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01) To save energy during braking-----------------braking is used?

all of the above

02) The concept of V/f control of inverters driving induction motors resuls in
constant torque operation
speed reversal
reduced magnetic loss
hormonic elimination

05) Which braking is not possible in series motor?

Regenerative braking.
Dynamic braking.
Counter current braking.
Rheostat braking.

02) The basic elements of a electric drive are

electric motor.
control system.
electrical motor and control system.
none of the above.

9) Which speed control method preferred for constant torque drive?

Field control.
Armature voltage control.
Mechanical loading system.
None of above.

01) If field current is decreased in shunt dc motor, the speed of the motor
remains same.
none of the above.

04) Ward-Leonard control is basically a ___________ control method.

Field control.
Armature resistance control.
Armature voltage control.
Field diverter control.

05) For very sensitive and wide speed control, the preferable control method
Armature control.
Ward-Leonard control.
Multiple voltage control.
Field control.

04) Which motor cannot be started on no load?

shunt motors
series motors
cumulative compound motors
both B and C

06) Field weakening control method is used for the _________ ?

above rated speed
below rated speed
both A and B
none of the above

05) Dynamic braking can be used for

shunt motors
series motors
compound motors
all of the above

05) The speed of a DC motor is

Directly proportional to flux and inversely proportional to back emf.
Directly proportional to both back emf and flux.
Directly proportional to back emf and flux.
Directly proportional to back emf and inversely proportional flux.

04) Which of the following DC Motor requires 3 point starter?

Shunt motor.
Series motor.
Shunt motor as well as compound motors.
Shunt, compound and series motor.

08) If the handle of a three point starter goes to back to OFF position, it may
due to
Over load.
High filed circuit resistance.
Zero or very low voltage supply.
All of these.

06) In Ward-Leonard method of speed control, the directional of rotation of

motor is reversed usually reversing the connection of the
Motor armature terminal.
Generator armature terminal.
Generator field terminal.
Motor field terminal.

03) An SCR is considered to be a semi controlled device because

it can be turned OFF but not ON with a gate pulse.
it conducts only during one half cycle of an alternating current wave.
it can be turned ON but not OFF with a gate pulse.
it can be turned ON only during one half cycle of an AC.

09) In reverse blocking mode of a thyristor

junction J2 is in reverse bias and J1, J3 is in forward bias.
junction J3 is in forward bias and J1, J2 in reverse bias.
junction J1, J3 is in reverse bias and J2 is in forward bias.
junction J1 and J2 is in forward bias and J3 is in reverse bias.

01) Leakage current flows through the thyristor in

forward blocking mode.
reverse blocking mode.
both forward and reverse blocking mode.
forward conduction mode.

03) Inductor does not allow the sudden change of

None of the above

06) In 4 quadrant operation of a hoist 3rd quadrant represents

reverse motoring.
reverse braking.
forward braking.
forward motoring.

Inverter converts- dc to ac

Which one of the statement is not correct

Operating frequency of SCR is high
SCR used in Lighting application
SCR has low On state losses
To turnoff SCR external circuit is required

Which one of the following is correct regarding the process of Textile mill
Cording section
Reeling section
Calendar section
press section

which one of the following is full voltage starter

Stator Resistance
Rotor Resistance