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Kate Kortum

Period 6
May 9 16
Gattaca reflection
In the movie Gattaca, which is set in the near future, humans have developed the
ability to sequence your entire life using only a small bodily sample, a feat that earlier
was only imaginable. Your fate and your qualities were pre determined by a sequence of
letters that you had absolutely no control over. Vincent Freeman, a member of lower class
society, dreamed of becoming an astronaut, but due to his genetic makeup, did not
qualify. Vincents dreams soon became so large that he steals someones identity and their
genetic information so that he is able to get a job at his dream workplace, Gattaca. But
this was all at the cost of the safety of himself as well as of his gene provider, Jerome
Morrow. This scientifically advanced society is a perfect example of how innovation can
quickly turn into corruption. The society had forbidden gene discrimination, but this rule
was easily bypassed by using a surprise drug test with a slip into the sequencer. This
created rampant inequality throughout the society, and no matter how smart or
determined you were, if you didnt have the gene sequence, you didnt have a place. This
is a society that would only survive for so long, as both social and economic revolutions
would take place and create conflict and uproar. This society is a perfect example of how
science can greatly alter social structure, and in this case, for the worse. Humans value
what is unknown to them, and to take away the mysteries of life, humans would value life
itself a lot less. If too much advancement were to occur, the society would eventually

reach place where every one has something wrong with them and the society would
become corrupt at the core.