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Cheese Cake

Math Department

Name: Sean Ross

Write down necessary steps and answers clearly to earn full credit.

At a dinner party, cheese cakes were served. The exact size of the top view of the cheese
cake is shown below. Some attendees were mildly lactose intolerant. They would like to
know the volume of a slice of cheese cake so that they can decide how much they would
yield to the delicious temptation. (You will need a ruler to measure in cm and a protractor
to measure the angle.)

Round your answers to 3 decimal places.

1. How long is the radius in cm?


2. Find the area of the top surface.

3. Suppose the height of the cheese cake is two cm. Find the volume.

4. Suppose a special strawberry syrup, in red, is put on the cake. Find the total length of
the syrup as indicated by the thicker lines.

5. Reflection:
Mathematics students often wonder when they will use problem-solving techniques
they learn in real life. Application problems in textbooks are often created artificially
so that students can apply a particular concept they learn from the section. Do you
consider learning the problem solving techniques and the critical thinking skills in
mathematics useful or useless? Do you consider knowing mathematics improves or
worsens your life? Write at least 200 words to explain your position.


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2016 Shane Tang

My thoughts on mathematics outside of an educational environment are not purely positive or negative
in any respect. Personally I find that every equation and problem solving skill may and very well could come in
handy in my chosen career of software development. The same cant be said for every walk of life. In most cases
I feel the equations and identities are not the most useful thing to come out of a mathematics course. That being
said anyone who needs to make decisions in their career based on some data or even decisions in life can benefit
from the critical thinking skills that come from completing any mathematics course and strengthen with every
sub sequential course in mathematics. This could be deciding what kind of sprinkler head generates the correct
arc length and covers the sector of lawn needed, to business decisions based on graphs and pie charts. As well if
you were running a catering business or planning on it this exact problem may crop up one day at work
(especially in California). That being said I am sure it comes as no surprise that I suggest anyone and everyone
complete as many math courses as they can stand.

= 40
= 2/9
r = 5cm

A = r2
S = r
V = r2h

syrup length = (12/9) + (22/9) + (32/9) + (42/9) =

(2/9) + (4/9) +(6/9) + (8/9)=
(6/9) + (14/9)=
(20/9) 6.98131