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PHED 239 Module 4: High School

Site Observation Assignment

Due one day after the observation
Directions: Read and become familiar with the questions below BEFORE
the observation. Submit answers to the questions on document created in
Google Drive. Points will be deducted for grammar, spelling and
punctuation mistakes. Total = 30 pts.
Include the following general background information:

Agawam High school

Kathy Georgina


15- 20

Indoor gym, Fitness room, workout room, turf field, outdoor track,
basketball court and tennis courts.
1. Describe how students interacted with each other and with
From what I saw I think that the students interacted with each other
appropriately. I only got to see the students interactions for a brief amount
of time, but from what I saw they got along with competition. The students
seemed to be respectful to the teachers, there were some areas of concern
where students did not listen or pay attention that the teacher knew how to
desist but other than that they were fine.
2. What characteristics of a high school student did you witness?
Give examples.
The characteristics varied, at some points I saw some students really into
their activities while others were fooling around, texting or hiding from the
activities. Also some students were very outspoken about their feelings
while others did not even speak and were layed back.
3. What rules, routines, and management techniques are used by
your cooperating teacher(s)?
One technique that I thought was a great idea was the grading cards. This
was a rule and routine for each teacher to perform during each class. This
card is important because the teacher can keep tabs throughout each unit,

and keep track of their grades easily. Another management routine was
keeping the the equipment ready to go and accessible during the lessons.
Alos it seemed like the teachers had the 2 week units on point and knew
the system pretty well and established a great system and manage the
transitions of it with organization.
4. What units are the students participating in during this time of
year? How do the teachers determine what units the students will be
involved in? How long are the units?
Right now the students get to choose between either badminton or nitro
ball. Like I stated before, the teachers have a cool system where they have
the students choose options of which unit they want to participate during
the unit. Each unit is 10 days.
5. Any discipline issues? If so, how were they handled? What is the
teachers discipline policy?
I didnt see any discipline issues today. But if there was an issue, the
teachers mark down their grades on their grading cards, and also desist
situations while they are happening. Each issue for a student is a point off
their final grade out of 40 points.
6. What are the average class sizes? How are classes divided (i.e. by
grade level, skill level, etc)?
The teachers said that the average class sizes were 15-20 students. The
students get to decide which class they want to take depending on the units
that are provided. Also, if the units are too one sided then that's when the
teachers are going to have to step in and decide who goes where to make
them some what even.
7. What is/are your biggest concern(s) about teaching at the high
school level?
My biggest concern is dealing with students that are completely not
interested in phys. Ed. I think it is going to be hard for me to make all of the
students participate in the activities. Also, I dont know how I am going to
deal with attitude from students.
8. What are you most looking forward to in regards to teaching at the
high school level?
I am looking forward to teaching that age of students because I did my
internship in highschool with high school students and I really like it. Also
helping students participate in activities will be fun too.