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Getting French, Pt.

9: Slang / Colloquialisms
© 2010, T. Michael W. Halcomb |

accro x hooked, addicted le baratin x sales pitch, sweet talk, chatter

bandant x sexy, interesting le beauf x brother-in-law; small-minded
chouette x cute, smashing, nice person (m)
costaud x sturdy, strong le béguin x crush, fancy, also a bonnet (m)
dégueulasse x lousy, rotten, filthy, disgusting le bled x village, dump, godforsaken
fofolle x scatty, crazy place (m)
impec x great! terrific! le bobo x boo boo, owie, wound (m)
loufoque x wild, crazy le bordel x mess, chaos; (literal) brothel
malin x shrewd, cunning le boulot x work, the daily grind (m)
marrant x funny, odd le bouquin x book (familiar/slang) (m)
maudit x darned, blasted, hateful; le charabia x gibberish, gobbledygook (m)
(literary) - accursed le cinoche x the pictures, movies (m)
mince x thin, skinny, meager le clébard x mutt, hound, dog (m)
moche x ugly, mean le costard x man's suit (m)
nunuche x namby-pamby, insipid, silly le dico x dictionary (short for
paillard x bawdy, coarse, lewd dictionnaire) (m)
pantouflard x uneventful, quiet le dingue x nutcase, loony (m)
peinard x cushy, easy le flic x cop, copper, bobby (m)
pépère x quiet, easy, uneventful, cushy le fric x cash, bread, lolly (m)
pinailleur x persnickety, fussy le frigo x fridge (short for réfrigérateur)
ringard x corny, rinky-dink, old- le gagne-pain x job (m)
fashioned le malfrat x thug, crook, truant (m)
super x great, fantastic; (prefix) - very, le mec x dude, bloke (m)
ultra le minet x kitty; (term of affection) - pet,
sympa x nice, likable, friendly sweetie-pie (m)
vachement x very, really, damn, bloody (Br le nunuche x ninny (m)
Eng) le pinard x cheap wine, plonk (m)
vaseux x woozy, dazed, hazy, muddled; le pote x mate, buddy, chum (m)
lame, stupid le smicard x minimum-wage earner (m)
veinard x lucky le tartempion x what's-his-name (m)
mollo x easy (in attitude) le truc x thingie, whatsit, trick (m)
berk x yuck! le turbin x job, daily grind (m)
et patati et patata x and so on and so forth le verlan x Pig Latin (m)
la bobonne x used in jest) - missus, dearie (f) l'imper x raincoat, mac (m)
la fac x university (abbreviation) (f) l'ordi x computer (slang) (m)
la mémère x granny, grandma; "fat elderly bagarrer x to fight, clash, argue
woman" (f) balader x to trail around, to take for a
la môme x kid, brat, chick (f) walk
la mouise x poverty, hard times (f) bicher x to be pleased with oneself
la taule x jail, clink, nick, slammer, the bluffer x to bluff, try it on, fool
big house (f) bosser x to work, slog, slave away
la tronche x mug (face), noggin (head) (f) cartonner x to smash into, to do really
la trouille x extreme fear (f) well/poorly
la vacherie x meanness, rottenness; nasty crapoter x to smoke without inhaling, ~ to
remark/action; garbage (f) puff
l'anicroche x hitch, snag, problem (f) déglinguer x to bust, break
l'ado x teenager, teen (slang) (m) dégoiser x to spout, rattle on
l'appart x apartment, flat (m) dégoter x to dig up, find
le baba cool x hippy (m) déguerpir x to clear off/out, scarper
détaler x to bolt, take off, clear out,
ficher x to do, give, put, leave
fuguer x to run away, run off
gazer x to go, feel, work
potasser x to cram, bone up, swot
rabioter x to beg, mooch, scrounge,
wangle, swindle
reluquer x to eye, too ogle
rigoler x to laugh, have fun, joke
rouspéter x to moan, groan
se pointer x to turn up
se tailler x to beat it, split, run off
sidérer x to go into shock
trimbaler x to lug, cart around; to trail
urger x to be urgent
vadrouiller x to rove around