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Sarah Emmott

13423 Lyndonville Dr.

Houston, Texas 77041
December 2016

Cell: 713-992-6692

May 2012

Anticipated- Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas

B.S. in Interdisciplinary Studies- Emphasis in Special Education
Magna Cum Laude
Blinn Junior College, Bryan, Texas
G.P.A.- 3.75
Cypress Ridge High School, Houston, Texas

March 2016
October 2016
October 2016
December 2016

Special Education, Early Childhood- 12th Grade

ESL/Supplemental, Early Childhood- 12th Grade
Pedagogy & Prof Resp, Early Childhhod-12th Grade
General Education, Early Childhood- 6th Grade

May 2014

Professional Preparation
Special Education Field Experience
Fall 2016
College Hills Elementary School, College Station I.S.D
Autism Classroom- Student Teacher
Collaborated with Mentor Teacher and Instructional Assistants to
gain leadership knowledge
Completed 4 weeks with full responsibility of the classroom
Communicated with students using various methods of Assistive
Certified by Crisis Prevention Intervention Seminar/training
Spring 2016
MC Harris High School, Bryan I.S.D
Transition Planner
Assisted teens in planning for transition after high school
Collaborated with members of the community to gain knowledge
of educational opportunities available to them in the area
Fall 2015
College Hills Elementary School, College Station I.S.D
Autism Classroom- Methods Student
Designed and implemented class lessons
Guided small groups in core studies
Used various forms of instructional strategies
-First-Then Charts
-Pictured Schedules
-Communication Boards
Oakwood Intermediate School, College Station I.S.D
Resource Classroom- Methods Student
Designed and taught multiple small group lessons a day
Guided small group utilizing Read Well program
General Education Methods
Spring 2015
Alton Bowen Elementary School, Bryan I.S.D
3rd Grade Classroom- Methods Student

Related Experience
2014- Present



Other Experience
2014- Present

2009- Present
Honors and Awards

Designed and implemented various class lessons

Guided small groups with effective classroom management
Used various forms of assistive technology
-SMART Board
-Various iPad applications
Assisted teacher during tutoring

St. Josephs Catholic School, Bryan, Texas

Substitute Teacher
After School Care Manager
-Managed Scheduling
-Booking and Billing
Camp Allan- Texas Chargers
Camp Charger Counselor
Mentored children with Charger Syndrome
Assisted in family/sibling meetings
Peer Assisting Leadership
Assisted the Special Education classroom
-Helped during stations
-Played various games
Mentored Elementary students
Project Unity
Volunteered 60+ hours
-Assisted in food bank
-Safe Harbor
-Christmas toy bank
Bear Creek Roller Rink, Houston, Texas
General Manager
Texas A&M University Deans List

Professional Organizations
Council for Exceptional Children- Member

Available Upon Request