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have a very inefficient system

training processes.

Whether we like to

admit it
or not,
Algeria is facing the challenge of improving its educational system

Le programme de ces
rformes sera pr-cd
par des sessions de
formation au profitdes
encadreurs et les
inspecteurs, a galement indiqu M


Benghebrit. Dans son

va-luation du rendement
pdagogique de

lcolealgrienne, la
ministre a insist sur la
nces-sit de corriger les
enregistrsentre les filles
et les garons dans leur
addressing issues regarding the knowledge, skills, and competitiveness of
Algerian school in a rapidly changing international climate
Among its recommendations for improving how we currently educate our
youth are the need for deep changes in the processes of teaching,
learning, and assessment

to shape the nature of our curricular goals has strong implications

teachers often have misconceptions about curriculum instructions and
their preconceptions often include stereotypes or simplifications,
provides opportunities to build on

to increase the degree

guide students in mastering content at deep conceptual levels during the

schooling process
A major impediment to progress in Algeria's educational system is that the
diverse approaches to instruction
provide students with accurate feedbacks urge them to master
content at deep conceptual levels during the learning process,
Algeria is investing in universal, high-quality education
It is also worth noting that
knowledge of a large set of disconnected facts is not sufficient.
promote their understanding.
Standards alone are not enough we must translate those standards into
details about the nature of knowledge and the development of
understanding that can guide three key aspects of the educational process
curriculum, instruction, and assessment.( Pellegrino,2006)
we must support teachers who themselves have adaptive aptitude in the
domain of daily classroom assessment instruction.
changes advocated in
competence skills

creativity and innovation

to improve the competence

appropriateness adequacy

Within the globalization era, Algeria like different countries are competing

level of learning achievement

a process of failing and passing students without proper
diagnosis of their
individual capabilities and weaknesses.
At the end of every term

School failure has never been presented as a priority of the Algerian State
that shape and affect the learning process

Solving critical educational problems

to foster Towards this

to raise awareness

involved in

often involve multiple constituencies to meet the students

evaluation model is recommended as a framework to
systematically guide the conception, design, implementation,
and assessment of service-learning projects
educational settings involves the integration of
requires that a faculty member identify the needs of
implement the project in a manner that generates the desired outcome
in administering assessment in their classrooms

Assessment :any method used to better understand the current knowledge that a
student possesses

Testing : single-occasion, one-dimensional, timed exercise, usually in multiple choice

or short-answer form

This study tries to inform people particularly in the field of education about assessment practices and its impact on

Mismatch between outcome of Learning and Evaluation Methods

Memory based not Skill based
Evaluation System is more of subjective
Lack of opportunities in different form and level of Learning
more skill education process to empower students through quality
An urgent need to ameliorate difficult and discriminate practices in
teaching, learning and evaluation process of our academic environment