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Starred by the students of 5 t h semester of English Language teaching degree. Adapted

Starred by the students of 5 th semester of English Language teaching degree. Adapted by ELT Edel Albarran

SCENE 1 The principal of the school welcomes the students and the new class, they all are met at the yard of the school listening the principals speech.

(Ss clapping)

PRINCIPAL: thank you.

sure this year youll do your best and youll make the effort to get the best grades ever. So all the teachers and I wish you a great year, lets start and enjoy the


I ts my pleasure at this time to

welcome you to EPNSBJ. I m

(Here the song We go togetheris played and everybody dances)


SCENE 2 Ss at school where boys meet in a part of the yard and girls in another, here all ss are chilling out.


JAN: I wish it was still summer. Gosh! It’s only a quarter after twelve and I feel like I’ve been here a whole year already.

MARTY: yeah! What the hell! Hey! You wanna sit here?

JAN: yeah! Rizzo and Frenchy are coming!

RIZZO: hey! Hey! Hey! So well, here we are again. This time we're seniors. We're gonna rule the school!

JAN: girls, guess what? Frenchy is bringing a new chick! Her name’s sandy. She seems pretty cool. Maybe we can let her in the pink ladies.

RIZZO: just what we need! Another chick hanging around!


SANDY: I 'm really nervous.

FRENCHY: you look terrific, honey!

SANDY: Thanks dear.

FRENCHY: Come on! Let me introduce you my f riends. Hey, you guys! This is Sandy Olsson. That's Jan and Marty, and this here's Rizzo. She moved here from Australia. Come on! Sit down.

RIZZO: how long have you been living around here?

SANDY: since July, my father just got transferred here

MARTY: how do you like school so far, sandy?

SANDY: well, it's different. I missed my old school.


…Boys’ Talk … SONNY: hey, ain’t that Danny over there? Danny! Hey, Danny! How you doing?

DANNY: hey guys! Good to see you.

KENICKIE: you seen any new girls over there?

DANNY: Nah. Just the same old chicks.

DOODY: so, what did you do all summer, Danny?

DANNY: well, I spent a lot of time down at the beach.

KENICKIE: hey, did you meet any new chick?

DANNY: nah!

EVERYBODY: come on, Zucco!

DANNY: all right! All right!

I met one chick. She was sort of cool.

KENICKIE: so, tell us about her

DANNY: I wont tell you anything

EVERYBODY: oh! Come on!


Girlsand boystalk

FRENCHY: what did you do this summer, Sandy?

SANDY: oh! I spent most of it at the beach. I met a boy there.

JAN: how was that guy?

SANDY: he was sort of special.

RIZZO: are you kidding? There isn’t such a thing.

DANNY: ok, ok, you guys, you wanna know what happened?

SANDY: Girls, you wanna know how he was?

EVERYBODY: Yeeees! (Excited shout)

(Danny rises and sings "Summer Nights" to the guys, while SANDY sings her version to the girls)


SCENE 3 When everybody at the fair. SANDY now is wearing like a rude girl , all girls are around her. DANNY enters wearing innocently; the other guys immediately crowd around him.

DANNY: Hey, you guys!

DOODY: Woo, look at this!

SONNY: What’s up Danny!

KENICKIE: What happened to you?

DANNY: What do you mean? I look cool, right?

PUTZY: Hey, we were just goin’ over to my house to watch the Mickey Mouse Club. (He starts laughing)

DANNY: Yeah? (Going towards Putzy)

PATTY: Danny! You look wonderful!

RIZZO: Hey Zucco! I’ve got a surprise for you!

(The pink ladies and Sandy enter)

DANNY: Sandy! Wow, what a total! Wick-ed!

SANDY: (Tough and cool) What’s it to you, Zucco?

Sandy and Danny sing “You are the one that I want” meanwhile the all the girls and boys dance around them.

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