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Paraeducator Plan

Student: Sarah Emmott

Lesson Length (time): 20 min
Paraeducator: Diamond

Class: Autism
Date: September 12, 2016
Cooperating Teacher: Henderson

Objective: Given the ReadWell workbook, the students will complete
reading/sound review and independently read the Daily story with no more than 3
Goal: By the next annual ARD, the student will be able to read 3 letter word
flashcards, the student will correctly point to/select the word when it is read by a
Extra Practice 4 prelude
Extra Practice 4 story
Flash cards
Smooth and bumpy cards

Pre-instructional Set
Student Objective: Today we are working on reading our flash cards, once we
are done you will be able to read the entire practice story by your self!
Purpose of lesson: We are working on our flash cards to improve our reading!
Attention getting strategy:
-Begin the reading lesson plan by the CHEER! Ask students, Who likes apples?
Have students point to the dot under the A on the apple and say: A says /aaa/.
Ant on an apple. /aaa/
-After CHEER! Have students practice Smooth & Bumpy cards for cards 1 and 2.
Teacher will state the individual sounds first /m/ /e/ now blend them, /me/. Have
students follow along with you then say them individually.
Relate to prior knowledge: Yesterday we worked on reading the words ant and
me. Today we are going to continue working on those words and even read them
in a story.
I do: Sound counting
-Say each word and use it in a sentence. An ant is an insect
-Have the students say the word
-Demonstrate how to segment and count each sound

-Guide practice by having students segment and count with their fingers.
Repeat, mixing group and individual turns, independent of your voice.

We do: Finger Tracking

a. Touch and read
-Guide students as they touch under each sound and picture word and read with
-Mix group and individual turns, independent of your voice

You do: Individual readings

-Have one student read the story while you model following along with your
finger, have other students follow with their finger.
-Give each student a chance to read while the others follow along.

Today you worked on words me and ant and even read an entire passage, we
practice this to improve our reading!
Tomorrow we will read another passage about ants!
What words did we learn today? (me and ant!)

All students are evaluated on their reading of the extra practice 4 story.
All three students read the passage with 70% accuracy.
After Lesson Reflection by ST
The lesson was completed very smoothly. I noticed the students are not in need
of many reinforcers. Cuttings back on the reinforcing will eliminate the students asking
for treats and allow for more instruction time.
Also when doing the individual readings, be sure to have the other 2 follow along
with their finger. The reader was a bit distracted by other off task students.

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