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A description of a product developed by Vivvaa:

VivvaaVote, is an online voting platform solely developed to

solve election challenges in our higher institutions and in the
country in general.
This is platform allows clients register and create elections,
register contestants, register voters and allow voters to login to
the website with their registration details and vote their preferred
This online platform has the ability to conduct more than 1000
different elections simultaneously with the highest degree of
How this platform does works?
A body wishing to conduct an election registers as a client with a
unique Electoral Name, a functional email and some details as
requested by the platform. After a successful registration, he gets
a confirmatory mail, confirming his elections registration.
With his email and password he logins in to his unique panel
where he can register voters, and contestants. The system
generates a unique password for each voter registered.
How does a voter vote?
Once a voter logs in, he selects the platform on which he is
registered, the contestants are displayed and the voter has the
right to vote only once. Once a voter cast his/her vote for a
particular contestant, He/she cannot vote twice.
What of the results?
The results can be displayed even when the elections are going
depending on the choice of the electoral body (Client). Any voter
who was registered for the election can view the elections with his
unique password and email.
The summary of the elections are displayed and also plotted in a
Bar Chart.
This Platform is carefully design to withstand the test of time.
Team Vivvaa
Phone: 08163922749.