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The aim of this proposal is to give you an outline of which training activities would be useful for you
during your stay in Madrid. It also suggests some leisure options that you can do in the evenings.
Training Activities
We have three main departments in the enterprise and the best option would be to dedicate one
day to each department. The first day, you will be introduced to the marketing department.
Sponsorship, advertising campaings and media planning are managed here. You will learn the
different tasks that the marketing team carries on everyday, which factors are taken in account
when planning a campaign and the values that the enterprise wants to promote through its
corporative image. The second day, you will be involved in the ticketing department. They will
teach you how a sales report is made and the importance of analysing the data in order to
understand the market. You will be also trained in our sales policy and how ticketing problems
(duplicity, changes) can be resolved in the best way. The third day, a tour is planned for you to
know our theatres. There you will get an approach of the role of a theatre manager. Programming
events, improvement of the building and preparing performance schedules are some of the
responsabilities that this person has.