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A CSE guy should know about Programming,Few programming languages well , Computer hardware ,Software development, Web development

& design ,algorithms & data

structures..and so on... as well as coding and programming
Some of the courses for mtech are as follows:


Data Engineering
(2) High performance computing
(3) Analytics
(4) Artificial Intelligence
(5) Robotics
(6) Distributed systems
Software engineering

Major Universities have the following list of approved subjects. But, but Students may also petition the University Committee to approve a specialization of their own design.
These are some specializations I can think of.

Artificial Intelligence


Computer and Network Security

Database Systems

Human-Computer Interaction

Numerical Analysis/Scientific Computation

Real-World Computing

Software Theory


Theoretical Computer Science

All the best.
Introduction to Algorithms ,Cormen for algorithm ,
datastructure using C and C++ , Tenenbaum for Datastructure,
computer network (top down approach) , forouzan for computer networks ,An Introduction to Formal Languages and Automata, Peter Linz for TOC ,
exploring C by Yashavant Kanetkar for C .
it's important to fully prepare 8 to 10 subjects . According to me, important subjects for CS GATE are Maths , algorithm , datastructure , TOC and C programming .
I prepared 10 subjects : algo , DS , CN , TOC , maths , OS , compiler , DB , digital , and CO for gate .
i just went through the notes of SE and webtech in the last as i don't have time for them .