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Santiago Mineral Services Centre

A full range of Geochemistry, Metallurgical

and Environmental Testing with specialized
expertise in Copper and Gold ores.
Metallurgical Services

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ALS Santiago Mineral Services Centre

A full range of Geochemistry, Metallurgical and Environmental Testing

with specialized expertise in Copper and Gold ores.

Crushing of ore is a significant capital and operating cost for mineral processing plants. Comminution process development
testwork, at laboratory and continuous pilot plant scales minimises the technical risks associated with the development of
comminution circuits.
ALS offers a comprehensive range of crushing and grinding testwork services:

Exploration Services
Autogenous Media Competency (AMC)
Bond Abrasion Index

JK Drop Weight Test & SMC Test

JK Comminution Index Test

Bond Ball Mill Work Index

Bond Impact Crushing Work Index

Levin Open Circuit Grindability

Pilot SABC (AG/SAG) up to 4tph

Bond Rod Mill Work Index

Comparative Work Index
Unconfined Compressive Strength (UCS)
Inferred Work Index

Point Load Test

SAGDesign (Starkey)
High Pressure Grinding Rolls (HPGR) up to 150tph
Ultra-Fine Grinding IsaMillTM, Metso Verti-mill,
Stirred Media Detritor, Deswik, Metprotech

Extensive sample preparation, sizing, crushing, screening, bulk grinding, scrubbing and attritioning capabilities are also
within the scope of service offerings.

Local access
to world class

Flotation Testwork
ALS flotation extraction process development test work for copper and other base
metals, at laboratory and pilot plant scales, minimises the technical risks associated
with the project development.
From Bench Scale to Pilot Scale
ALS Metallurgy operates to ISO9001 standards and has established a global reputation as a leader in flotation process
development and optimization.
ALS is trusted by the international mining, engineering and financial sectors. Flotation specialists in Santiago develop and
demonstrate successful extraction processing strategies to support process optimisation, prefeasibility and feasibility studies
for a range of ores including:

Copper and other base metals

Precious metals including refractory gold ores
Phosphates and oxides

Flotation testwork is carried out from rougher, cleaner and locked cycle tests right up to continuous pilot plant circuits.
The ALS Santiago Centre provides a considerable advantage over competitors via the co-location of in-house analytical
laboratories set up specifically to cater for the wide range of grades and standards required of metallurgical testwork.
The integration of in-house assay laboratories with metallurgical facilities enables ALS to maintain uninterrupted project
momentum and guaranteed turnaround times.

Bench-scale Flotation
ALS flotation metallurgists have experience in a comprehensive range of minerals including complex sulphides, precious
metals and refractory gold ores, phosphates and oxides.
ALS can provide customized bench-scale flotation test work programs, in preparation for pilot-scale test work or as an
isolated program. Tests may be performed in batch or as a locked-cycle program to predict concentrate recoveries in a plant
Bench flotation test programs are commonly designed to consider the following parameters:
Flotation kinetics
Grind size
Reagent selection and optimisation
Selective flotation (complex sulphides)
Pulp potential
Flowsheet design
Equipment includes a range of Agitair and Denver cells with full instrumentation. Flotation test work is performed by
trained, experienced metallurgical technicians to ensure consistent, reliable results.

UFG Milling
ALS operates several ultra-fine grinding mills for use in-conjunction with bench-scale and pilot plant flotation test programs.
Regrind mills available include an IsaMill, Metso Verti-mill, Deswik mill and Metprotech mill. Whole ore or intermediate
concentrates can be ground as fine as 5-6 m to liberate valuable minerals.

Pilot plant flotation

Continuous pilot scale flotation programs can be run in conjunction with comminution, regrind circuits and thickening/
filtration to provide crucial information for plant scale operation.
Flotation cells range in size from 1.5 to 300L and can be arranged to simulate various circuit configurations from 15 kg/hr
to 2 tph.
A wide range of screening and sample crushing capabilities are available including AG/SAG, Ball and Rod milling and fine
regrinding (UFG). Gravity, leaching and magnetic separations are also available and dewatering/process water recycle can
be investigated.
Specialized flotation cells from conventional to column flotation technologies are available including flash flotation cells.
Prioritized assay turnaround provides near real-time results allowing operating parameters to be optimized and alternative
reagent schemes trialed during continuous operation.
Pilot scale flotation can also be performed in batch to provide bulk quantities of concentrate or tailings for further testwork.

Pilot Plant Capabilities

There is no substitute for pilot testing to reduce the technical and commercial risk.
Piloting provides vital process operating data for engineering design, scale-up
purposes and production of marketing samples.
The best pilot programs are based on thorough bench-scale testing and circuit simulation. ALS has an extensive resume of
pilot programmes, dating back to 1979.
Comminution pilot-plant capabilities in the ALS Metallurgy network include a permanent 6 x 2 high aspect unit AG/SAG
milling circuit. This pilot plant allows circuit changes to be brought to steady-state rapidly and avoids down time. Circuit
configurations, including AG, SAG, ABC or SABC, can be easily evaluated.
The modular design of equipment allows configuration into pilot processing circuits for many ore types. ALS piloting
capability delivers a seamless transition from laboratory bench scale metallurgical testwork to full scale pilot plant testing,
and for many of our pilot trials, full scale commercial production.
With an extensive, flexible piloting capability, our dedicated pilot plant team can configure a range of continuous circuits:

Bulk sample preparation including, crushing, screening, handling and blending ore parcels ranging from a few tonnes to
many hundreds of tonnes
AG/SAG milling pilot plant including open circuit, SAB and SABC configurations
Range of ball and rod milling options to suit various downstream requirements and grind sizes ultra-frine grinding is also
Wet screening and hydrocyclone classification
HPGR processing for investigative and production requirements
Integrated flotation pilot plant facilities including a large array of cell sizes, pumps and tanks to suit practically any circuit
Mine-site pilot flotation testwork
Beneficiation including batch and continuous scrubbing, spiral and gravity separation (i.e. jigging and centrifugal
concentrators), magnetic separation (LIMS and WHIMS)
Pyrometallurgy continuous and batch roasting
Hydrometallurgy solvent extraction, ion exchange, precipitation, heap leaching, acid production, atmospheric leaching,
HPAL (High Pressure Autoclave Leaching)
Solution purification

ALS understands the value of data quality and integrity to exploration and mining companies. Our processes are designed
to ensure clients receive the best quality assay data to assist informed decision making. The ALS quality program consists of
a series of checks and balances with monitoring at senior management levels. Our global information management system
provides oversight and access to all processes. The online Webtrieve tool provides client access to this quality information.
ALS Metallurgy facilities operate to ISO 9001-2008 standards.

Health, Safety and Environment

Being an employee of ALS is about putting safety first. Globally, ALS is committed to a safe work culture.

Safety Management
As part of this global approach, ALS has developed an industry leading standard for managing health, safety and
environmental issues.
At a local level, safety is a part of all work instructions however, some
are specifically set to achieve policy objectives. The focus of the Safety
Management System is to continually improve HSE performance and
therefore documentation is constantly reviewed. Procedures and policies
are specifically targeted to safety in laboratories and related activities and
as such are designed to comply with the requirements of industry best
practice. Procedures are available upon request.
ALS is very proactive with respect to safety reporting. Real time reporting
of NMI, MTI, FAI and LTI with a series of automated alerts is available to
staff, HSE operatives and management alike.

Assessment of Safety Performance

Not satisfied with an improved performance in HSE lag statistics, ALS
launched a program of Positive Performance Indicators (PPI) in 2010. The
PPI program assesses and actively reports the performance of individuals
and operations from a proactive HSE perspective with respect to Leadership,
Training, Injury Management and Process Compliance. The program
and web based reporting tool encourages and rewards ownership and
transperancy of HSE issues.

Protection of the Environment

ALS has Extensive procedures and policies to ensure Protection of the
Environment. Specific procedures and policies address the following issues:

Waste Management, Monitoring and Maintenance;

Disaster Management plans for spills;
Management of Solid waste, with recycling where possible.

ALS Santiago Mineral Services Centre

A full range of Geochemistry, Metallurgical and Environmental
Testing with specialized expertise in Copper and Gold ores.
Industry leading minerals focused testing, inspection and certification services across the total mine life cycle is now
available at the ALS Santiago Minerals Service Centre:

Exploration Services
Geochemical exploration services

Onsite sample preparation facilities


Advanced mineralogy

Scoping stage metallurgical testing

Process Optimisation, Pre-Feasibility & Feasibility Services

Metallurgical testwork for flowsheet development &

Continuous, bankable pilot plants

Ore variability studies


Advanced mineralogy

Marketing sample preparation

Production Support
Mine site laboratories for grade and mill process control

Inspection of concentrate, cathode or bullion

Oil condition monitoring for the mining fleet

Environmental analysis for water, soil, tailings

Routine process mineralogy

Contact Us

Santiago Mineral Services Centre

Hermanos Carrera Pinto 159
Parque Industrial Los Libertadores Colina,
Santiago, Chile
T: +56 2 2654 6100
F: +56 2 2654 6163
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