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oooo00 oooo0 oooo0 oooo0 ooooo0 oooo0 oooo0 ooo ooo ooo ooo ooo Good Experiences Holocrons I've reclaimed fame and glory that is mine by right. I've been acclaimed champion or protector by something | love I've thrown down a tyrranical legate, govemor, or sovereign. I've revealed notable lies to open the eyes of those who needed it I've accomplished momentous deeds, but unknown, unacclaimed. Ascendance I died at the hands of a Force-user Have you become one with the Force? For now, continue play as a Force ghost >> I've leamed to tap into new aspects of the Force, or bound a new Force ghost to my Pursuing the Force? Tag another Force Aspect and record its experience! >> I've found a suitable site for my workshop. I've established the structures of my workshop. Founded a workshop? Create it and record its experience! >> Notable Tales OOOO tre overcome a notable threat. Ie recruited a Force-user to follow me into battle. Leading @ gang or order? Create it and record its experience! >> I've seized rule of a city and thrown down all who oppose me. Seized a city? Create your settlement and record its experience! >> Ive maried. I've invested in matters of custom and trade, I've cultivated my interests and enjoyed their retums, I've seized control of an enterprise. Seized control of an enterprise? Create it and record its experience! >> rked oooo00 ooooo0 ooo ooo ooo ooo ooo Transcendence I've abandoned the galaxy and all my endeavors, duties and plans, and set forth at liberty my friends. I've achieved perfect philosophical complacency, and no longer heed my vulgar and futile corporeal urges. I've achieved perfect philosophical complacency, and no longer deny or restrain my native and instinctual urges. I've transcended the biological, practical, philosophical, and moral boundaries of my heretofore mortal existence. Bad Experiences I was at my enemy's mercy. oag My blood flowed freely. | was dazed and fell senseless, 11.0) C1 | feared for my lite, | was left for dead goa My soul was battered/tom. | was terribly wounded. goa | was left sprawling Iwas killed ooa | was forced into perilous retreat. ooo ooo — Special: the GM or you will provide the details >> marked Bi marked