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Introduction to Statistics
Revision for Test 2
Question 11
A study by the Statistics Department concluded that 83.1 percent of students of UCSF get score marks
in Test. A sample of 12 students is selected.
What is the probability the students get A grade exactly 7 of the 12 students?

Question 12
An American Society of Investor survey found 25% of individual investors have used a discount
broker. In a random sample of nine individuals, what is the probability:
(a) Exactly two of the sampled individuals have used a discount broker?
(b) Exactly four of them have used a discount broker?
(c) None of them have used a discount broker?

Question 13
Assume baggage is rarely lost by Northeast Airlines. Suppose a random sample of 1,000 flights shows
a total of 300 bags were lost. If the number of lost bags per flight follows a Poisson distribution with
u = 0.25, find the probability of not losing any bags.

Question 14
Southwest Arizona State University provides bus service to students while they are on campus. A bus
arrives at the North Main Street and College Drive stop every 45 minutes between 6 A.M. and 11 P.M.
during weekdays. Students arrive at the bus stop at random times. The time that a student waits is
uniformly distributed from 0 to 45 minutes.
a. Draw a graph of this distribution.
b. Show that the area of this uniform distribution is 1.00.
c. How long will a student typically have to wait for a bus? In other words, what is the mean
waiting time? What is the standard deviation of the waiting times?
d. What is the probability a student will wait more than 35 minutes?
e. What is the probability a student will wait between 15 and 25 minutes?

Question 15

Draw the normal distribution graph and level the area.

List 3 (THREE) characteristics of normal probability distribution.

Question 16
The weekly incomes of shift foremen in the glass industry follow the normal probability distribution
with a mean of RM1,000 and a standard deviation of RM100.
(a) What is the z-value for the income, lets call it X, of a foreman who earns RM1,100 per week?
(b) What is the likelihood of selecting a foreman whose weekly income is between $1,000 and
(c) What is the probability of selecting a shift foreman in the glass industry whose income is:
i. Between RM790 and RM1,000?
ii. Less than RM790?
iii. Between RM1,150 and RM1,250

Question 17
A Washington, D.C., think tank announces the typical teenager sent 50 text messages per day in
2011. To update that estimate, you phone a sample of teenagers and ask them how many text
messages they sent the previous day. Their response were:












At the 0.05 level, can you conclude that the mean number is greater than 50?

Question 18
The mean income per person in the United States is $35,000 and the distribution of incomes follows a
normal distribution. A random sample of 10 residents of Wilmington, Delaware, had a mean of
$45,000 with a standard deviation of $8,000. At the 0.05 level of significance, is enough evidence to
conclude that residents of Wilmington, Delaware, have more income than the national average?