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2017 Incredible India Smiling Soul Retreat presented by Brett Shuttleworth
2017 Incredible India
Smiling Soul Retreat
presented by Brett Shuttleworth
India Smiling Soul Retreat presented by Brett Shuttleworth Q&A: 1. What is the purpose of the

Q&A: 1. What is the purpose of the Smiling Soul Retreat, what does it stand for and what is it you facilitate on the Retreat?

Our intention for the Incredible India Smiling Soul Retreat is to expose beauty, oneness and love as it exists in everyone of us in our natural state. This means being vulnerable, open and in flow with the Universe and honoring the gift of each moment which leads us to experience limitless joy, peace, love, purpose, gratitude and a deep inner fulfillment, something we all seek through each experience. It’s the feeling we first have when we fall in love. Living this way, life becomes a joyful celebration, we feel passionate about our goals and aspirations and we become contagious with enthusiasm, we are more brave and live with greater courage in our hearts to dream big and manifest abundance for everyone.

Create your Masterpiece using 7 Core Fundamentals & Tools to expand your awareness, unleash core power and be empowered to stay in action beyond mind.















the Ultimate


Yoga & Meditation Strengthens & grows unity of mind, body and spirit Smiling Soul Diary

Yoga & Meditation Strengthens & grows unity of mind, body and spirit

Strengthens & grows unity of mind, body and spirit Smiling Soul Diary Includes a daily Retreat

Smiling Soul Diary Includes a daily Retreat guide, facilitation tools and check-in sheet

a daily Retreat guide, facilitation tools and check-in sheet Hojo An ancient Japanese Martial Arts, the

Hojo An ancient Japanese Martial Arts, the most powerful strikes are used to integrate your masterpiece


Brett Shutteworth is one of the most inspiring facilitators in the world and is your presenter and host who will share with you wisdom on the 7 Core Fundamentals used to create your Smiling Soul Masterpiece. Get ready to be fully mesmerized by each moment of this journey and Incredible


sunset, your vision of life will become so clear you will feel

the deepest gratitude to be alive! The only step you have to take is to say YES!

As you are when fully present in awe of a beautiful

say YES! As you are when fully present in awe of a beautiful 2. What are

2. What are the places that we’ll be visiting and why?

With richness of contrast and diversity in mind we want you to fully experience what India has to offer. It's about you having the most fun, an abundance of joy, letting go, opening your heart, enjoying new friendships and the ultimate celebration of being alive! Every aspect of this retreat has been specifically designed for you to experience that…. From landing into the hustle and bustle of India's capital Delhi to the beauty and party vibe of the beaches of Goa, the tranquility which pervades the ashrams of Rishikesh, watching incredible sunrises on the Himalayas, partaking in bonfire dinners, camping under the night sky and magnificent stars as our blanket and floating down the divine Ganges on a white water rafting adventure, seeking out hidden treasures in the backstreets of Mumbai through our Shantaram tour and celebrating your adventure with a full heart and memories to last a lifetime! Lots of fun activities such as a night out on the town, water sports or a day trip to a Spice Village - are also available. The March Retreat has a highlight of us attending the International Yoga Festival for two days - something unique to experience with over 850 participants from around the world. No prior experience of Yoga is required - have as much fun exploring as you were a child at carnival rides! Engaging in this way with your surroundings, the people you meet and taking time off to explore on your own will enrich your experience, enjoy a new culture, it’s customs and inspire you to appreciate differences!

3. What is the biggest breakthrough or take home lesson I can possibly walk away with?

In our eyes undoubtedly - it is that you walk away with the organic wisdom of love being the Ultimate Success with you yourself being your greatest breakthrough and gift.

4. I understand that travel expands me. In the case of the Retreat, how will it change the way I see the world?

Every experience is a true reflection of who we are. All I can say is - jump in - the water’s beautiful! This is a lifetime investment for your soul to smile! Are you ready to fall in love with your life and love yourself beyond question or doubt? It will empower you to see with a new set of eyes opening you up to your own beauty, joy, experiencing life as a celebration and giving your best to life!!

“The retreat was perfect - I wouldn't change a thing! A priceless investment to be remembered for ever! I am Grateful! My husband and I are both grateful! We loved every moment! Thank you!” - Leonora Young, Zimbabwe ~ Participant 2016


One of the most exciting motivational talents to emerge from Africa, Brett Shuttleworth is creating a ripple effect of love globally. Having already trained 30000 live participants, Clients include Accenture, ArcelorMittal, SPAR Group, Vodacom, SASOL, Tsogo Sun, Karbochem, Rennies Travel, Growth Point Properties, Virgin Active, Virgin Airlines, Rawson Properties, Media24 and Mediclinic as well as conference keynote deliveries, working with Sports Teams, NGOs, Government, NGOs and individuals fully committed to transforming their lives and living their full potential.

to transforming their lives and living their full potential. Brett’s unique deliveries are based on his

Brett’s unique deliveries are based on his reverting journey and myriad of raw, enriching and life transforming first-hand encounters with life's toughest challenges, from major operations to living homeless in Manhattan, negotiating deals in boardrooms to walking the ramp for the world’s glamour brands to gracing red carpets as a Hollywood actor, breaking his arm in 27 pieces and shattering his dream of playing for the rugby world cup, close encounters with criminals in jail, partying with the Russian mafia, sex, drugs and rock’n’roll to chasing his dreams around the world and the wisdom he found in each situation which became his biggest breakthroughs in life. He is a thought leader in his own right who understands that life is about living your full potential and has dedicated his life to people achieving this through all his work.

Day 8-11 Goa Day 1-Delhi Day 11-12 Day 2-7 Rishikesh Mumbai
Day 8-11 Goa
Day 1-Delhi
Day 11-12
Day 2-7 Rishikesh

"My love and commitment to make my soul smile is full on after having attended this retreat. Definitely a 10 out of 10

experience. I loved the the Humour and the vibe between the group, throughout the trip. Abundance of laughs


acceptance that we gave each other and the team spirit that came to the party. The whole experience was perfect and I wouldn’t change a thing!" ~ Matthew Ben Lowe, Zimbabwe ~ Participant 2016 Retreat

5. Do I need to take part in the motivational sessions, the Q&A sessions and the other activities which are

part of the Retreat facilitation context? Can I just come along for the ride and skip some sessions?

You can do what ever you like - no activity or session is compulsory and there are no rules or restrictions. We do highly recommend that you participate in as many of the sessions structured enquiry sessions and the activities that inspire you - step out of your comfort zone 20% and you won't regret it!

6. You speak about Love being the Ultimate Success. Is this true for everybody as that hasn't been my

experience. I have had my heart broken and faced rejection so many times that fear has become a constant companion without me even knowing it!

How does it feel to limit yourself in this way? And is it working out for you? What if you were to drop that notion and move past your fear - could you possibly be in a position to attract someone even better? All you have to do to receive love is be willing to give it first. Then watch the miracles that start knocking on your door. It is still your prerogative to say yes or no. But don’t say yes or no out of fear. Say it because you know in your heart that that is what makes your soul smile. If it takes another month, 6 months, 1 year or 5 - isn’t it worth it to give yourself the best and only the best? It is commonly understood that in maters of the heart there is no compromise. Don’t compromise your dreams - open your heart - be great in your getting and understanding of love and your relationship will shift.

7. Is the cost reasonable compared to other trips and retreats on offer?

This is an absolute 100% return on investment. Read the feedback from other participants who have taken this journey. It speaks for itself! The experience you will gain is priceless. The wealth of enrichment which we share - the places we visit - the support you receive throughout and the people that become life long friends, intricate attention to detail from the moment you arrive until your last day, is all so gorgeous to feel - you really want to step into your greatness and jump! Bring others with you also! If not now -when? Who or what are you saving yourself for - and when do you plan to introduce yourself to yourself? Why procrastinate on your own happiness if to gain everything you have to risk giving something in return - it’s a fair trade isn’t it? Some highlights you will walk away with:

Love relationship with your self and others

Long term satisfaction through living a balanced life which keeps you inspired, energised and revitalised

Fresh approach to starting each day with intentions as your guiding principle

Fun, motivated life’s masterpiece with a clear road-map of how to get there

Clarity, peace and focus to bring dreams to fruition through your own commitment powered by your word

Gratitude for each moment of being alive with ability to step 20% out of your comfort zone

The firsthand realization and encounter with the gift you yourself are and which is seeking to be known - the energy of Love the Ultimate Success!

2016 Copyright Smiling Soul Creations

8. How do I confirm my enrollment?

Step 1 Request a Participant Form from your Enrollment Agent or email contact us through our website.

Step 2 Send back your Participation Form with your details.

Step 2 Send back your Participation Form with your details. Step 3 Please pay a 50%

Step 3 Please pay a 50% deposit for your participation which guarantees your place (you are welcome to pay 100% upfront if you prefer). If you are taking advantage of the Early Bird Special rate kindly pay the 50% at least 2 months before the Retreat kick-off date. Balance of the 100% needs to be made 1 month prior to the start date. If you are late in making the balance of your payment you risk having to pay extra as we can only ensure your participation rate and travel bookings for the duration of the whole retreat once we have received full payment. Once payment us made it is un-refundable.

Step 4 Send your proof of payment to Rupali, your Smiling Soul Retreat Coordinator who will be on the Retreat with us as your Smiling Soul Angel, and your point of contact from your enrollment and through out India as we take this journey together!

9. Are international flights and visa costs part of the Retreat package?

International Travel is not part of the retreat package, nor any costs for visas, travel insurance etc. Please book these with your travel agent. We further invite you to book your international travel well in advance as there are often great deals are available to India. Please book all sectors of your international flights according to Retreat Start and End dates and times. If you would like to come into Delhi earlier or stay on in Mumbai our local travel agent can assist in arranging that at an additional cost. Courtesy Airport pick-up and drop-off is only provided by us on the 1st March in Delhi and on 12th March in Mumbai. Any travel and accommodation outside of that and not specifically mentioned as part of the package will be payable directly to the travel agent or can be booked online / through your own travel vendor.

The March Retreat starts in Delhi at 2pm on Wednesday, 1st March. It takes about 2 to three hours from the moment you land to get checked in so make room for that in your travel planning. Though the hotel check-in time is 2pm we can generally assist with an earlier check-n as soon as a room is available, from 11am on the 1st. Our 1st official activity is a sightseeing and walking tour of Delhi leaving our hotel at 3pm on the 1st. The retreat ends of Sunday 12th March in Mumbai at 2pm after our celebration lunch and we will organise your transfer from the hotel to take you to the airport to be there in time for your flight, so preferably book a flight which leave at or after 7pm on the 12th March as it takes 1 hour from our hotel to Mumbai International Airport and international travellers are required to be there at least 3 hours prior to the departure times. On-line check-in on certain airlines is available - however there is still a line to drop off luggage which can take up to one hour - so please be aware of that.

We are able to assist in getting you in touch with our agent in India if you would like to visit the Taj Mahal which you can book directly through them with 2 extra nights in Delhi. If you would like to take up that option please let us know and we will guide you. In that case book your international flights to arrive into Delhi on 27th February 2017. You will commence your Taj tour on the 28th by train, stay one night and be back at the hotel in time for check in with the other participants, and start our Delhi sight seeing tour at 3pm on 1st March.

10. Who else can I bring with me?

Anyone you want! Boyfriend, girlfriend, best friend, mum, dad, child (above age of 18), niece or nephew, grandparent, grandchild (above age of 18), neighbour, acquaintance who is good to travel with, colleague and anyone you wish to share this experience with! The more the merrier!

Thank you for affording me a few minutes of your time to share a little about the adventure we will experience together! Excited to meet you in person as we journey across Incredible India!


Rupali Mahendra

Smiling Soul Creations - Angel and Retreat Coordinator

“If Love is the Ultimate Success would you start anew?” ~ Brett Shuttleworth

Success would you start anew?” ~ Brett Shuttleworth 2016 Copyright Smiling Soul Creations

Incredible India Smiling Soul Retreat Package & Itinerary


Package Investment per Participant

**South African Rands 29950 Early Bird Special Rate valid until 31st December 2016**

South African Rands 34950 Normal Rate from 1st January 2017

* Early Bird Special for all other Retreats end 2 months prior to the Retreat commencement date.

Please make payment of 50% of Deposit (you are welcome to pay 100% if you like) to secure your participation and payment of 100% by Friday 3rd February 2017 for 1st March Retreat; for all other Retreat Dates 100% payable one month prior to Retreat start date.

2017 Retreat Dates

I - 1 to 12 Mach 2017

II - 7th to 18th June 2017

III - 27th September to 8th October 2017

IV - 29th November to 10th December 2017

Incredible India Smiling Soul Retreat Package Details for 1-12 March 2017

Retreat starts in Delhi at 2pm on 1st March 2017 and ends in Mumbai 2pm in Mumbai.

If you are confirming participation for any of the other 2017 dates please share that with us. Places are limited so re

recommend you secure your participation at the earliest. We reserve the right to alter any portion of the Retreat travel, facilitation or itinerary to ensure that you have the best possible experience. We invite you to let go and trust that the Universe always has your best interest at heart!

All Retreat Packages includes:

*11 Nights accommodation on a shared basis (supplement charge for single room applicable). *Retreat facilitation by Brett Shuttleworth

*Meals: Breakfast throughout the trip, Delhi Karim’s Dinner, all meals at International Festival in Rishikesh which are part of the Festival package, all meals at Ganges Campsite, arrival dinner in Goa, Entry pass for Goa nightclub, Celebration Dinner

in Goa, Dinner at Bademiya eatery in Mumbai and Retreat End Celebration lunch in Mumbai at Cafe Mondegar. (All

additional meals and all beverages not expressly included are for participant's cost).

*All Domestic Flights within India, transfers and Retreat Outings which are part of the package (Flights: Delhi - Dehradun, Dehradun - Delhi, Delhi - Goa, Goa - Mumbai). *Assistance at all times with flight and hotel check-ins and local assistance with on the ground throughout the Retreat. *Airport transfer at start and end of Retreat. *Activities which are also included are:

Tour of Old Delhi and walking tour of Walled City

Early morning trip to watch the Sunrise on the Himalayas from Rishikesh

A fully inclusive Camping and white water rafting adventure with all meals and transfers

March Retreat: 2 Days Unlimited Pass to the International Yoga Festival in Rishikesh (other activities will be included for June, September and November Retreats)

Shantaram Tour in Mumbai

Note: International Travel, Insurance, Visa and any related costs for you to get to India (starting point Delhi and end point Mumbai) are not part of the package. Kindly note that all travel is at your own risk and we advise you to take out insurance for your whole trip. Also please ensure that it includes activities like white water rafting as we will in no way be responsible for any part of your trip in medical, health, or personal injury or items being lost or affected in any way. We will however do our best to accommodate any food preferences or allergies that you may have. Kindly inform the Smiling Soul Retreat Coordinator if you have any, once your enrollment process is complete.

Once a deposit has been paid this is non-refundable. You can however find someone to substitute your participation in the event that you need to. If tickets have been issued for local travel within India you may need to cover that portion. While paying a deposit confirms your participation, we request that full payment is made by Friday 3rd February 2017 which guarantees the rate at which Participation is being offered.

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