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Madison Walkes

Professor Joy McDonald

English 101
October 27,2016
Annotated Bibliography
Source number one was a journal entry that summarized how the
concern for the younger generations uses of social media and how it is
affecting communication skills. The younger generations are becoming more
materialistic and dependent upon social media. The media influence and
social influence produce joint effects. The adolescents are not aware how it
affects them and the influence it has on the people around them. It can alter
moods and behavior whether they are aware or not. In addition to peoples
subjective perception the communication with others serves as another
mechanism through which social influence mediated the media influence on
adolescents. This source can help shape my papers argument because it
discusses how social media can alter ones abilities to communicate
interpersonally with one another.

My second source was another journal entry that summarizes the need
for younger generations to find themselves on the Internet, whether it is
used for bad or good. It goes over different statistics of children and how
often they use and depend on the Internet to communicate with one another.
It also talks about how in this day in age parents to particularly have any
rules about how often their kids use media and other devices. When
discussing adolescents and there use on social media the journal entry goes
into detail about how some people use it to distract themselves and some
actually avoid it to avoid triggering subjects. My using this source in my
research paper I will ne able to discuss both the positive and negative affects
that society can face when using social media.

In this article (source three), it summarized from a Doctors perspective
(Pediatrics) the concern for children and media use. It states data of how
often children use all the different types of media throughout the day and
how it can affect their health. It also discusses how most parents have no
rules when it comes to their children and how often they are allowed to
access social media and other media devices. This article will be useful in
my context of writing my paper because it will help me with not only
statistics and data but also explanations from a Doctors perspective.

While reading this book (source four), I collected information and
summarized different sections in the book; it discussed how the subject of
youth and online social practices is becoming a problem in todays society. It
discusses how we are becoming more dependent on computers and phones
to communicate. It also discusses how those devices can be an ineffective
source of communication. Finally, it talks about the neomillenial generation
and how its a more fast pace generation and in the future it can be
beneficial for communication and multi-tasking. This text relates to my
research paper because it gives a positive view on the neomillenial
generation. By using this source, I will be able to expand my knowledge on
interactive media use and how youth learn and exchange and also how they
behave with one another.
In my final source, which was also a book it describes how people
embrace new technology and how generations all share a common culture
through media. The novel describes how it is a way of communication across
borders and across continents. It also discusses how social media can be a
unification mechanism, going into detail about how it can unify parts of the
world that would normally not be able to communicate on a day to day basis.

It includes surveys that show different perspectives and views of digital

networks. However, it discusses how social media can interfere with
communication as well. By using this book I will be able to incorporate both
sides of the argument and talk about how it affects different parts of the