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2003 International Code


The Complete Collection

Instructions and Technical Support
Copyright 2003 ICC

Welcome to the 2003 International The Complete Collection Version 1.0 on CD-ROM.
Thank you for purchasing this product. This product uses Adobe Acrobat Reader.
Included is Acrobat Reader, Version 5.0, which includes search index capabilities. It is recommended
that you install this version of Acrobat Reader to take advantage of all the features included in this

PC System requirements:
Microsoft Windows 95, 98 or NT
i386, i486, Pentium or Pentium Pro processor-based personal computer.
16 MB recommended available to Acrobat Reader
10 MB available hard-drive space

MAC System requirements

Apple Mac OS (any version)
6 MB recommended available to Acrobat Reader
90 MB available hard-drive space

Instructions for the Mac User

Prior to installing this software make sure you have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your
machine. If you do not it can be downloaded for free from or it is provided on the
disk under the Mac folder as the file name AcroReader51_ENU.bin.
Once you have verifi ed you have Adobe Acrobat Reader:
1. Create a file folder on your machine. Example: ICC_2003
2. Copy all the fi les in the Mac folder from the CD in the folder that you have just created.
3. From the newly created folder open the Welcome.pdf file and start searching your files.

Acrobat Reader Bookmarks (Navigation Pane)

When installing this CD on a system running under Windows 95, it is possible that when linking to
a pdf file using Adobe Acrobat, that the file will not automatically open with Bookmarks showing.
Should this happen, with the file open and displayed, click on the Show/hide Navigation Pane icon
on the Tool Bar. The Bookmarks will then be displayed on the left side of the screen.

The version of Acrobat Reader that is included with this CD-ROM contains a full-text search
capability. To access this full-text index, click on Edit, Search, Query or click on the binoculars/page
icon. (Note: Hyperlinks are indicated by your cursor changing to a hand.)
Click OK and proceed with the search.

Technical Support
For technical support using this CD-ROM, please call International Code Council at 877-248-4422
or 1-877-2IT-4ICC. The Acrobat Reader Guide is included in this product. To access the help guide,
click on Help and then click on the topics provided.

Disclaimer of Warranty
Neither International Code Council nor Adobe makes any warranty or representation, either
expressed or implied, with respect to this software and manual, or their content, quality,
performance, marketability, or fitness for a particular purpose. This software and manual are
provided as is without warranty of any kind, and you, the licensee, are assuming the entire risk
as to their content, quality, performance, and use. In no event will ICBO or Adobe be liable for
any programs or data stored in or used with this product, including the costs of recovering said
programs or data.
This disclaimer of warranty and the remedy for physical defects in the software manual set forth
herein are exclusive and in lieu of all others, expressed or implied. No distributor, agent, or
employee is authorized to make any modification, extension, or addition to this warranty. If any
physical defects are found in the software or manual under normal use, during the first 60 days
after delivery, your sole remedy is replacement of the defective item without charge.