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BKs II & III Lesson Plan Format A

Name: Sarah Emmott

Date Taught: 10/28

MT: Mrs. Holcomb

MTs Initials:

US Initials:

Subject: Reading

Grade Level: 6st

Setting: Classroom

A (Audience)
B (Behavior)
C (Condition)

Date Submitted to MT: 10/27

Given the book Hatchet and a vocabulary sheet, the student will
construct a sentence correctly using each vocabulary word, getting
12/15 correct.

D (Determining Criteria)
E (Ending)
2.7 Reading: By the end of the 2015-16 school year, Jordan will increase comprehension towards
grade level (from Level F within the Passport Voyager reading program) by using strategies such as
prediction, cause/effect, compare/contrast, inference, figurative language, and/or vocabulary
development within at least 70% accuracy.
6.2 Reading/Vocabulary Development. Students understand new vocabulary and use it when reading
and writing. Students are expected to:
(B) use context (e.g., cause and effect or compare and contrast organizational text structures) to
determine or clarify the meaning of unfamiliar or multiple meaning words;
Smart board
Matching game
Vocabulary list
Vocabulary worksheet
MODIFICATIONS & ACCOMMODATIONS (may include these in each section)
Brain breaks

Attention-Getting Strategy

Attention-Getting Strategy
I know how competitive the both of you are so today were going to
play some vocabulary games!
Establish behavioral expectations
During this lesson I want you guys to be following directions and
listening closely. Were going to be playing some fun matching
games but I also need you to come back to the table and work when
its time.

Student Objective (By the By the end of this lesson we will be more familiar with our
end of this lesson you will vocabulary words and how to correctly use them.
be able to)
It is important for us to know these vocabulary words so we
Purpose of Lesson
broaden our vocabulary.
Relate to Prior Knowledge Using the vocabulary words below the students will play a matching
game to brush up on their vocabulary definitions to begin the lesson.
Vocabulary Words:
Wilderness- area undisturbed by human activity
Altitude- height above sea level
Rudder- control used to turn a plane
Visitation- formal visit allowed by a court
Tundra- barren, frozen plain
Slewed- turn on a pivot
Bushplane- a small aircraft
Spasm- sudden, sometimes painful, contraction of the muscles
Coma- unconsciousness; no response
Turbulence- choppiness while in plane
Altimeter- aircraft instrument that measures altitude
Throttle- lever that controls the amount of fuel
Vague- unclear; not specific
Clammy- damp; cool and sticky
Agony- very strong physical or emotional pain
Once the students have completed the matching game go through
and briefly discuss and correct each vocabulary word.
Using the Vocabulary worksheet the teacher will demonstrate
reading the vocabulary word used in the text, then, using a think
aloud I will construct a sentence using the word.
Direct Instruction (incl.
Read the vocabulary word clammy in context
modeling: I do)
Talk about the definition
Create a sentence using clammy
Teacher will continue with words tundra and spasms
Students & teacher will work together reading the vocabulary word
Guided Practice (We do)
in context then creating a sentence.
Students will complete the rest of the worksheet independently.
Independent Practice

(You do)
Higher Level Questions

Why is it important to learn new vocabulary words?

CLOSURE (objective restated, link to future learning; incl. students)

Objective restated: ok guys today we not only brushed up on our vocabulary skills but also learned
to use them in a sentence.
Link to future learning: next we will cover the last 15 vocabulary words we need to know for our test
on Friday.
Include students: Why is it important to learn new vocabulary words?
LESSON EXTENSION (extend learning deeper)
Students can move onto the next 15 vocabulary words
ELABORATION (elaborate further)
Using the vocabulary words students will make LINCS cards to extend their knowledge of
ASSESSMENT (how you will know students learned the information)
Hatchet Vocabulary Worksheet