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Bostic 1

Jada Bostic
Professor Joy A. McDonald
English 101-07
September 16, 2016
Discourse Community Response
With the new age of technology, the use of traditional forms of writing for
communication has recently be overridden by texting and emails. Whether coaches, teammates,
family/friends, school, or co-workers one has to be able to differentiate when to use certain styles
of writing. As an individual one writes to express oneself such as writing in a journal or writing a
book. Being a person within the social order there is a common goal whether we speak or write a
different language, it is to communicate with those around the United States and the world.
Communication is the key that unlocks multiple opportunities such as networking, developing
leadership skills and learning how to communicate with people because without it where would
we be today.
Being a member of the track and field team means I am part of a bigger picture. As a
student athlete one is expected to keep a high standard within the school. With having high
standards one is a student first and an athlete second. Depending on who one is talking to the
conversation can either be formal or informal. When emailing a person of authority such as a
coach, more than likely It is going to have a formal setting like: Hello Coach. What room is the
meeting in this afternoon? If I was to communicate with a teammate the conversation would
go, Hey, where is the room at? or Hey, you remember the room number for the meeting. The
guidelines inside this community are that one should respect others and their decisions. To know
ones role and contribute to the team as much as one can as an individual.

Bostic 2
When conversing with friends it is more of an informal tone like using Ebonics while
texting. Sending birthday/holiday cards, letters, texts and emails to a family member or friend
can either be formal or informal depending on who the person is. Texting ones parents while
they are out does not require a long message just to explain what one means. For example: Hey
did you all get food? in comparison to Hey mom or dad, did you guys go out and buy some
food?. The rules within this discourse community are to not be disrespectful nor rude, do ones
chores and have fun.
During the time of applying for a job the employers set up an interview date and one
expresses to them why they want the job and how did they hear about it. As being part of a
professional environment showing respect is crucial within ones writing. If one were to just text
ones manager I am not coming in today and there is not a reason given to them, it does not
show good character. Now if you were to say Hey Manager, I will not be able to come in
tomorrow because I am very sick. Your manager would have an understanding and would
appreciate you contacting them, so they can find a person to take your shift. Working at Costco
no matter what department you work in, you always help the customer. As an employee it is
ones job to be proactive in the work place. If a customer has a food order you get their name,
date they need it and what time they will be in to pick up the order. Communicating in the
workplace can complete a common goal: which is to make sure the customer is satisfied.
Being part of a higher education requires you to put in applications and write essays that
meet the requirements. It is hard to get into certain schools because you have to take exams,
make sure your GPA requirements from high school are up to the standards of the
college/university. Depending on the classes youre taking in college, you write essays, research
projects or required to write papers in different formats. Writing essays, you try to express the

Bostic 3
concept as well as you can so you can earn a good grade. We use Blackboard and you can contact
classmates and professors to ask questions, work on group papers and complete other
assignments. There is a reality of being a student, and the goal is to achieve a higher education to
be able to increase your future with options.
Today one has to know that when one is communicating with certain people there is a
time and place to be formal or informal. Therefore, one should be able to precisely give their
shared views in a sensible manner. We as people learn to convey our thoughts and write it on
paper to express either what we know or want to know and achieve from doing so.