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HIST 171 Take-Home Essay

Modern world history to a large extent is a history of European/Western expansion, colonization, and decline. It was such an expansion that promoted globalization. Write an essay about Western global colonial empire building and decline process. Please explain the following questions: 1) How did the new imperialist powers step by step build their global colonial empire from the early modern period to the late 19 th century? (30%) 2) How did the European/Western self-transformation in the three levels of revolutions promote their colonial empire building in the late 19 th century? (30%) 3) How did two world wars and other events lead to the decolonization? (30%) 4) Evaluate the impact of colonialism on the non-Western societies. (10%)

This is a course synthesis essay. Your writing should sufficiently address each question. The first three questions should be addressed on the basis of the lectures and discussions along with the textbook materials as supplementation. The last question should be addressed on the basis of materials beyond lecture and textbook content. Generally speaking, the lectures provide you with a framework for the essay and the textbooks provide you with more specific examples. You need to organize all these materials in a clear, coherent, and logical way. Your essay should include the introductory and concluding paragraphs. Your essay should be double-spaced and typed with Times New Roman Size 12. The essay should be no more than 10 pages. Your essay should provide appropriate analysis and specific examples to support each of your arguments. Your essay should provide appropriate citations. And please note that copying and pasting any source would NOT help to improve the grade. And your essay should use the .doc/docx format (no .Pages file is acceptable).

As for the citations, if the source materials are from the textbooks, please use a brief form (book title, page number); if the source materials are from the lecture, please specify the lecture topic title along with the web site address; if the external source materials are used, please

provide full citation: Author, Book Title (Publisher, Publication Date), page number; author, "Article Title," in Journal Title, Issue, Volume, date, page number; and/or Web Article Author, "Title," web site address.

Please note: Don't use many external sources; be cautious in using web site materials; and the essay should be based on the lectures and discussions.

Please send your essay in .doc or .docx format to the D2L Dropbox by 5:00pm Dec. 5, 2016. The Dropbox will be available on D2L in mid- November, 2016. After you submit your essay, please double-check the Dropbox that your submission is successful.