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BUILDING MATERIALS 619 6. High strength friction grip (HSFG) bolts : nu. F, For connections subjected to external tension and shear ; calculated shear slip factor x number of effective < Proof load — calculate P = design load L = length of weld throat thickns k =a coefficient ranging from 0.7 — 0.5 % p= permissible shear stress in weld (108 N/mm?) CIVILENGINEERING THROUGH OBJECTIVE TYPE QUESTIONS 620 wn of encased column as Radius of gyratio (COMPRESSION MEMBERS: 1. Merchant Rankine formula pacing betwennitiel of the sections me oto | _ x = distance between the lines of wh she ; b = sbApee Br peed base ; alta Tatas ness of base (for double angles on same ~ thickne: side of gusset plate) Ss of gusset angle Aneat = Agross — Area of hole (for double angles on opposite k lever projection of base plat critical section Jer b = length of bearing plate WL . Purlins : M,, = ~~, M, 6. Purlins :M,, =. My,