intensific activitile de purificare,

pentru a nva muzica sferelor
Raza: jad verde
Retreat: Templul de Jad din China

Aries: zeia Aerului

Flacra geamn: Thor

Asist i guverneaz diferite nivele de memorie ale corpului mental
Raze: Raza a doua secret a Aerului, Forta elementar a aerului, prana de
culoarea roz-aurie/ piersic

Aurora: Zeia apusului, Archeia de Raza 6


Flacra geamn: Uriel

Caliti divine: pace, serviciu, slujire
Raze: violet + auriu, rubiniu, rubiniu+auriu
Retreat: Munii Tatra, Polonia

Chamuel: arhanghleul Iubirii, de raz 3


Flacra geamn: Charity

Caliti divine: iubire, adorare, compasiune, mil, creativitate, iertare,
Raze: roz, flacra rubinie
Invocare: pregtirea de a primi Duhul Sfnt, refacerea sau inaugurarea
relaiilor, cutarea unui job, cutarea unui obiect pierdut, vindecarea
tensiunilor etnice i rasiale
Retreat:St. Louis, Missouri, SUA

Djhual Khul: maestrul Tibetan, mesagerul maetrilor


Simbol: o mn cu tor
Invocare: invarea, nelegerea i extinderea legilor spirituale, asistpe cei
care cau adevrul i pe vindectori, susine micile filantropice, lucreaz
cu Deva vindectoare
Retreat: Tibet

El Morya: cohan al primei Raze


Calii divine: putere, bunvoin, credin

Raze: flacra Voii lui Dumnezeu, raza albastr, flacra albastr
Retreat: darjeeling, India

El Morya is the chohan of the first ray and chief of the Darjeeling
Council of the Great White Brotherhood. El Morya represents the
godly attributes of courage, certainty, power, forthrightness, selfreliance, dependability, faith and initiative. These are the
qualities of the Father principlethe statesman, the executive,
the ruler.
Initiation of the Throat Chakra
Gifts of Faith in Gods Will and the Word of Wisdom
Retreats: The Temple of Good Will over Darjeeling, India
El Capitan, Yosemite Valley, California

Vibration: Blue, White

Keynote: Edward Elgars Pomp and Circumstance, March #1
Gemstone: Diamond, Sapphire, Star Sapphire, Lapis Lazuli
Qualities: Power, Goodwill, Faith
Day: Tuesday
Quick Prayer: Beloved El Morya, in the name of the Christ: Charge
my four lower bodies with the will of God and my divine blueprint.
Faith: archeia razei 1

Flacra geamn: arh. Mihail

Caliti divine: protecia, incredre, putere, voia lui Dumnezeu, omnipotenta lui
Raze: albastr, fulgerul albastru, flacra credinei, flacra alb i albastr

Gabriel: arhanghel de raz 4, ingerul vestirii,


Flacra geamn: Hope

Calii: puritatea
Raze: alb, perlat
Invocare: revelarea scopului vieii, invocarea fericirii, bucuriei, ajut la
stabilirea ordinii i disciplinei n via, dizolv descurajarea

Lord Lanto
Chohan of the Second Ray at the Royal Teton
On July 3, 1958, Lord Lanto was succeeded by the ascended master Confucius as
hierarch of the Royal Teton Retreat. On that date also, Lord Lanto, with attainment far
beyond that required either of retreat hierarch or chohan, accepted the office of lord of the
second ray from Kuthumi. This blessed brother, who had worshiped the God of Peace as
Saint Francis, had already joined Jesus in the office of World Teacher in 1956.
On October 30, 1966, in cooperation with the God and Goddess Meru, Lanto was granted
the dispensation by the Karmic Board for a mighty transcendent golden flame of
illumination to pulsate three hundred feet into the atmosphere over the colleges,

universities, divinity and theological schools of America and the world whose students
and faculty were and would be receptive to knowledge from higher spheres.

The ascended master Lanto conducts classes at the Royal

Teton Retreat, the initial retreat of the Great White Brotherhood to where we may ask to
be taken in our etheric body at night. Here we learn the fundamentals of the path of
initiation. Because of the dispensation of opening the seven retreats of the seven chohans,
many tens of thousands of souls are receiving training at inner levels to accelerate their
consciousness for the New Age.

Lord Lanto, the Sage, Master of Precipitation.

Lord Lanto is a master of the power of precipitationthe alchemical process of drawing
forth cosmic light and substance from the universal substance and coalescing it into
physical form, often by using the Science of the Spoken Word.
Having studied under Lord Himalaya and gained his mastery in the Retreat of the Blue
Lotus, Lord Lanto elected to use the yellow plume to enfold the hearts of all mankind. He
is dedicated to the perfectionment of the evolutions of this planet through Cosmic Christ
illumination. The golden flame that he bears is charged with the momentum of Godvictory for the youth of the world.
Lanto volunteered with Sanat Kumara, the Ancient of Days, to come to earth long ago for
the rescue of the planet and her evolutions. He was a High Priest in the temple of the
Divine Mother on the continent that sank beneath the Pacific, known as Lemuria. He had
other incarnations on Atlantis, as did all of the chohans of the rays.

In the last days of Lemuria, those who tended the flames upon the altars of the temples
were warned of the coming cataclysm. They removed their flames, carried them to places
of safety, and deposited those flames in other physical retreats or removed them to the
etheric octave. Lord Lanto carried the flame of precipitation and
deposited it in the area of the Grand Teton mountains in North
The flame of precipitation is a Chinese green tinged with yellow of the second ray. This
flame burning in the Royal Teton Retreat is the quality in consciousness that makes
Americans extremely practical, developing an applied science in technology that takes us
back to the time of Mu when that technology even exceeded what we have today. It is a
flame of abundance that enables the precipitation of wealth as well as happiness and joy
and the Universal Christ consciousness.

Lord Lanto and Wisdoms Ray

Teachers, philosophers and educators serve on the ray of illumination and wisdom under
Initiation: Crown Chakra
Gifts of the Holy Spirit: Word of Wisdom and the Word of Knowledge
Retreat: Royal Teton Retreat over the Grand Teton mountains, Wyoming, USA
Vibration: Yellow, Gold
Gemstone: Yellow Diamond, Yellow Sapphire, Topaz
Quality: Wisdom, Understanding, Judgment
Day: Sunday
Quick Prayer: Teach me the way of wisdom and show me how to bring forth my Christ

Paul the Venetian, Chohan of the Third Ray of Love

Paul the Venetian is chohan of the third ray of divine love. He is
hierarch of the etheric retreat, the Chteau de Libert, located on the etheric plane over
southern France on the Rhne River.
Paul the Venetian is a majestic being of some six feet, five inches in height. He is fair of
countenance with deep blue eyes and golden, wavy hair. He is usually garbed in raiment of
emerald-green velvet. Since he is a native of the planet Venus, where the inhabitants are
masters of the Flame and therefore radiate harmony and divine love, Pauls natural heritage
is beauty and grace, diplomacy and tact. His voice is melodious and kind, bringing comfort
and peace to all who come in contact with his Presence.
The ascended master Paul the Venetian is a great teacher of the path of love. His devotion is
to beauty, the perfection of the soul through compassion, patience, understanding, selfdiscipline and the development of the intuitive and creative faculties of the heart by the
alchemy of self-sacrifice, selflessness and surrender.
Initiation: The Heart Chakra.
Gift of the Holy Spirit: Discerning of Spirits
Retreat: Chteau de Libert, Southern France; and Temple of the Sun over Manhattan,
New York, USA
Vibration: Pink, Rose
Keynote: I Love You Truly, by Carrie Jacobs-Bond
Gemstone: Ruby, Diamond, Garnet, Rose Quartz, Pink Beryl
Quality: Love, Creativity, Beauty
Day: Monday
Quick Prayer: Instruct me in the law of love and give me the formula for the victory of
the love flame within my heart.

Chohan of the 4th Ray of Purity

Serapis Bey is the chohan of the fourth ray, hierarch of the Ascension Temple at Luxor, and
the thirteenth member of the Council of Adepts of the Ascension Temple. He is also known
as Serapis Soleil, Serapis of the Sun.
The fourth ray is the ascension flame, the white light of the
Mother in the base-of-the-spine chakra. Out of this white light comes
architecture, the principles of mathematics, the foundations of the building of the Matter
temple and the pyramid of Self.

He assists his students in the self disciplines that are necessary for the ascension: the
discipline of the four lower bodies in order that the Christ may appear and use them as
vehicles for service and attainment in the world of form; the disciplining of past momentums
of negative spirals and of human creation that would stand in the way of the ascension flame
forming within the heart of everyone evolving upon the planet through the acceleration of the
threefold flame.
Guiseppe Verdi captured the music of the ascension flame in the Triumphal
March from Ada. The radiance of the electronic presence of Serapis Bey and his twin
flame pour through the aria Celeste Ada. The keynote of the Ascension Temple
is Liebestraum by Franz Liszt.

Serapis Bey White Fire Ray

Serapis Bey, hierarch of Luxor, initiator of the ascending ones in the applications of the
sacred fire, architect of holy orders, the inner life, and golden-age cities, military
disciplinarian of the forces of Light, Peace, and Cosmic Freedom: I AM the Guard!

Architects, planners and those dedicated to the purity and discipline of any undertaking serve
with Serapis Bey on the fourth ray.
Initiation: Base-of-the-Spine Chakra
Gift of the Holy Spirit: Working of Miracles
Retreat: Ascension Temple Luxor, Egypt
Vibration: White, Crystal
Gemstone: Diamond, Pearl, Zircon, Quartz Crystal
Quality: Purity, Discipline, Joy, Ascension
Day: Friday
Quick Prayer: Beloved Serapis, in the name of the Christ: Give me the discipline and
training I need on the path of the ascension.

Chohan of the 5th Ray of Truth and Science

Hilarion sponsors teachers of Truth, servants of God, religious leaders and missionaries, as
well as those practicing the healing arts, scientists and engineers in all fields,
mathematicians, musicians, those specializing in computer and space technology and those
who work with all forms of media and communications.
Together with fifth-ray masters and the Brotherhood of Crete, Hilarion works steadfastly to
draw their consciousness into a greater and greater appreciation of the full spectrum of Truth,
which most have experienced only in part. To take them from a partial knowledge of truth to
self-awareness in the divine wholeness of Truth is the goal of these brothers.
Hilarion instructs us on the relationship between science and religion, both of which are
aspects of the green ray of Truth.
We can call to Hilarion and the Brotherhood of Crete for healing and wholeness, for the
conversion of souls and for the exposure of truth in the media.

Master Hilarion Emerald Ray of Healing and Science

Hilarion, teacher of immortal Truth, Divine Science, all physical and metaphysical branches
of science and the healing arts; the eternal empiricist who brings the seeker to the initiatic
path of the apostle Paul: And ye shall know the Truth, and the Truth shall make you free,
i.e. Whole!
Doctors, scientists, healers, musicians, mathematicians and those consecrated to truth serve
on the fifth ray with Hilarion.
Initiation: Third-Eye Chakra
Gift of the Holy Spirit: Healing
Retreat: Temple of Truth Crete, Greece
Vibration: Green, Gold
Music: Onward, Christian Soldiers may be played to draw the radiance of Hilarion
Gemstone: Emerald, Diamond, Jade, Quartz Crystal
Quality: Truth, Science, Vision, Abundance
Day: Wednesday
Quick Prayer: Beloved Hilarion, in the name of the Christ: Teach me the way of truth and
the divine application of science and healing.

Chohan of the Sixth Ray of Service

The ascended lady master Nada is the chohan of the sixth ray
(purple and gold ray) of peace, ministration and service.
She is also a member of the Karmic Board, on which she serves as the representative of the
third ray (pink ray) of divine love.

Nada is an initiate and master of the path of the ruby ray, and she teaches the unfolding of the
rose of the heart, helping us to develop the sensitivity of the heart.
She is very much involved with the initiation and sponsorship of twin flames and the
Aquarian age family. She also ministers to the worlds children with legions of angels who
personally tend to the needs of the youth.
Nada says, I give you my love, for all else I have already given away.
The motto of her disciples is I serve. Nadas keynote is Mattinata (Tis the Day), by
Ruggiero Leoncavalio.

Lady Master Nada The Sixth Ray of Service

Lady Master Nada, the souls advocate before the bar of divine justice, unifier of families
and twin flames, qualifier of Love as ministration and service to every part of Lifea path of
deeds prerequisite to self- mastery on the Ruby Ray: The servant is not greater than his
Lord. and I am my brothers keeper.
Ministers, nurses and all who administer to mankinds needs assist Nada on the sixth ray.
Initiation: the Solar Plexus Chakra
Gift of the Holy Spirit: Diverse Kinds of Tongues and the Interpretation of Tongues
Retreat: The Rose Temple, New Bedford, Massachusetts, USA; and Jesus Arabian Retreat,
Saudi Arabia
Vibration: Purple flecked with metallic Gold and Ruby
Keynote: Mattinata (Tis the Day), by Ruggiero Leoncavalio
Gemstone: Topaz, Ruby, Alexandrite, Diamond with Pearl
Quality: Peace, Service, Brotherhood
Day: Thursday
Quick Prayer: Beloved Ascended Lady Master Nada, in the name of the Christ: Instruct me
in the mastery of my emotions so that I can be an instrument of peace in service to life.

Master of the Violet Flame, Chohan of the Seventh Ray

Saint Germain is the chohan of the seventh ray, sponsor of the United
States of America, and master alchemist of the sacred fire who comes bearing the gift of the
violet flame of freedom for world transmutation. Together with his twin flame, the ascended
lady master Portia, the Goddess of Justice, he is the hierarch of the Aquarian age. He is the
great sponsor of freedoms flame, while Portia is the sponsor of the flame of justice. The
name Saint Germain comes from the Latin Sanctus Germanus, meaning simply Holy
As chohan, or lord, of the seventh ray, Saint Germain initiates our souls in the science and
ritual of transmutation through the violet flame. Saint Germain and Portia
deliver to the people of God the dispensation for the seventh age
and the seventh raythe violet ray of freedom, justice, mercy, alchemy and
sacred rituala new lifewave, a new civilization, a new energy.
The Strauss waltzes carry the vibration of the violet flame and will help to put you in tune
with Saint Germain. The Rakoczy March, by Franz Liszt, carries the flame of his heart
and the formula of the violet flame. His electronic pattern is the Maltese cross; his fragrance,
that of violets.

Master Saint Germain, Seventh Ray, and the Violet Flame

Violet Flame Mantra by Saint Germain for transmuting personal and planetary past errors in
thought, feeling and action.
I AM a being of violet fire,
I AM the purity God desires.
Diplomats, priests of the sacred fire, actors, writers and defenders of freedom serve with
Saint Germain on the seventh ray.

Initiation of the Seat-of-the Soul Chakra

Gifts of the Holy Spirit: gift of Prophecy and the Working of Miracles
Etheric Retreats: The Cave of Symbols, Table Mountain, Wyoming, USA; Transylvania,
Vibration: Violet, Purple, Pink, Aqua, Teal
Gemstone: Amethyst, Diamond, Aquamarine
Quality: Freedom, Alchemy, Justice, Diplomacy, Transmutation
Day: Saturday

As the Representative of the Holy Spirit, the Maha Chohan embodies the white light of all
the rays and teaches the sevenfold balance of the rays of the Seven Mighty Elohim, which in
turn manifest upon the brow of the initiate as a crown of crystal light when that God-mastery
of the seven rays is reached.
The Maha Chohan is a very present help to all who call to him. Because of his pledge to all
mankind I am keeping the flame for you until you are able, this truly Great Lord is called
the Keeper of the Flame. He is the endower of Christ-mastery through the disciplines of right
choice and right actionpatterned after the eightfold path of Lord Gautama Buddha, which
parallels the path taught and demonstrated by Jesus Christ.
These disciplines are accomplished through the mastery of free will, of the desires and the
desire body, and of the path of the Sacred Heart and the Ruby Ray as the initiate balances the
threefold flame and attains equilibrium in the white light of the seven rays in his chakras.
Engaging in service to Communitythe world body of Lightbearersby the engagement of
ones forces, body, mind and soul, is the means to accomplish this goal.

The Maha Chohan and the Flame of the Holy Spirit

Initiation: The chakras and the All Power in Heaven and in Earth
Gifts of the Holy Spirit: The Nine Gifts Multiplied by Free Will and the Threefold Flame
Retreat: Ceylon (Sri Lanka)
Vibration: White, Pink, Rose, Ruby, White-Fire Core of All Rays
Music: The radiation of the Maha Chohan is drawn through the musical
composition Homing, by Arthur Salmon.
Gemstone: Diamond, Yellow Diamond, Topaz, Ruby, Rose Quartz, Pink Beryl, Pearl
Quality: Comfort Enlightenment. Breath of Life
Day: Liberator of the Sacred Fire of the Seven Rays/All Days


Chohan of the 14th Ray of Higher Spiritual Truths and Bearer of the
Magdalene Flame

The Lady Master Magda is the twin flame of Sananda (who lived a
lifetime as the man we know as Jesus) incarnating with him in that
lifetime as Mary the Magdalene. She serves in the Temple of
Resurrection with him and with Lady Virtue, Archaeon Maraeon in her
persona as Mother Mary. She and Sananda are closely linked with
Archaeon Azrael and his feminine counterpart, Magdalena the Lady
Mercy, who influenced them during those lifetimes. Lady Magda is the
current Chohan of the 14th Ray, the Ray of the New Order and Dawn of
Peace and sponsor of the Pure energies of Source. She also holds for us
the energies of Jesus power of healing and can help us connect more
strongly with those energies for healing ourselves and others. She also
carries the flame of Hope to support us in overcoming temptations of all
kinds in the knowledge that all "sins" can be forgiven. Perhaps the most

important gift she brings now is the use of the Magdalene Flame, which
was grounded into the planet in 2004. This is a silvery-blue flame
containing the pure energies of Source, which carries and restores the
Power of purity, innocence and love. This is infinitely useful when used
hand in hand with the violet flame of purification and transformation,
using the violet flame to burn away and transmute negativity on any level,
and then bringing in the Magdalene flame to restore all to its original
state of Pure being. She tells us that we can all use the violet flame to
transmute and balance karma - past, present and future, for this will help
us in our Ascension process. Once done, we should see our fields bathed in
the Light of her flame to restore us to energy and balance. Together with
Sananda she brings the gift of the transfer of the Coil of Fire, which
represents the Alpha and the Omega (Father and Mother God). When
these mesh together (1 is masculine and 1 feminine) they form an
energetic template known as the Divine Caduceus. This is formed from 2
coils of gold energy like fine golden wire that spiral around our spinal cord
from base to crown chakras, and eventually act to link and energise the
connection between our Alpha and Omega chakras and extend our links to
our Divine Selves and (through the planet and her gridworks) All That Is.
Working with Lady Magda is all about working with Pure Love, and her
presence reinforces all aspects of the heart energy, especially self-love
and unconditional love, both for ourselves and for others. We need to
have self-love in order to know and understand that we need and deserve
forgiveness. This Self-forgiveness then cleanses everything else that is
negative from our hearts, so that we may feel ourselves surrounded by
unconditional love. And as we are filled with that love, so it may spill out
from us to others so that they may experience it also through everything
we say and do. Love for our Self is also the foundation of the road to
self-healing, and self-healing leads to wholeness from which state all

things are available to us and all directions are open. It is our foundation
on which all other positive attributes can be built.







Love is the ultimate power. Light may banish darkness, but only love can
overcome it. When the heart is at peace, the body feels peace. When the
heart gives out love, the body knows that it is loved also. When the heart
blooms and blossoms with the full Light and Love of God, so too is the
body enveloped and surrounded by infinite compassion and strength. Love
is clear, it is pure, and it is a complete and perfect essence of innocence
and joy. This is why my Flame is given to you - to help transform all that
you think, say and do with the purity and love that is the Divine essence
of YOU, your birthright and your destiny. The violet flame will transmute
and transform, and if used hand-in-hand with my silvery-blue Flame, the
energies it meets and changes will be bathed in the pure Light and Love
of God. And what more could one wish: but that all energies begin their
life in this way! You too were once in this state, when as sparks of Light
from the One Flame you exploded into existence - pure, perfect and
joyful emanations of the Divine Creator. And it is to this state that you
seek to return, and hence the reasons behind your incarnations and many
lifetimes and experiences of learning and growth. The lessons and
learning are a part of the journey, which you are making in order to
return to Divine Creator pure, joyful and all-knowing, all-understanding
and all-accepting Beings of Light; steadfast in your commitment and
accepting of the sacrifices that will make these things possible. So use
my gift of the Flame to help transform your life, spreading
Innocence and Love to all and speeding your journey home.

First Ray of God's Will: Elohim Hercules and Amazonia

Second Ray of Illumination: Elohim Apollo and Lumina

Third Ray of Love: Elohim Heros and Amora

Fourth Ray of Purity: Elohim Purity and Astrea

Fifth Ray of Truth and Healing: Elohim Cyclopea and Virginia

Sixth Ray of Service: Elohim Peace and Aloha

Seventh Ray of Alchemy and Transmutation: Elohim Arcturus and Victoria

The jewel of the first ray and the first-ray masters is the diamond. The will
of God coalesces as the hardness of the diamond because it is unflinching devotion
to the inner pattern, the fiery core of each man's identity. The diamond also
symbolizes the crystal clarity of the soul and the precipitation of the Christ.

Elohim Masters Hercules & Amazonia, of the Blue Flame

of Will & Power, represent the power and essence of strength and walking
a pathway of inner balance to fully reflect Gods Will through each of us in
We can fully bring forth these elements within our lower aspects of this Ray but
to embody it on the Higher level is truly our TRUTH and vulnerability as Godgiven Beings of Light. Both of these beautiful masters show us how to bring in
these essences so that it comes from pureness of our Hearts and I AM Presence.
The Elohim walked this Earth during Lemuria so you may even feel very much
akin to some of these great Beings we will be sharing with you.

It is our Divine Pleasure to come through each of you on this

day of your reading and feeling our essences. The first
element we ask you to do is breathe deeply and allow the Blue
Flame representing strength, courage, and the power of your
Will to fully come into your physical creation. Feel your Mental
thoughts just being blurred within you as they merge within
your Emotional feelings. Allow the Masculine and Feminine to
fully blend into the Oneness that You ARE.
We give you this visualization to help you realize your Divine
Essence in the purest of your Heart. You cannot utilize the Blue
Ray of Will and Power until you see the vulnerability that is
within you. This is truly a gift and some may think that it is a
detriment. The Heart must heal through this process in order
for you to see the Will of YOU within You. It is very simple
Understand this process in this manner. You are going through
a challenge with another person or situation. The first thing
you want to do is to tell them, lash out at them in anger or
frustration and this is so very wrong. The first element you
need to realize is that it is occurring because of lower thoughts,
situations, or feelings within you. It is not the other person;
they are just assisting you to fully change it and bring it into
the Light.
Working with the Blue Flame of Will and Power is a very strong
force. This is why it is imperative at this time to actualize this

flame from the highest frequency and not the lowest. If you
are struggling with relationships or feeling powerlessness, we
guarantee you that you are still emanating from the Red Flame
on the planetary level. We must help you to arise to the Blue
but sometimes it needs to be a steady pace and not a jump
from one to the other.
So how do you do this? Well, you attune yourself with your own
Higher Self and ask for a dimensional shift to occur for you. We
understand the process of physicality as we have walked your
walk on the Earth. It takes great diligence and foresight to
continue the journey but you do have the power to do so. It is
all a matter of relevance and what you feel you deserve in your
So lets feel those essences from the Red, to the higher Pink,
into a Lavender, and feeling light Blues, and then the deepest
Blue you can imagine. This is where you want to be. As you
feel those spiraling lights coming with you, feel the change of
your feelings and thoughts being fully transformed. Now you
are allowing your I AM Presence to bring to you your Will which
is Gods Will of light and love.
Within this essence now feel great strength within you. Now
this strength does not come from your lower mind and what
you have to do physically; it comes through your essence as it
is flowing within you. This is where you want to be ~ accepting

the deepest part of your Higher Essence into your Lower Body.
You will start to see a transformation take place.
Now you embody the ability to have the POWER TO DO. It will
move through you because you are coming from a balanced
Heart and Mind; one that is from the higher levels and not your
physicality. This takes practice but it can be done.
We are here to assist you in this process. Feel the beauty that
You Are by embracing your WILL first in your own essence,
change those elements that do not feel well, and allow them to
be empowered by YOUR WILL TO DO.
It is our pleasure to work with each of you personally through
this amazing journey.
We are Hercules and Amazonia at your side.
Virtues and Vices of the 1st Ray
Virtues: These are the more idealistic characteristics manifested by the
personality, who comes under the influence of the 1st Ray, when in service to
others: leadership, courageousness, candidness, directness, singleness of
purpose, steadfastness, fearlessness, and standing up for the truth.
Vices: Not only virtues are obtained by the use of this Ray Energy, but there
are many on Earth, especially the self-centered and the willing supporters of
the left-hand path, who develope and amplify the vices available from it:
domination over others, dictatorial rulership, withdrawn aloofness,
aggressivity, imposition of will upon others, unscrupulousness in ambition,
love of power, pride, solitariness, arrogance, and obstinacy.

1. Division One -- First Ray (Divine Will)


Please click on "The First

Archangel Michael
The Manu (Vaivasvata Manu) oversees all work here.
The Chohan is El Morya Khan.
Incarnations: a) Shan Kai Ra Marya of the Zend Avesta
b) Father Abraham, the patriarch, from the city of Ur
c) Melchior, one of the 3 Zoroastrian Magi to visit
Infant Jesus
d) King Arthur of Camelot (4th Century A.D. Britain)
e) King Richard the Lionhearted
f) Thomas Becket, Archbishop of Canterbury,
martyred by King Henry II
g) Sir Thomas More -- martyred by King Henry VIII
(1478-1535 A.D.)
h) Akbar the Great, Mogul Emperor of 16th Century
India (1542-1605 A.D.)
i) Thomas Moore, 19th Century poet laureate of
Ireland and musical composer (1779-1852 A.D.)
j) El Morya Khan, Rajput Prince of India
The Brotherhood of the Diamond Heart

2. Division Two -- Second Ray (Love/Wisdom)

Second Ray".

Please click on "The

Archangel Jophiel
Lord Buddha (previous World Teacher, now The 2nd Ray Kumara.
Monadic name isAmitabha, re-incarnate as Tzon-kha-pa - born 1355
A.D. in Amdo, Tibet, Founder of the Yellow Caps or Gyalugpas).
Lord Maitreya oversees the Division (World Teacher after The
Buddha and referenced as The Master of The Masters). Incarnate
as Lord Krishna and the Great Swami Shankaracharya.
The Chohan is Kuthumi Lal Singh (Current World Teacher).
Incarnations: a) Kai Et Hu Mata of the Zend Avesta
b) Egyptian Pharaoh Thutmose III (Menkheperre
Reign: 1479-1425 B.C.)
c) Egyptian Pharaoh Ramesses II
(Usermaatresetepenre Reign: 1279-1213 B.C.)
d) Pythagoras, the great Greek Initiate
e) Balthazar, one of the 3 Zoroastrian Magi to visit
Infant Jesus
f) Saint John the Beloved, the one closest to Master
g) Saint Francis of Assisi (1182-1226 A.D.)
h) Saint Martin de Porres (Lima, Peru 1579-1639
i) Mogul Emperor Shah Jahan, builder of the Taj
Mahal in India, son of Jahangir, grandson of Akbar
j) Kuthumi Lal Singh (Kashmiri Prince)
Djwhal Khul (The Tibetan, the future World Teacher)

Incarnations: a) Kung Fu Tzu (Confucius)

b) Caspar, one of the 3 Zoroastrian Magi to visit Infant
The Brotherhood of the Golden Robe

3. Division Three -- Third Ray (Active Intelligence)

"The Third Ray".

Please click on

Archangel Chamuel
The Mahachohan (Lord of Civilization) is The Overseer.
Paul The Venetian (Ascension taken as Paulo Veronese, the Italian
Renaissance Master-Painter)
The Chohan is Serapis Bey (The Egyptian).
Incarnations: a) Egyptian Pharaoh Amenophis III
b) Phidias, architect of the Parthenon
c) King Leonidas of Sparta
Rays Four through Seven are transmuted through The
Consciousness of The Mahachohan and come under His direction.

4. Division Four -- Fourth Ray (Harmony through Conflict)

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Archangel Gabriel
The Chohan is Master Paul (not The Venetian).

5. Division Five -- Fifth Ray (Concrete Mind & Scientific Exactitude)

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Archangel Raphael
Pallas Athena
The Chohan is Hilarion, Who oversees all scientific and
technological developement of the planet, all of the Healing Arts, and
evolvement of the rational aspect of lower mind toward the higher,
abstract mental capabilities.
Incarnations: a) Hilarion, Atlantean scientist
b) Plato, the Greek Initiate
c) John, author of "The Revelations"
d) Saint Paul, the Great Apostle
e) Iamblichus of Apamea, the neo-platonic
f) Saint Hilarion, the 4th Century desert father and
Master Markco, Who shares some of Hilarion's responsibilities.
The Brotherhood of Truth, Whose relentless search for truth is
symbolized by the lighted lamp (i.e. Diogenes).

6. Division Six -- Sixth Ray (Devotion and Abstract Idealism)

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Archangel Uriel
The Chohan is Jesus (more accurately known as Sananda).
Incarnations: a) Adam (first of Adam Kadmon Man)
b) Enoch


c) Melchizedek, priest of Salem (Uru-salem or

d) Joseph, son of Jacob, sold into slavery by his
brothers, becoming Regent for the Pharoah of Egypt
e) Joshua, son of Nun, the military commander at the
time of Moses and the search for the Promised Land
f) Asaph, the chief court musician for King David and
King Solomon
g) Jeshua, son of Jozadak, high priest upon return of
the Hebrews from captivity in Babylon, leader of the
rebuilding of Solomon's Temple in Jerusalem
h) Zend, father of Zoroaster (Zarathustra)
i) Jehoshuah (Jeshua), The Wayshower for the
Piscean Age and vehicle for The Christ
j) Apollonius of Tyana (Greece)
Mohammed, Senior Disciple in Ashram and overshadowed by
Jesus during 7th Century lifetime
7. Division Seven -- Seventh Ray (Freedom, Transmutation, Ceremonial
Order, and the Violet Flame)
Please click on "The Seventh Ray".
Archangel Zadkiel
The Chohan is Master Rakoczi (also called Saint Germain - go to
"Who In The World Is Saint Germain?").
Incarnations: a) the Prophet Samuel
b) Saint Joseph, father of Jesus
c) Proclus, the Greek philosopher

d) Merlin, the White Magician of King Arthur's day and

e) Roger Bacon (1211-1294 A.D.)
f) Christian Rosenkreutz, founder of the Order of the
Rosy Cross
g) Paracelsus, the Swiss alchemist (Theophrastus
Bombastus von Hohenheim)
h) Christopher Columbus (1451-1506 A.D.)
i) Sir Francis Bacon, author of the Shakespearean

Maestru: Djwhal Khul / Master Kuthumi / Lord Maitreya / Buddha
Calitati: dragoste/intelepciune,iradiere,atractie,expansiune,caracter
Raza a 2-a a Iubirii si Intelepciunii intruchipeaza calitatile iubirii si dorintei pentru
stiinta pura si adevarul absolut. Culoarea acestei raze este de un albastru
intens. Persoanele care apartin acestei raze sunt iubitoare, permisive,
prietenoase si responsabile. Sufletele corespunzatoare acestei raze sunt de
Lordul Maitreya si Buddha sunt maestrii principali ai razei a 2-a. Djwhal Kuhl este
maestru secundar al acestei raze, ca si profesorul sau Maestrul Kuthumi.
Supranumit si Tibetanul, Djwhal Kuhl a fost un minunat maestru care a obtinut
iluminarea sub ghidarea mestrului sau Kuthumi. Djwhal Kuhl este deosebit de
invatat, stiind mai multe despre raze si ierarhii spirituale decat oricare dintre
colegii sai. El si-a canalizat invataturile sub forma de mesaje channeling prin
Alice A Bailey. Impreuna cu Kuthumi si EL Morya, depune eforturi pentru ca noi

sa evoluam cat mai rapid in noua era spirituala. Djwhal Kuhl este unul dinte cei
mai accesibili maestrii din Shamballa. Este specializat in materializare,
dematerializare si bilocatie. Lucreaza indeosebi pentru echilibrarea energiilor si
pentru usurarea accesarii lor de catre toti lucratorii luminii.
Este Chokan-ul si maestru al razei a 2-a. Raza de culoare albastra si care
Este membru in Fratia Robei Aurii, fratie care se ingrijeste de suferintele lumii. In
trecut l-a intruchipat pe Pitagora (aducand informatii despre geometria sacra si
muzica sferelor), Balthazar si Sfantul Francis de Assisi. Este ajutat in munca lui
de Arhanghelul Jophiel sprijinindu-i pe cei care cauta sa descifreze tainele stiintei
in aceasta viata (profesori, studenti, arhitecti, artisti).

As a Blue Ray Being, you came to transform the damaged, mutated

DNA of humanity, and set the stage for the other rays to come. You
were not recognized for your unique divine light and had to recognize
yourselves. It was tricky spiritual business as you were super sensitive
beings, though you had the spiritual power tools to be victories in your
For the last 100 years the Indigos, Rainbows, Crystals and you, the
Blue Rays, have been incarnating to create a vibrational shift to the
higher dimensions. You the Blue Ray Beings are the overlooked and
forgotten ones, and have been essential in clearing and setting the stage for
humanities ascension. Because of you, Blue Ray Beings, earth will be able to
take her rightful place in the galactic and universal councils of oneness and
We Wish to 'Thank you', from the ones that can't articulate your
divine presence, all of humanity, your star sisters and brothers of
light and the sacred higher realms. We are in constant praise and
support of you!
Remember! Blue Ray, there is much more coming for you, for your
time has come.

The Blue Ray Mission:

Infiltrate the system in a normal capacity, always remembering who
you are and where you came from,planting the seeds of peace, love,
light and higher awareness. No matter how painful, long or arduous the job
was, it was your mission and you had the spiritual tools, insight and divine
light to see it through.
Blue Ray Traits:
'Transformers', using alchemy you naturally transmute lower energies.
Average age range: Late 30's to 50's
Tend to be water and air signs: Pisces, Scorpio, Cancer, Gemini, Aquarius,
and Libra with Virgo influences.
Have similarities with the Indigo, Crystals and RainbowsBeings. Ultra
sensitive, intuitive, can easily communicate with the higher realms. You have
sacred knowledge and wisdom.
Often mistaken for an Indigo.
Very adaptable and empathic.
Blues are more reserved and quieter than the indigos and seem mystical
in the way they look. Old souls may appear to be more ethereal looking or
star born.
You are about communication and expression through the creative arts
and spirit. It is very important for you to express yourself. It's part of you
May have taken many years for you to be able to speak up and be seen.
Have blue in your aura or have lots of blue around you. You will also have
violet to help with transmuting lower density.
Work with Archangel Michael, Saint Germain and the Violet Fire.
Most are energy or spiritual healers as you wish to heal and help others.
Are water types. Flowing, emotional, not static and associated with the
divine feminine traits and archetype. Music, sound, movement, dance and
nature is very important to you.
Learned how to hide your supernatural abilities and gifts, stood in the
background waiting, watching, observing and always in the knowing.
The Waiting, Star Seed Time Line Encodement, the blues have been
preparing for when events and an inner knowing will activate you to reset

your course to take a higher path. This activation will attuned you to your
core essence and will affect your career, hobbies, goals and relationships.
Most of you were not born to enlightened consciousness spiritual parents.
You had to heal and transform much family, genetic damage, emotional
trauma and dysfunction first.
Feel connected to the terms Light Worker, Star Born and to Pleiades, Sirius
and to the esoteric studies and the evolved races of earth. Are more
energetic aligned to Lemurians then to the Atlantians.
Have amazing latent spiritual gifts and talent that are not fully activated.
Feel out of out place in your family, feel your biological family is not your
true origin. Feel you are from the stars, another planet or evolved race.
Are the peacemakers with your family and with friends.
Have great inner long-term persistence. You get to your destination.
Very sensitive to foods, chemicals, the environment, noise and electricity.
Need to drink lots of spring water that still has the life force in it, and be
connected to the deva of water.

Challenges for the Blue Ray

Escape tendencies, being in the other realms or being alone to much,
feeling lonely and different.
Addictions or addictive tendency in earlier years.
Chronic fatigue from always transforming energies or leaving the body to
often and to long.
Learning disabilities
Difficulty and frustration in communicating.
Were told: You were different. You're just imaging things. Get real.
Can have entities, spirit attachments and negative thought forms come to
you, because the Blue Ray transforms and shows them the light.
Had genetic damage to transform.
Are very adaptable and empathic, and therefore can stay in a dysfunction
relationship, situation or environment to long.
Need to maintain energetic boundaries and awareness and learn how to
stay connected in the body.

Who Are the Blue Ray?

The Blue Ray Beings are an ultra-sensitive empathic soul group like the Indigos that came from
many different ascended planets and light realms to enlighten the genetic code of humanity and
raise the God consciousness on Gaia. These Star Seeds are the lost ray of the Light Worker that
work closely with the consciousness of Gaia and nature.
By being born in unhealthy dysfunctional families their 1st mission in transmuting the damaged genetics
in raising the DNA code to light is accomplished, as they are innate transformers and alchemist having the
violet fire within their field. The main aura colors of a Blue Ray are variable shades of Blue, ranging from
aqua to darker blues, always having traces of violet. This is one of the reasons many Blue Rays are
mistaken for indigos, as both have the color spectrum of Blue in their aura.
The Blue Rays are old soul that experience alienation, having emotional or psychological problems, as
they know Earth is not their home and feel their family is not their real, true family. They sense they are
from the stars. Like the Indigos the Blue Rays are highly gifted with super sensory perception, many
have telepathic and telekinesis abilities with communicating and seeing the other realms, nature spirits,
angels and extraterrestrials can be very common and natural to them.
One of the greatest difference of a Indigo and Blue Ray is the Indigos are outwardly direct and strong
willed in speaking and in their demeanor, as the Blue Rays are the opposite. The Blue Rays have had
difficulty throughout their entire lives in communicating and speaking up. This cause them to withdrew
inwardly though always knowing their higher truth. Most Blue Rays have learning disabilities and had
challenges relating and being in the world.
They can be walk-ins, being born as a Blue Ray or merge with their Blue Ray essence later in life. When
the Blue Rays 1st mission of healing their family genetics is mostly accomplished, their true souls calling
creates a powerful dynamic shift to awaken them to pursue a higher destiny and purpose. Their higher
purpose always involves being a powerful catalyst for elevating the collective consciousness bringing
love, light and healing to the world.
Whether they are male or female, all Blue Rays have the embodiment ray of Shekinah, the Holy Spirit, the
Sacred Divine Feminine Essence so they may assist in balancing the energies of the planet.

The Blue Ray Transmissions

The Blue Ray Transmissions are channeled spiritual information and energetic downloads that are over
lighted by Shekinah, the Mother frequency, and is the highest aspect of the soul group consciousness of
all Blue Rays. The soul group consciousness includes Archangel Michael, Archangel Gabriel, Saint
Germain, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Hathor, Keepers of the Blue Flame, Lords of the Blue Flame
from Sirius, Legions of the Blue Lightning Angels, the Christ Ray, the Christed Sophia, Angels of the Will
of God and Sacred Sound.

The Blue Ray Transmission come through as high frequency energetic downloads revealing the Ancient
Sacred Technologies that activate the Divine Original Blueprint, the Christ Body and God DNA.
These Transmissions are designed to awaken and assist the enlightenment, evolution and empowerment
of the ultra sensitive empath, Star Seed and Light Bearer.