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PSY 91, Independent Study Awe Research

Course Credits: 3
Spring 2017, T 12:30-2:00
Life Science, Room 143

Marianna Graziosi, MA
Office Hour: T 11:00-12:30

Course Description & Objectives

This course involves active participation in the research methods and academic writing
required in social science. Students will learn:
Basic research methodology
To obtain IRB approval for research
To conduct a research study on awe
To write an APA-style scientific paper for each study
To apply basic psychological statistical analyses to their own data
***PSY 1 & PSY 2 are pre-requisites for this course.

Criteria for Evaluation:


Attendance and punctuality will play a role in each students final grade. Any additional
absences beyond 1 will require documentation; otherwise points will be deducted from a
students final grade. Tardiness (arriving 10 minutes after the start of class without prior notice)
will also result in a reduction in a students final grade if it persists throughout the semester.


Participation will require the student to engage in the course material and positively
contribute to the overall learning experience of the class. In order to supplement the emphasis
on writing, class meetings will be based around discussion of the textbook material. This
requirement will count toward the students final grade.

Research Paper:

A research project will be implemented during the semester. It will serve to illustrate the
research methodology being studied and to collect information on the phenomenon being
studied, namely the awe-experience. This paper will be written up according to APA writing
style. The Research Paper will be completed in sections that must be turned in by the specified
due date. Five percent of the grade will be subtracted for each calendar day late.
Each paper must be independently written even though the research project is conducted
in groups. DO NOT PLAGIARIZE! Plagiarism will result in an automatic grade of F.

Researcher Reflections:

Throughout the semester, students are expected to participate in online Discussion Boards
called researcher Reflections. This allows to students to reflect on what it is like to be a
researcher and on given aspects of the study. These Discussion Boards are informal in nature,
as students will be describing their subjecting experience. In addition to answering the prompt
each week, students will be responsible for responding to at least two other classmates for
each weeks post.

Grading System:
Research Paper
Researcher Reflections




> 95
90 94.9
87 89.9
84 86.9
80 83.9

C+ =
C =
D+ =
D =
F =

77 79.9
74 76.9
69 73.9
60 68.9
< 60

Disability Services:
If you are a student with a disability and require accommodations, please contact the
Learning Support Center in Post Hall (lower level, East wing) at 299-3057 during the first
week of the semester.

Inclement Weather/Snow Days:

In the event of inclement weather, always check the LIU website and your LIU e-mail for
delay or cancellation. In the event of severe weather, check your local listing for complete
campus closings. If it appears to be hazardous conditions your safety is the utmost priority, if
the campus is open but I feel it is too hazardous for me to commute in I will notify you by email.

Course Schedule:
Disclaimer: This tentative course schedule is subject to change based unforeseen events
such as speed of lecture or snow cancellations. Any changes to the schedule, especially
involving Exams, will be announced in advance to avoid confusion.



January 17

Review Syllabus

January 24

Lecture: Awe in Philosophy & Psychoanalysis

January 31

Lecture: Awe in Psychological Research

February 7

Discussion: What specifically related to awe do we want to study?

Library Day: Finding Articles

February 14

Lecture: Designing a Research Study

Article Summaries Due

February 21

Discussion: How should we design our study?

Title Page, Introduction Due

February 28

Library Day: Finding Measures

Discussion: What measures & materials will we need to carry out our
NIH Protecting Human Research Participants Certificate Due

March 7

Lecture: Filling out an IRB Approval Form

Discussion: What ethical considerations are involved with our design?

March 14

Spring Break No Class! Try to have an awe-experience

March 21

Lecture: APA Style Method Section

IRB Approval Form Due
Discussion: How do we plan to carry out the study?

March 28

Carry out Study

Method Section Due

April 4

Carry out Study

April 11

Lecture: Analyzing Results

Discussion: What do these results mean for our study?

April 18

Lecture: APA Style Results Section

Discussion: How do our results relate to past research?

April 25

Lecture: APA Style Discussion Section

Results Section Due

May 2

Lecture: APA Style Abstract

Discussion: Reflecting on our research
Discussion Section Due


Putting it all together Complete Copy (including Abstract) of paper due