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1. In your words, what is meant by the phrase Genetic Code?

Your DNA and your print of your body, a map of your body. The program of your body.
2. In the movie they obtained DNA from different sources, what were those sources? What
other sources would be preferable? What sources would you avoid? Why?
They got a lot of DNA from blood and saliva, hair, egg donors and more. Another source that
would be preferable is urine, they can find many things in urine to help them with the testing of
DNA. They should avoid any of hair because they dont know what age the hair is.
3. One of the people in the movie said that if they tried they might fail, and that would be a
good thing? Who said that and what did he mean?
Dr. Howard Jacob was a genetic scientist that can comb through samples and find the evidence
that a anomaly was in Andrew DNA/. He said that it was better to try and fail than not try and
possibly succeed.
4. They talked about a disease called CFwhat does that stand for? What part of the body
does it affect? How much does the treatment for CF cost?
Cystic Fibrosis is a disease that affects the lungs and the digestive systems. The annual
treatment for CF is $300,000.
5. There were several notable people in this movie, name three, their titles/jobs and discuss
one of them in detail.
Dr. Howard Jacob is a genetic scientist, Francis Collins leaders of national health and was the
first one to be mapped his DNA. Then there was James Watson discovered the double helix in
6. What do you predict for the future regarding peoples Genetic Code?
I predict that the scientist would fully map out and find anomalies in a matter of seconds and
make custom treatment to prevent diseases before they start. I also hope that they won't use
this knowledge to forcing them to use their money to buy things that are not true.
7. There were two sides to the debate, what were they? Discuss each side in detail.
There was a side that they said not to learn genetic testing before and one that thinks genetic
coding is important and can stop diseases before they were developed. The side that thinks
genetic coding is bad has a lot of reasons, they think that you should ignore it until it happens
because it was a burden to carry around if you know that you will have breast cancer you might

not take the risk of giving birth to your first child, the other side states that prevent the disease
and save money and times of suffering.
8. Answer this question, I tested positive for a genetic mutation that raises the risk of breast
cancer. Should I tell my teenage daughter?
I would not tell my daughter because she is a teen and I don't know if she wants children, If I
say this, she might get worried and not give birth when she could have the opportunity to at
least have a child. That will affect a lot of choices we make like what to eat, but if we do know,
we will have a knowledge and we can probably help this problem by eating healthy and other
things, but if we leave it alone, we wouldn have to make changes in our lives that if I tell her
which makes her vulnerable to stress and stuff, we can know and stop it, but change is a
important thing i worried about, will her grades fail, will she get more stress on her, because i
living a pretty comfortable life with her, how can i tell my relatives, will they back away and not
talk to me, but I have decided to tell her, because it best to have that knowledge in the back of
your mind than hey can also learn from this experience, so I think that they will regardless of me
having it, not judge me in any biased way.not having it. We can at least try to solve this problem
and might eventually prevent that disease from happening. If we can make a difference in this
life of knowledge, we can tell other people to try and convince them to act out, not in their
houses all day long. I also think that this will not be affected that much on our daughter,
because she is learning this stuff at school and can handle it well, I worried that if she thinks
too much about this, she might not focus on the things that are more important, like her
schoolwork and her free time, I want her to not be limited by anything and I want her to go
anywhere, I think I've made the right choice by telling her and I hope it will bring future, to her
9. What role, if any, should the government have regarding peoples genetic codes? Should the
government have access to that? Should private companies share this information with each
I think the government should not have any impact on our genetic code, I don't think they should
be allowed from seeing our genetic code and using it to their advantage, instead, I want them to
keep it private and ban any companies that will try to steal and use our genetics for their testing,
I don't want this to happen to us, we don't want emails that say we have a bad gene that causes
us to have a risk of cancer, that was proved to be false by a real genetic testing company, I
certainly think that they wouldn't share any information because it wrong to do that without the
people permission, I also think that the only reason they would have it is not to make things
better, but is to make money so they can become richer and richer, The government can totally
become richer and stronger with this info because they can change the way a person thinks
about a certain candidate during a presidential race, for example, there is a person running for
president and the other side has information on that person genetic coding, they saw that him
or her has a higher risk for lung cancer, they might use that against them by saying that they
want a healthy president, this might change a few thousands of people mindset and this would

give them an edge in this race, I hope that government has nothing to do with genetics, and will
actually focus on the thing that they were there to do, is to protect us from anything and actually
make right choices for the greater good for our country. And I wish that genetic testing illegal
places will not begin and I hope that the scientist will make out what we can do with this info to
our good will as they already have begun.