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OJT Forms and Documents


Letter of Recommendation
School of Arts and Sciences
Bacolod City
Address 1 (Building/Street)
Address 2 (Barangay, Municipality/City)
Dear <Sir/Madam>:
___________ , a graduating student, is taking up ITJT 501, an On-The-Job-Training, subject in
the degree of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. The course requires students to
have training with the IT area of a partner company for at least <200/500> hours.
We are glad that your company is chosen by our student as one of our allies in molding their
skills while advancing their knowledge in the field of Information Technology. The trainee
may be assigned a task to develop any software application and/or any IT related
applications beneficial for your company. Rest assured that the trainee we send will perform
at their best, exhibit good character, and maintain the confidentiality of your system.
Your favorable consideration to this concern, matter most to the development of our student.
More power.
Very truly yours,
Program Coordinator
Academic Director


This is to inform you that _____________________________, On-the-Job Training (OJT)/Practicum

applicant is accepted to have his/her practicum on this company beginning
____________________ until _____________________.
Name of Company: _______________________________________
Company Address: _______________________________________
Contact Number/s: _______________________________________
Certified true and correct:
_____________________ ___________________ _____________
Signature over Printed Name Position Date Signed
Memorandum of Agreement (MOA)
This Memorandum of Agreement is made and entered into this ____ day of ______ 20__ in the
City of Bacolod, Philippines by and between:
WEST NEGROS UNIVERSITY , an educational institution duly organized and existing by
virtue of an under the laws of the Republic of the Philippines with address at Burgos St.,
Bacolod City, herein represented by its Vice President for Academic Affairs,
________________________. And hereinafter referred to as WNU.
-and__________________________________________, herein represented by its Station Manager
_______________________, referred to as The Company.
Whereas, WNU is desirous of sending of its student/s _____________ as student-trainee/s for
the course ____________________________ this Academic Year 2013-2014;
Whereas, The Company agrees to accommodate the above-mentioned student/s as
student-trainee/s for this Academic Year for a total number of ______________ hours starting
__________ 20___ until ___________ 20____.
NOW THEREFORE, for and in consideration of the foregoing premises, parties hereby agree
as follows:

WNU agrees to undertake the following:

1. Responsible for briefing the On-the-Job (OJT) student-trainees who intend to conduct
practicum exposure in the The Company;
2. Provide the OJT student-trainee the basic orientation on work values, behavior, and
discipline to ensure smooth cooperation with the The Company;
3. Issue an official recommendation or endorsement vouching for the well being of the OJT
student-trainee, which shall be used by The Company for processing the application of the
4. Inform The Company of the school activities that may cause the trainee/s to miss some of
their duties in The Company;
5. Settle any problem of the trainee/s related to the training program, mutually with The
6. Make visits, as necessary, to The Company to confer with the students supervisor
regarding the status or progress of the trainees work.
The Company agrees to do the following:
1. Require the qualified student-trainee/s to submit themselves to examinations, interviews,
and file pertinent documents to support their applications;
2. Provide any IT related tasks and practical exposure to the trainee/s;
3. Provide the trainee/s with decent and safe working condition while undergoing the
4. Monitor the performance of the trainee/s and report to WNU any untoward behavior of
the student/s on the duration of the practicum period;
5. Allow the trainee/s the opportunity to learn practical or actual know-how from the
experience and knowledge of the office staff and superiors through voluntary coaching or
training; and
6. Require the trainee/s to observe and follow the existing working policies of The Company,
which are connected to their practicum work.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereby affixed their signatures above their printed name
to indicate their conformity to this Memorandum of Agreement, this _____ day of
___________________, 20___ at Bacolod City, Negros Occidental.

For the

First Party

Second Party



<Name of Academic Director>

<Name of Supervisor>

Vice President of Academic Affairs

Station Manager



Program Coordinator
Before me, a Notary Public in the province of Negros occidental personally appeared
_________________________ and _________________________ with Community Tax Certificates
indicated above, known to me to be the same persons who executed the foregoing
instrument and they acknowledged to me that the same is their free will and voluntary deed
and that of the institutions herein represented.
Witness my hand and seal on this ___ day of _______________ 2011 in Bacolod City.
Doc. No. _______:
Page No. ______:
Book No. ______:
Series of ______:
Parents Waiver Form


This is to certify that I am allowing my son/daughter, ____________________to go on practicum
(on-the-job training) for a minimum of two hundred/ four hundred hours on
______________________ until _________________________ at ____________________________________
in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree in Bachelor of Science in
It is understood that he/she abides by the rules and regulations that may be imposed by the
Supervisor/Staff-in-Charge for his welfare and safety.
I fully agree to waive any responsibility on the part of West Negros University,
_____________________________ and/or the representative/s, in case of untoward incident that
may happen to my son/daughter during the duration of the practicum.
____________________________ ___________________ _____________
Name of Parent/Guardian Signature Date