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AMD Radeon XFX RX 460

I Wayan Agus Budiarta


Komang Martha Ary Putra






: Teenager


: AMD Radeon XFX RX 460


: Rp 1.550.000

Computer is one of the most important thing in this world nowadays. It is used to
process any data or doing any other activity by people. There are three kinds of computer
used by people. First is desktop PC, it is called a desktop because regularly placed on the
desk. The size of this PC is commonly big but so powerfull in doing any data processing.
Second is laptop or notebook, it is called as a laptop because it is used in peoples lap and the
size of this computer is like a notebook. It is easy to carry laptop by using bag. Third is tablet
PC, it is the smallest computer. It is using touchscreen as its interface, people can carry it in a
small bag.
Computer is a combination between hardware and software. The hardware consist of
the part that can be seen and touched such as monitor, case, processor, hard drive, optical
drive, motherboard, VGA card, power supply, and RAM. In the small computer such as
laptop and tablet, the hardware size is so small and it is not upgradeable for some parts. But
in a desktop PC all of the part can be upgraded to make it powerfull. One of the most
favourite part that usually upgraded is VGA card.
Teenagers love game so much, the game can be online game or offline game.
Teenagers nowadays usually go to game center or in Indonesia is called as warnet to play any
online games although they already have their own desktop PC and good internet connection
in their house. The reason is simple, it can not play the game in this era because the
component of their PC is out of date. Teenagers go to game center for playing some online
games (e-sport) such as DoTA 2, League of Legends, Point Blank, Counter Strike:Global
Offensive, and the other popular online game.
Upgrading the VGA card of the old desktop PC is the best solution for this problem. It
is not expensive to get good gameplay about 60 fps for every online game by upgrading the
VGA card into the latest product from AMD that is AMD Radeon RX 460 from XFX.

There are some improvements in this new VGA card generation. The most highlighted
feature is more energy efficiency with better performance.
XFX True Clock Technology
Always running at the best speeds. Software controlled clock speed optimizers can be
hindered by overall computer performance, heavy loads can cause it to misread the maximum
potential clock speed of the graphics card at any given moment. XFX's True Clock however
is hardware controlled clock speed performance optimization so it's always running at peak
performance all the time.
Designed for Vulkan Cross Platform Graphics
The next generation graphics API from Khronos. Vulkan is the new generation, open
standard API for high-efficiency access to graphics and compute on modern GPUs. This
ground-up design, previously referred to as the Next Generation OpenGL Initiative, provides
applications direct control over GPU acceleration for maximized performance and
AMD FreeSync Technology
No stuttering. No tearing. Just gaming. Gaming shouldnt be a choice between choppy
gameplay and high performance. With XFX Radeon RX 460 Series graphics and FreeSync
technology, it doesnt have to be. Transform the most demanding games into a liquid-smooth,
artifact-free, 4K cinematic experience with the highest performance at virtually any frame
rate. FreeSync works at the speed of your game for incredible responsiveness and
uncompromising smoothness. Every gamer deserves perfectly smooth gameplay and peak
performance. Unlike the competing technology, you dont have to choose with FreeSync
Microsoft Windows 10 and DirectX 12
Optimized for gaming performance. New features and functions bring new computing
experiences to life with AMD Radeon graphics on the Windows 10 platform. Take your
gaming further with XBOX ONE on Windows. Play and connect with your games and
friends. Everywhere.

Microsofts new technology enables great performance and dramatically improved

GPU and CPU multiprocessing and multithreading performance thanks to Async Shaders and
Multi-threaded Command Buffer Recording for more efficient rendering of richer and more
complex scenes.
FinFet 14nm Technology
Unprecedented efficiency on nextgen GPUs. Enjoy whisper quiet gaming with the
revolutionary Polaris architecture. Combining the latest FinFET 14 process technology and
AMDs advanced power, gating and clocking technologies, youll enjoy dramatically cool
and quiet gaming. The FinFet 14 process technology puts more transistors in less space,
enabling dramatic increases in processing power and power efficiency helping to provide
better processor performance while using less power and enabling better transistor efficiency
than previous generation technology.
XFX's 3 Year Warranty
Giving you the performance you have come to expect from XFX. Even though we
trust that our high quality products will continue working at peak performance well beyond
your use of it, we want to put our word behind that promise. That is why we offer our 3 Year
Warranty with this series of graphics cards. This means that your product is protected by a 3
year limited hardware warranty on manufacturing defects of anything on the card.