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The world is a beautiful place to be born


The world is a beautiful place to be born into,

because the world is a garden, a beautiful place
for all living creatures, for all human races.
The world is a beautiful place to be born into
It is our Mother, our home ,who gives her gifts for all to share,
It gives them freely and people breathe the same air.
The world is a beautiful place to be born into
A world of blue and green
That has an abundance of colors rarely seen.
The world is a beautiful place to be born into
we share the same land, the same seas,
We are birds of the same nest, wearing different skins.
The world is a beautiful place to be born into
You can admire the moon, the shining stars, the sun
And love the way the wind can make flowers sing just for fun.
That is not all The beauty of Earth is widespread.
Please, Learn to appreciate it!

Ciobanu Ana

Students and teachers celebrate together

For two years in a row students and teachers
celebrate Christmas together.
Is this good or bad? Christmas is an important
holiday, so, of course it natural that everyone is
celebrating it. It became a tradition for students
to celebrate together with their teachers. The
students of the fourth year of the Faculty of
philology are responsible for the preparations.
They take care of everything: from finding the
place, where the celebration will take place, to Babin Mariana
making a menu that would satisfy both the
teachers and students. The other students just
prepare a piece of something for entertaining
other students and their teachers. But not only
the English learning students celebrate
Christmas together.

Their fellows, the German learning students, celebrate the German variant of Christmas, Weinachten, together. They
as well, prepare something for entertainment: prepare a video to congratulate everybody or a song. But
isnt it awkward for both students and teachers? Is it beneficial or not? Both teachers and students enjoy
the Christmas party, and this is proven by the fact that this year the students are inviting their teachers to
the party again, and the teachers are inviting their students. The new tradition is beneficial for all, as it
helps erase the strong boundaries between students and teachers. Only one night of the year can they
dance together and forget about the upcoming exams. This is a great occasion to make memories
together and take some photos. As some courses last only one semester, this party is important; as not
only a celebration of Christmas but as a farewell between the students and teachers. This year students
and teachers will celebrate Christmas together on the 16th of December, in the restaurant Megapolis.

Coniescu Irina
Each generation has offered the
world minds shining of success.
Having a firm wish and ambition to
become someone in life, students
work and learn more.
A good, exemplary and active
student can always achieve the intended
purpose. He is well organized and his
attention is always focused on the final
goal. He always goes to classes, so at the
session he makes only a recapitulation.
This allows to save time. However to be
a good student, he must give up many
things. The student spends most his
time between books and other learning
materials, because the student knows
that he improves his knowledge. A good
student looks for extra ways to learn.
The student learns stuff that isnt
included in the classes. It helps
understand the information he does
cover a lot better.
A good student has the ability to apply
the results on his learning into a
creative way and achieve the goals.
In order to become a good specialist,
you must be a good student. Nobody is
perfect. As long as you try hard every
day, you will be successful.

What is meant to be a Good Student?

Good students are good at all things.- Marrisa Mayer
It is considered that students life is golden and the
most important one. It is the period of pure joy and
happiness, because still at this moment the mind of a
student is free from cares and worries of a grown-up
life. Nevertheless, what is mean to be a Good
At the beginning, we can distinguish a good and bad
student according to the time when the homework is
done. While a good student tries to do the homework
beforehand, a bad student leaves the homework till
the last moment. Another factor to consider is
quantity of realized work. A bad student prepares only
for several subjects or is not prepare at all, but a good
student does all the homework, even tries to find
additional information and to consult different
sources. What is more, a good student does the
homework by himself, while a bad student very often
cheats. Does the consciousness of a good student
consist only in the realization of the homework and in
the presence at the lessons? Very important in the
teaching is to study what you are interested in and
believe in yourself. To be a good student means to
have passion. It does not matter what marks the
student has or how the homework is done. The most
important are sparkling eyes and the wish to conquer
the world of knowledge. A good student can find
motivation in everything. The student can meet
obstacles during the study, but they give new force
for climbing the mountains.

Culibaba Anastasia

Students unwillingness to study

Students life is known by most people as one of the most beautiful
periods of a human life. Fun, partying, new friends, clubs: are the things
characterizes this period. But in the last years a new
problem have appeared
in students life: their
unwillingness to study. In the last decade the
number of gadgets has raised. The 21st century, is the century of
Scientists beat the alarm. Every person has a
Smartphone. Its aim is to make peoples life
easier. The most
usage of Smartphones is met in the university. Students use them not for
study but for making funny. They send messages, navigate on the Internet,
especially they are interested in the social networks. Psychologists say that
they lose the motivation to study. Future generations risk to be addicted of
technologies. Being interested only in the last appeared gadgets from the
companies: Apple, Samsung, Iphone, they forget the beauty and the smell
of the books. Dr .Allan Smith comes with an advice for students. Students
life is one of the most beautiful and important period of life. In this period

Furdui Valeria
Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for
tomorrow. Albert Einstein
University life is not only about just learning, it is
also about a huge number of opportunities that we
can handle while studying. We, students want to
thank the International Relation Office for the
possibility of having so many chances to study
abroad. Our University is involved in 6 Europeam
Programmes which give the chance to the
students to win a scholarship: Tempus , Erasmus
Mundus, Erasmus + , DAAD, AUF & Horizon 2020.
Nicolina Colesnic, a graduate of the Faculty of
Philology, Alecu Russo Balti State Univesity said
that: Home is where the heart is... but I have left
my heart in multiple places. When she was a
third year student, she achieved her dream: She
won an Erasmus Mundus Scholarship! She had
choosen this programme, because she wanted to
practice a foreign language and enhance her
career prospects. Nicolina wants to share with us
this great experince. She said that studying in a
foreign country through the Erasmus programme
was an enriching experience. It has sharpened her
appetite for further travels
abroad. The vast
range of courses in Italy allowed her to choose
classes that fitted her interests and that are now
beneficial to her career as a teacher. The courses
were very practical: they taught the students to
handle complex problems that may occur in the
classroom. As an international student in Italy, she
also taught a lot about how to gain
independence and how to enjoy life outside it. At
the end, she advised us not to miss the
opportunities and if we want to win, we must
believe in ourselves!
HESITATE! Grasp chances like this when they come
by in life. Nicolina is a great example of those
who believe in theirselves. Do not think too much,
just do it! Ask those who experienced it
Quien lo prob lo sabe as Lope de Vega used to


If you want to travel and be finally indepedent, you can
have a great experience in the United States of America.
USA is extremly far, but if you go there, you will have a
wonderful summer there.
As for me I had worked a lot, but when I had free time, I
met people from different countries. I worked in Ocean
City. It was a great experience, beacause I had my first
job experience. I was excited at my first day of work. My
first day of work was on 14 June, in the summer of 2016.
My parents missed me so much, but they were glad that I
had such a wonderful experience. I really believed in
myself at that time.
Those moments I will remember always in my
heart. It was something amazing! I will always
remember those days. I will never forget those
moments. People were very generous and kind to
me. So I am really happy that I have friends in the
Rusu Cristina

Cojocari Ecaterina
Turkey dishes, cranberries, candies, presents, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie and family
gatherings - these are the main symbols of the American national holiday, called Thanksgiving
This national holiday is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November. Canada celebrates
ThanksgivingDay on the second Monday in October. In this day, the all the family members gather
in the parents house and prepare the dinner. Some family members talk, while others watch a
game or a parade filled with pilgrims, Indians and other historical figures.
It is very sad to recognize the fact that not all the people really know about the provenance of
this day. Its meaning has slowly deteriorated, and is now almost completely lost under a cloud of
media hype, sales pitches, marketing tactics and blitz commercialism. In August, 1620, the
Mayflower ship and its 102 passengers were to become some of the founding pilgrims of the United
States of America, and the initiators of one of this nations most popular holidays. It is very
important to keep the country traditions, to remember the USA history and celebrate the
Thanksgiving Day.
Of course, it could be said that Thanksgiving is not a perfect holiday as it was built on the
bones of Native Americans.They have every reason to be resentful of uninformed pilgrim
glorification, though that part of the holiday does seem to have faded from prominence over the
years. Moreover, a decent meal remains beyond the reach of too many families, much less a feast.
We can make Thanksgiving better by adding more generosity and historical candor into the
traditional recipe.

Korjevskaia Iulia

Magical spirit of winter holidays

Winter holidays knock on the door full of moments of dream, magic and silver flakes that we
can feel only once in a year. This is the most awaited and sublime moment of our lives, when
the atmosphere of holiday makes us to become children, to be more kindness and to be more in
love. What is the most beautiful than the winter holidays? When you look at the fireside your
favorite movie, when the smell of pine and oranges are so strong and pleasant, when you are
looking forward singers, to listening their well wishes and Christmas carols. Indeed, the
atmosphere of winter holidays gives us joy and powerful emotions that bring us peace in our
hearts. The magic of the holidays changes us; it gives happiness, good deeds and gratitude. It
is amazingly fantastic for us together; it makes us better and happier. At these celebrations we
gather at the table with the whole family and spend some fun. We give gifts to each other from
all the heart and this brings a smile on the face of all people like the winter holidays. I
remember with joy in my soul about my sweet childhood. I always waited Christmas, New
Year and the time when I dreamed to meet Santa Claus. My father asked me always to write a
letter and to put it under the Christmas tree. Even he didnt buy me everything from my list; it
was a special pleasure to believe that Santa Claus exists. My mother asked me always to sing
for her about the birth of Jesus and as a reward she gave me money and sweets. In those
moments, I was one of the most anticipated guests for my grandparents. I cannot forget
pleasant memories that I have cherished for my lifetime. So, this is the Moldavian nature, to
cook the choicest dishes for the holidays. Never lacked in our house the sponge cake. Every
time my mother was cooking until the midnight for us to enjoy the pleasure of the holidays,
and the smell of sponge cake until now still persist in my memories. Today, I really understand
that I had a beautiful childhood. With the passing years, I understand that holidays mean, first
of all, family. Even at 21 I look forward to winter holidays, because on Christmas all roads
lead home.

Ursu Tina

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be

seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart. -Helen Keller
There is no a defined definition of what love means;every human being has its own significant ,special and
meaningful one. Love is felt in different intensities-for some love is the most powerful force,a piece of Paradise
,a sacrifice or the most beautiful emotion, while for others love is a confusion ,a hidden emotion or an
unpleasant feeling( as they have never experienced this feeling).
However ,there is a wonderful day in the year when love is in the air and all the people feel the magic
atmosphere of this day. Valentines Day is a time when people show feelings of love, affection and friendship for
the people they love and adore. Every February 14, across the Republic of Moldova and in other places around
the world, candy, flowers and gifts are exchanged between loved ones, all in the name of St. Valentine. All over
the world people celebrate Valentine's Day by expressing love to sweethearts, spouses and special ones. Inspite
of this , customs and traditions of celebrating the festival vary in different countries due to social and cultural
differences. Beautiful gifts,red roses, sweet chocolates,cards and romantic dinners. No matter how its
celebrated, Saint Valentines Day is synonymous with love!

Derevenco Cristina

It is generally known that most teachers plan lessons in order to feel more
confident in the class itself. It helps them to imagine what is going to happen
in the classroom and it allows students to know what they are going to be
learning. It means that: planning a lesson helps the teachers to be clear about
what they want to teach; and students to realize that the teacher cares for
their learning.
In fact, to be effective, the lesson plan does not have to be an exhaustive
document that describes each and every possible classroom scenario. Nor
does it have to anticipate each and every students response or question.
Instead, it should provide teachers with a general outline of their teaching
goals, learning objectives, and means to accomplish them.
It is a reminder of what they want to do and how they want to do it; because
a productive lesson- is not one in which everything goes exactly as planned,
but one in which both students and instructor learn from each other.
Muntean Natalia
How to succeed? Get more sleep
Sleep plays a vital role in good health and well-being
throughout our life. It is very important for a student
to get enough sleep. There are many factors that
may make maintaining a regular sleep schedule
difficult, such as, studying for exams, late classes,
and socializing. And this may influence our health in
a bad way.
Sleep helps our brain work properly. While we are
sleeping, our brain is preparing for the next day. It's
forming new pathways to help us learn and
remember information.Studies show that a good
night's sleep improves learning. Whether we are
learning math, how to play the piano, or how to
drive a car, sleep helps improve our learning and
problem-solving skills. Sleep also helps us to pay
attention, make decisions, and to be creative.
Studies also show that sleep deficiency alters
activity in some parts of the brain. If we havent
enough sleep, we may have trouble making
decisions, solving problems, controlling our emotions
and behavior, and coping with change.

Someone who has a successful life must be able

to set goals and accomplish those goals. There is a
common denominator for a truly successful life,
and it is to include wisdom, faith in a higher being,
and peace. Wisdom is the ability to have common
sense and good judgment. Faith is an
understanding that we are just part of the creation
of something bigger than us that is unexplainable.
Success is never reached unless you have peace.
Being able to have self knowledge, and act
according to what is in the best interest for our
individuality and the people who surround us is
wise. The reason most of our leaders are old is
because they are wiser and have more knowledge.
They have lived longer lives, and they have more
experience, which usually makes them have a
better judgment. There is an old saying in the
Spanish language: that the devil knows more for
being old, than for being the devil. Success cannot
be accomplished if one cannot take advice and
learn from somebody elses mistakes.
Caras Ecaterina


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