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belowis in ac-

reproduced currentratingshouldbe used.Cordsratedlor less

"Standard iiibiliiqJihin theappliance Careshould
cordance Laboratories
with Underwriters lor will not betripped
# iuk;i t,iu;ianse ihe cord so that it
Siieiv,UL122,Photographic o v eor r P u lle d .
7.Always unplug appliance fromelectrical outlet whennot
IMP(IRTAiIT in ui6. Never"vahk
plugandPullto disconnect.
cord to pullplug from outlet Grasp

B.Letappliance coolcompletely before putting away'Loop

W he nu sr n you bast c . s a f e t y
q rphotographic c o rdld o s e alyro u nadp p lia nwh c e e ns .t o rlng '
or..ii,tio*t"r,dulu thefollow-
including pioiect'against eidctrical shockhazards' do not
- "appliance in wateror otherliquids'
Ing: irtitse this
shock hazard, d9n9tdisassemble this
1. Readandunderstand all instructions' ' - Toavoidelectrtc
t o a q u a lif ies d
e rv i c e mwa h
is necessary whenany appliance is b u
a n o iia n c e , tt a k eit
- Closesupervision
Do not leaveapplianceunat- i5fiieservice or repairworkis required lncorrect re-
,.it nv br nearchrldren. can caus6 electric shock hazard when the ap-
tended-while in use. lssemblv
hot oliance i-susedsubsequentlY.
3. Caremustbetakenasburnscanoccurfromtouching
appliance witha damaged cordor if the
' Donot0Derate
dropped or
by a qualified
untilit has
5. Do not let cordhangoveredgeof tableor counter 0r
@Coovrtqhted Laboratories
a cordwitha suitable irii satetv,tJL122,Photographic
"standard Equipment"
6. lf anextension cordis necessary,

Congratulationson your purch".?".9f one of the
l . C om p o n e n ts a no Controls ' '' 1 rort" pt"ttigious enlargers available today' the
fl . A sse m b lyln structions . . .. " "2 g";f", 4sfvl'Xll. Designed around a bridge-like
iii. op "i"ii"n a l F amiliarization ' '? gird"itt"tework, this enlargercan providequality
""" 3
i V. ob "r "ti on Guidelines..... 5 5nlargements,even at maximum magnifications'
v . nO biti on aApplications..
l "'''' " vour"+sHllx it offets many outstanding' useful
v i . nr ig n m e nProcedures.'.
t "" " ' 6 t""tut"t, each fully described in this instruction
Vl l .M a in ten a n ce. ""'8 manual.These featureswill enable you to pursue
i s v x l l Accessories... "''"8 neirfy any printmakingprocessor innovativetech-
fxpioOeO View . 9-10
nique imaginable.
Pa rtsl i st """ ' 1 1 is
WaiLntVand Servicelnformation' " ' BackCover Opticallyand mechanically,the Beseler45MX ll
the proier companion to your fine photographic
and darkroomequipment.You can be assuredthat
VourASITI|X ll enlargerwill provideyearsof depend-
ible servicewhen properly operated'
In order to gain the full advantageof the many
SPECIFICATIONS iharacteristics incorporatedinto the 45MX ll en-
larqer,pleasecarefully readthis instructtonmanual'
Height (FullYextended): suggestedthat the manual be made avail-
-CondenserLamphouse- 571/2"(146cm) ii ii
able to all personsusing the enlarger'
Colorhead- 54Y;' (138cm)
Colorheadwith Condenser- 591/2" (51cm)
Baseboard:25t1r"(65cm) x (52cm)
Lamp: PH212,150W,'115V
(126cm)x 263/q"
Shipping Dimensions: 491/2"
x 16112"
ShippingWeight:80 lbs. (36'3 kg)
stage at selectedheight. s c a l ef o r d e t e r mi n i n gm a g n i fi ca ti o ni n
13. UPPER BELLOWS Ailows neoative repeililvepflnttng.
stageto handleany sizenegativdfrom 23. MOTOR BOX Movesenlarqerheaduo
8mm to 4" x 5". or down for changesin ma-gnificatiori.
cepts any of the interchangeable 45M 24. CONVENIENCEOUTLET To provide
series illumination systems, without current for any Beseler 45 series
the use of accessoriesor adapters. i l l u m i n a t i o ns y s te m .
l u m i n a t i o ns y s t e mf i r m l y i n p l a c e . Permits precisecontrol of magnifica-
. 1 6 . C O N D E N S E RA S S E M B L Y I n c t u d e s ilon.
two 61/2" opticalglasscondensersand 2 6 . E L E V A T I O N SWITC H Acti va te s
color filter drawer- motor; also acts as referenceindica-
*17. FILTERDRAWER Holds Beseter tor for magnificationscale.
6" x
6 " c o l o r p r i n t i n gf i l t e r s . 27. NEGATIVESTAGE GUIDE Has qrad-
12 14 uations from 35mm to 4" x 5" t6 ac-
20 s o c k e ta n d P H 2 1 2 , 1 5 0 Wt a m p . curately position the negativestage
6 .19. LAMPHOUSECAP Easilvremovabte for each size negative.
t o q u i c k l y c h a n g el a m p s . - 28. VERTICAL STOP/ALIGNMENTAD.
o JUSTMENT NUT Acts as enlarqer
Locks enlarger head in place at any head stop when pivoting from ship-
10 desired position along the carriage.
ping to operationalposition;helpsad-
just .for perpendicularityof enlarger
21. PIVOT BOLT In coniunction with head to baseboard.
l o c k i n g b o l t , a l l o w s e n i a r g e rh e a d t o
p i v o t 1 5 ' i n e i t h e rd i r e c t i o nt o c o n t r o l -Available as optional condenser lamp-
distortion. nouse.

't. FRAME Uses triangular truss con-
struction to min im iz e v ibr at ion and 27
providesharp prints.
2. BASEBOARD 25y2" x 303/a"for targe
o n n ts.
commodates red safe, variable con- 23
trast,soft focus and other filters. 24
4. FOCUSING KNOB Permits teft or
right hand focusing for operatorcon- 4
5. FOCUSING BRAKE Permits lens
stage to be locked in place for ac-
c ura te fo cu sin g.
5. LOCKING BOLT I n c oniunc t ionwit h
pivot bolt. allows enlaiger head to
pivot 15o in either directionto control
7. LENS STAGE Takes standard4" x 4"
lens board; pivots 15" in either direc-
tio n to he lp co ntr ol dis t or t ion.
L LOWER BELLOWS Provides extra-
long extensionto allow reductionsto
1:.75 .
9. NEGATIVESTAGE Accommodatesa
wide selectionof accessorynegative
ca rriers, th e Ne qat r ans @' and t he
closes negativestage.
KNOB Raisesor lowersheiqhtof neo-
ativestageto matcheachsiie negatiie
useo. Figure 2
ll. 45MX il
Your Beseler45MX ll enlarger requiresvery little D. Carefullylift up enlargerto upright position.
assembly,so it should only take a few minutesto
get set up to make l arge,sharp prints.You will need E. Remove baseboardfrom liner and place on
wire cuttersto aid in unpackingthe enlargerand a baseboardangles.Makesurethe countersunkholes
in the baseboardface up.
#2 or #3 Phillipshead screwdriverto assembleit.
The parts bag fastenedto the enlargerhead con- F. Insert the four flat head screws into the base-
tains the following items: board and hand tighten. After all angle and base-
4 pan head machinescrews boardscrewsare in place,tightenf irmlywithscrew-
4 flat head machinescrews d river.
1 red safetyfilter G. Use the wire cutters to removethe strapsfrom
Assemblethe enlargeras follows: the enlarger head. Slowly pivot the head to its
A. Removethe enlarger from the packing carton.
You will find that the enlargerheadis in an inverted H. llluminationSystem- lnstructionsfor installing
(shipping) position and secured in place with the Dichro 45 Color Computerand the Point Light
straps.Do not removethe strapsuntil you havef ully Source are contained in their respectivemanuats.
assembledthe enlarger. The procedurefor installingthe CondenserLamp-
house is as follows:
B. Placethe enlargeron its back on a suitableflat
surface. 1. Make sure the latcheson the supportstageare
pulled forward (Fig.a).
C. Using two pan head screws, attach the right 2. Remove condenser lamphouse from carton
baseboardangle to the enlargerbase (see Fig. 3). and place on support stage, making sure the
Insertscrews hand tight. Repeatthe procedureon bottom of the condenserslips into the opening
the left side. of the support stage.
3. Push back latches to secure the condenser
4. Insertlamphouseplug into "enlarger"outleton
your timer.

Figure 3 Figure 4

The Beseler45MX ll is composedof six basicsys- A. llluminationSystem
tems illumination system, elevation control Beselermakes three interchangeableillumination
assembly,negativestage assembly,lens stage as- systemsfor the 45MX ll.
sembly,distortiontilt assemblyand chassis- each
of which is describedbelow. 1. Condenser LamphouseSystem includes the
lamphouseand the condenserassemblywith the under side of the negativecarrier,Negatransor
integralfilter compartment. Negaflataid in positioningon the negativestage.
2. Dichro 45 Color Computer, a solid-state,
microprocessor-baseddichroic filter color- The position of the negativestage relativeto the
head, incorporatingself-contained,stabilized condenserlensesis importantwhen usingthe con-
powersupply and coolingsystem.Can be used denserlamphouse.The negativesize indicaterand
negativestage lock can help you determineand
with or without condenserassembly.Details
hold in place the setting to match your negative.
fully explainedin separatemanual.
3. Point Light Source System (lamphouse and D. Lens Stage
transformer),for extremely brilliant illumina- The lensboardwith lens attached (both available
tion at high contrast. Requires condenser separatelyfrom your Beselerdealer)is heldin place
assembly.Details fully explained in separate by the lens stage.Note that the bottom of the lens
manual. stage has two retainingstrips,at the front and the
The condenser assembly,which is used with all rear, which hold the lens board in place.With the
threeilluminationsystems,housesthe heatabsorb- back edge of the lens board tilted upward, insert
ing glass and the lenseswhich focus the light rays the back edge of the board into the groove above
to produce Beseler's exclusive "Cone-of-Light" the rear retainingstrip. Push the lens board back
illumination.Also incorporatedin this assemblyis into the groove and raise the front edge until the
the color filter compartmentand its f ilter holder,for board is level.A leaf spring in the rear groove will
push the lens board into the grooveabovethe front
supporting color printing filters and variablecon-
trast filters. retainingstrip and hold it in position. Make sure
that the board is securely held at both front and
The lamphouse support stage readily accom- rear. To remove the board, reversethe procedure.
modatesthe condenserassemblyor the colorhead.
The condenseror colorheadis securelyfastenedto The lens stage can be raised or lowered on the
the support stage by the support stage latches. focusing rack by turning the left or right focusing
knob.The lensstagebrakecan be tightenedto hold
B. ElevationControl Assembly the stage in the focused position.
The elevator motor/control box affixed to the en- The lensstagepivots15oto the left or right to aid in
largercarriagecan be usedto raiseor lowerthe en- correcting distortion in a negative or to create in-
larger head to the desired magnificationlevel.A terestingeffects.The pivotingaction is usedin con-
three-positionmomentaryswitch is usedto activate junction with the distortiontilt assembly,explained
the motor; top position to raise the head; bottom in paragraph(F) of this section.
position to lower; and middle position is off. Stop
pins at the upper and lower ends of the carriage's The accessoryfilter holderis affixedbelowthe lens
verticaltravelautomaticallythrow the motor switch stage,and accommodatesred safety,variablecon-
into the off position.The manualelevationknob on trast, soft focus and other filters up to 23/8"square.
the motor box providesfine elevationcontrolwhen Rememberto swing filter holder out of the light
extremelysmall changes in magnificationare de- path when filtrationis not required.
sired. E. ChassisAssembly
The elevationscale, on the right side of the en- This assemblyconsistsof the baseboard,triangular
largerframe,aids in determiningthe enlargerhead truss frame and the carriage,on which the enlarger
height when additionalenlargementsof the same head is mounted.The triangulartruss construction
size are desired at a later date. The motor switch helps provide sharp prints by virtuallyeliminating
acts as the scale indicator. vibrationfrom the enlargerstructure.The carriage
moves laterally,which: permits the simultaneous
The groundedconvenienceoutleton the motor box use of two 8"x10" easels; allows only part of an
provideselectricityfor the lamphouse,color head,
image to be shown on an easel fixed in place; or
Resistrolor timer,dependingon the power hookup assists in locating the image on the easel when
sequencebeing employed. using the distortioncontrol feature.
C. Negalive Stage Assembly F. Distortion Tilt Assembly
The NegativeStage Assemblyaccommodatesthe The entireenlargerheadmay be tiltedup to 15oleft
optional negative carrier, Negatransor Negaflat. or right when it is desired to correct or alleviate
The negativestage is opened by pushing down- distortion in the negative.The distortiontilt may
ward on the negativestage lever.Locatingpins on also be usedto createdistortionfor unusualeffects.

The correctsizenegativecarrier,appropriate
lens size indicatorsettingsgo with each size negative.
and negativestage position must be selectedto Your Beselerdealeroffersa completelineof lenses,
matchthe negativesize from which you wish to negativecarriers,Negatransand Negaflatfor your
print.TableI showswhichlensandwhichnegative Beseler45MX ll enlarger.
34X 12X
35mm 25mm
8 mm or
16mm 27X 1OX {
3 5 mm
110 tormar 17X 6X I
126 format
35mm 50mm

11.75X 3.75X
7 5 mm
131q"x 2%" (6x6cm) 2t1ox 21/+ or
80mm 11X 3.5X
21/4"x 2114"(6x4.5cm) 9.25X 3X
2t1ox 31/+ 9Omm
21/d"x23/4" (6x7cm) 7.5X 2X
2t1ox 31h 1 0 5 mm
21/o"x 3fo" (6x9cm1 55X
3t1ox 41/+ 135mm
3l+" x 4tl4"(8x11cm)
9 x 12cm 6X .75X
4x5 135mm
4" x5" (1Ox13cm) or
150mm 5X 1X
irri*rriot sreitermasnifications than
*irr r" artbreo,
ffirheads,||owSmuStremainful|ycompressed(4',x5,,position).Therelore'Ine the easelabovethe
maqnifications ootainaor-e'io-r-riimei,
dlrpr_,rlri;'^t,; smaller size ptinit' titpf y-"levate
iguration.lf rt rs Oesrreito mafe
when used in condenserconf lens'
*" rons"'rocallensth
;;LA;;;; oi

A. NegativeStageSetting the ne.sative--^r:. staseto enlargementof increaseddimensions'.A of smaller
6;;;;;;ri"tins,lou mus-tset resulrsin enlargement
for in distance "nreduction (dependingon
in" 6[F"i iieigfitto Jrovi{g 9"9n-illll'nation
is acc.omplished by ;it;;;i;;;, and then a
thenegativ"youu'"'uling'This ob (Figure lens;.
turningthe negattve sGg6aoiu:lt-"lt]1r ranges-on the base-
positionis-shown on the Approximate magnification are9lyenin Table
illi"t"r )r untiithe corr6ct
z':t:\3!.,rhe nesa- ;#;; i;t aitterenisiie nesatives lens
3t"tesuide(Fisure betight- l. The data corresponO tdthe recommended
ffi.l;ilffixirigu'5 tl item 12)should i"J"i"r*din;1;;ih; *sative
of the stage'occurswhile iilt possiuieto obtainmasnification
ened so that no tou"rn"nt Fivepositions ;ff;;;iilo with
;oiii!'rnar.ins otheradjustt".!!?:
tlqsg qy!d"'TableI ranqesoutslde ,no""-tho*n by experimenting
li" i^r""tlo"oo-ntne n"gitiuewhich ;l#;-t6;,iue stage positions' lelrs focal lengths
sizenegatives' baseboaro'
ilii""i"t *nich settingsiover lnO raisiig the easeloff the
B. LensSelection Projecti ng an Image.1a1ino-f!-e^]1"^:I""'
mostanvbrand requires caref ul manipu-
;h"-E;J;r 45MXll a"commodates fr.om50mmto sions of the negarrrie (1:1)
;i ;"";rgi"t lenshavinga focalcan showyou w h ic h i;;;;;; ineere"uation tonirot('1 '.item
iiem 4)' lt is suggested
1 5 0m mYo . u r Beseiertealer will match your the focusing knob (iig;; t '
Beseler accessorylensboard length lensesre- i'n"tu"rlitJt ao;usitrrtheight of lh-e9;largerhead
focal stageto easelsurface distance
l"'f"""r"dLnt Sotit" shortboardsin orderto focus i;il"i;;t;;6;tive rocal lensth or the
quire speciat,"""tt60 iens i."i;;;;;i;"t6rv tJ*i'ines the distance il
proPerlY' lens(example: rI using a t!0111:.1t;^th" !
the sizeof the il;i; b; 'oootti' N"ext' focusthe imaseon the
Thecorrectfocallengthdepends.on cause areclosetothose
#;"ii";. u;" oi t''" ilrronerocaiillgll mav tn" projecied dtmensions
cannot befocused'
ot tne proiectedimageor ;ffi; n"giiu", uui tne
""JJilt image
u,g;ating at the corners magnifica- and
stigifrtty' refocus the
inabilityto focus tn" it"g" atthe'desired raisethe
tion. image. "nru'g"i-rt"ao
but may requlre
C. Magnification (Reductlon) Reductionsare similarlyattained'. the easel
- :^
image- is determined ie"n:;;;j i;ng"' to;"l i"'ngtnt or elevatins
The size of the pio1;it"o the negative
between from the baseboard'
orincipally Uy tne'Oiitance distance vieldsan
il;iri;;tei' nn increasein the
Negative Slage


Figure 5

A. Color Enlargements
Your Beseler45MX ll can help you make beautiful
color enlargements,using either the Dichro 45
Color Computer (catalog#8282) or the Cotor by
BeselerColor Printing Filters (catatog#8933).In-
structionsfor using either of these color printing
methodsare packed in their respectivecartons.
B. RepetitivePrinting
The 45MX ll enlargeroffers a host of featuresthat
makesrepetitiveprintmaking,eitherduring a single
sessionor at a laterdate,m uch easier.When making
severalconsecutivecopiesof a print, it is suggested
that you set the focus lock (Figure 1, item 5) to
ensuresharp print after print.
The magnificationscale (Figure2, item 22) on the
enlargerf rame can help you duplicateyour results
at a later session.After you create a print with
which you are satisfied,you should not only record
the f-stop and exposuretime, but the readingbe-
hind the motor switch on the magnificationscale.
(The incrementson the scalearetor referenceonly,
and do not indicateactualmagnifications.)The next
time you wish to duplicatethis print,simply raiseor
lowerthe enlargerhead to the samereferencepoint
and focus the image.Of course the negativestage
setting and the lens size must be the same as
C. Distortion Control
Distortioncorrections,such as convergingparallel
lines in architecturalphotographs,can be readily
made on the baseboardwith the 45MX ll enlarger.
You can get a sharplyfocusedimagethroughoutthe
picture area or create special distortedeffects by
using the distortion control adjustment,in con-
junction with the pivoting lens stage.
Figure 6
In order to control (or create) the distortion and
achieveoverallimagefocus,the negativestage,the illustratesthis principle.You could use three very
lens stageand the easelmust be arrangedin such a long straightedgesto adjust the anglesso that the
way that their surface planes cast imaginarylines lines from the three planes converge, but the
that would convergeat a common point. Figure5 method outlined below is probablymost practical.

1. Set the magnificationand roughly focus the movementis useful when it is desired to enlarge
projectedimage. only a portion of a negativewithout disturbingthe
2. Use a box or open end wrench to loosenthe positionof the easel.To operatethe lateraladjust-
pivoting 1s7,u" head) and locking (%0") bolts ment,loosenthe carriagelock knob (item'101on the
(items47 and 70 on the explodedview). explodedviewdrawing)and movethe enlargerhead
3. Pivot the enti re enlargerhead (Figure6) until to the desired position. For most other printing
the desired degree of distortionor control is operations,the carriage should be located at the
achieved.Tightenboth boltsto minimizevibra- centerof the carriaqetubes.
4. Simultaneouslypivot the lensstageand adjust
the focus knob to bring the corrected image
i nto focus.t
Once you have fi nished printing distortion con-
trolledimages,you should returnthe lensstageand
the enlarger head to their original positions.The
lens stage has a detent which will hold the stage
perpendicularwhen you pivot back to the original
position.To make sure the enlarger head is per-
pendicularto the baseboard,follow the aligment
procedurein SectionVl.
D. OversizePrints
For enlargementsexceedingthe size possibleon
the baseboard,the 45MX ll can be adaptedfor pro-
jection through the baseframe.Simply removethe
four Phillipsscrewsholdingthe baseboardin place,
removethe baseboardand place the enlargeron
two tables, leaving an open space between the
tablesto allow the projectedimageto passthrough
the frame and to the floor. Clamp the enlargerto
the tables to ensure optimal stability.Magnifica-
tions can be varied by using the elevationcontrol
or proppingup your easelon a box orothersuitable
E. LateralAdjustmentof the EnlargerHead
A uniquefeatureof the 45MXll enlargeris an adjust-
mentallowingsideto sidemovementof the enlarger
head on the carriagetubes (Figure7). This lateral

F ootnote1 : Reme mbe rt hat oppos it eends of t he im agewil l b e a t

differen tma gn ifica tion s ,and y ou will needt o eit herbur n i n t h e
areafurth estfrom the lens or dodge t he ar eac los es tt o t he l e n s .

Figure 7

Your Beseler45MX ll is inspectedand completely elevationrack while firmly holding the lower
aligned before it leavesthe factory. However,im- counterbalanceassembly (item 61) until the
proper handlingand the use of the distortioncon- gears (item 55) disengagef rom the rack.
trol assemblymay require realignmentof certain 4. Hold the carriagein both hands and lift until
componenrs. the carriage rides the track evenly;that is, so
A. CarriageAlignment the gears are evenly engagedon the racks.
Roughtreatmentwhile movingthe45MXllfrom one 5. Push up motor switch so carriagerides up.
locationto another might causea carriagegear to 6. Placea triangle or carpenter'ssquare in con-
jump a tooth on the elevationrack, knocking the tact with the baseboardand the left and right
carriageout of alignment.Correct as follows: sidesof the lower counterbalance assemblyto
1. Remove illumination system and condenser make sure the counterbalanceassemblv is
assembly. parallelto the baseboard.
2. Removethe lower stop pin (item 164 on the 7. Re-attachlower stop pin.
explodedview) from the frame. lf the carriageappearsto be parallelto the base-
3. Slowly run the carriage assemblydown the board at low magnificationand not at high, it may
be necessaryto adjust the rear support struts.
Facingthe enlarger,if the right side of the carriage
assemblyis lower than the left,adjustthe left strut
as follows:
1. Removethe two screws f rom the foot of the
strut (item 158) and turn the foot (item 157)
clockwiseat least one full turn.
2. Check the alignment.lf additionaladjustment
is required,turn the foot once more.
3. Re-insertand tighten screws.
CAUTION: lf the struts are adjustedunevenly,a
"twisting"of the entiref rameassemblymay result.
This will cause unevenoperationof the carriage
assembly in the elevationracks and this might
eventuallywear out the gear racks and/or the
lf the left side of the carriageassemblyis lowerthan
the right,adjustthe rightstrut in the samemanneras
B. Distortion Control Assembly Alignment
Each time you use the distortioncontrol assembly
and wish to returnto perpendicular for normalprint-
ing, the negativestage must be realigned:
1. Do not tightenthe pivotand lockingboltsafter
you have pivotedthe enlargerhead back to its
2. Open the negativestage and inserta piece of
glass or other absolutely flat materal large
enough to overhangthe sides of the negative
stage.Close the negativestage.
3. Lower the enlarger until the negativestage is
approximately24 inchesabovethe baseboard'
4. Use a straightedgeor carpender'ssquare at
least24 incheslong to measurethe distanceof
the left and right sides of the negativestage
from the baseboard(Figure8).
5. Pivot the enlargerhead on the distortioncon-
trol assemblyuntil the distancefrom the right
side of the negativestage to the baseboardis
the same as the left.
6. Tighten the locking and pivot bolts. Figure I

C. Lens Stage Adiustment

When the lens stage is in the "zero" or centered 2. Firmly grasp lower tube in right hand and re-
position,the left and right sidesshouldbe an equal move screw (item 170) from front of tube.
distancefrom the baseboard,as measuredwith a NOTE: There will be considerablecounter-
straightedge,carpenter'ssquareor triangle'lf they clockwisespring action in the tube.
are not, follow the Procedurebelow: 3. lf the enlargerruns upwardtoo slowly,increase
the counterbalancetension by rotating the
1. Loosen the two slotted lens stage screwsand lower tube counterclockwiseat leasttwo com-
pivotthe lensstageuntil the left and right sides plete revolutions,and re-insertscrew.
are equal distancesfrom the baseboard. q. it tne enlargerruns downwardtoo slowly in the
2. Tighten the screws. last four to five inches of travel, decrease
D. CounterbalanceSpring Adiustment counterbalancespring tension by rotating
lf the elevationmotor stallsat the top or bottom of lowertube one revolutionin a clockwisedirec-
its travel,the counterbalancespring tension must tion, and re-insertlocking screw.
be adjusted.NOTE: All adjustmentsare performed 5. Make sure locking screw is in place and the
on the left side of the enlarger,facing the front. tube clampingscrewistightenedbeforecheck-
1. Loosen,but do not remove,clamp screw (item ing for proper motor oPeration.
169) at rear of lower tube.
The Beseler 45MX ll enlarger is designedfor ef- surfacedust.
ficient, reliable operation with minimal mainten- 2. lf the lensesare still dirty, they should be re-
ance.The only two regularmaintenanceoperations movedand carefullycleaned.NOTE:The con-
that may need to be performedare changinglamps denser lenses are delicate and should be re-
and keepingthe optical elementsfree of dust. movedonly when absolutelynecessary.
A. Lamp Changing Procedure 3. Loosenthe three lamphousescrews(item2 on
1. Make sure lamphouse cord is disconnected exploded view) and remove lamphousefrom
from its power supply. condenserassembly.
2. Allow the lampcap and burnedout lampto cool 4. Removethe three Phillips head screws (item
beforeattemptingto change lamp. 13) located around the top perimeterof the
3. Loosen lamp cap knob and lift lamp cap as- condenser.Place aside screws, spacers and
sembly clear of lamphouse. nuts.
4. Unscrewlampand replacewith Beselercatalog 5. Hold the heatabsorberglassin placeand care-
#8100 (PH212). fully turn the condenserassemblyon its side,
5. Reinstalllamp cap,tightenknob and reconnect allowingthe heat absorberto slowlyslidefrom
lamphousecord to power supply. the casting.
6. Lift out the spacer ring and the upper con-
B. Cleaning Optical Elements denserlens.
The heavy-dutyPliofilmdust cover (catalog#8129) 7. There is no need to remove the lower con-
for the 45MX ll will help keep your enlargerf ree of denser,as all surfacesare now accessiblefor
dust. Should the condenserlensesrequire clean- cleaningwith lens tissueor anti-staticcloth.
ing, follow the procedurebelow: 8. Reassembleby reversingthe procedure.
1. First use a blower brush,filteredcompressed
air or a cloth such as the Color by BeselerAnti- NOTE: The upper and lower condensersare not
Static Cloth (catalog #8956) to clean off any interchangeable.

DICHRO 45 COLOR COMPUTER (Catalog #8282) wash- enableyou to make beautiful color printsin
A truly versatileand uniquecolorhead.The Dichro just two minutes. The 2-Step Chemistry can be
45 is a solid state,microprocessor-based, dichroic used at any temperaturefrom 66' to 107o,is re-
colorheadincorporatinga self-containedstabilized useable(up to four uses) and is very economical.
power supply and cooling representsthe
latest technology applied to color printing. With (Catalog #8994)
selectedaccessories, the Dichro 45 can be usedfor
Specificallydesignedfor home processingin con-
diffusion or condenserprintingfor formatsranging ventional daylight tanks, CN2 chemistry can
from sub-miniatureto 4" x 5" negatives. process your Kodacolor@_ ll, Vericoloro ll, Fuji-
NEGATRANS@ color@ll, EK 5247 or other C-41 compatiblefilms.
The Beseler Negatrans is a patented carrier that It works at 75o,85o or only three pro-
effortlesslytransports film in roll, strip or single cessingsteps.One-halflitre can handlesix rolls of
frame format into and out of your 45MX ll enlarger. 36 exposure35mm film.
Once the Negatransis inserted into the negative
stage,it need not be removednor the stageopened A new process,especiallyformulatedfor use with
to insert,advanceor removea negative.
Kodak Ektachrome@2203 RC color paper for
Negatransmodel 8332accommodates35mm nega- making prints from color slides. 3-Step re-
tives, and model 8333 handles 2t/4x 2s/4and 2t/4x quireslessstringenttemperaturecontrolthan other
2t/onegatives. 2203 processes,and no internegatives.
Color by Beseler six-inch square filters can be EO is used to process all Ektachrome@E6 and
readilytrimmedto easilyslip into the f ilter holderof similarcolortransparencies. The processincludesa
the 45MX ll enlarger.The completeset of 24 filters chemical reversalbath that eliminatesthe need to
covers filtration ranges of 2.5 to 157.5 in cyan, remove the film from the reel during processing.
magentaand yellow.An ultra-violetfilterand two 50 The E6 can do up to eight rollsof 36 exposure35mm
red filters are included. The filters are made of film.
Mylaro and are highly resistantto heat,facing and
Ektachrome, Kodacolor and Vericolor are registered trademarks of the Eastman
2-STEPCOLOR CHEMISTRY(Catalog#8940) Kodak C o.
Fujicolor is a registeredtrademarkof Fuji Photo Film Co., lnc.
Only two solutions - no pre-wet or intermediate Negatransand Resistrolare registeredtrademarksof BeselerPhoto lvlarketing
Co., Inc.
4sMXll ot


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o.- - 135
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Rel. Ref. Bel.
No. 0escriplion Partl{0. No. Description PartNo' l{0. 0escription Partl{0.
1 L am pCapA s s em b l y ........1 0 -0 4 5 0 6 6 1 L o w erC ounterbal ance 118 B eari no . . . 10- 11017
2 Th um bS c r ew ... . . 5 6 8 -2 0 -0 5 Assembl y .......10-04565 119 Screw,-Machine - #8-32x lz"
L am pP H212 6 2 Ad j u sti ng S crewA ssembl..y 10-04567 LongP anP hi l l i ps
(150watts) .Cat.N0.8100 63 Nut- th-20Hex 120 Focusi ngK nob... . 568- 05- 07
4 L am phousAes s emb l.y.....10-04507 64 Screw,Machine - #10-32 x 3/e" 121 C artri dg-e - Locki ng.. .. . . . 10- 04645
H eatA bs or ber G las s... . Cat.No.8077 L o ngP anP hi l l i P s 12? Focusi ngS haft... . . 10- 04551
6 Spac er Ring .. . . .. 5 5 5 -2 0 -1 6 6 5 L o c k w asher - #10 123 LensS tageC arri age. . . .. 10- 04576- 01
7 C ondensHous er in g 6 6 Wa sher - #114' | .D .,3/a"0.D x. 1/16" 124 S pacelLocki , ngLens
A s s em bly .......1 0 -0 4 7 6 0 67 Bracket - Interlock 10-31367 Staqe .
6 8 0 -1 4 -5 4 68 Lockwasher * 1/" 125 W asher - #108,% "0.D x. . 032"
8 C ondens er - T op .
I Separ at or - Cond e n s e r 1 0 -0 4 7 6 9
.... 6 9 S c rewMachi , ne- #6-32 x 9/16" 126 K nob... . . 568- 20- 07
1 0 C ondens-er B ot t o m ...... 6 8 0 -1 4 -5 3 L o ngP anP hi l l i P s 127 Fi l ter- R edS al ety....Cat .No.8040
tl Nut- T inner m an #8 ...... 5 5 5 -0 1 -0 8 7 0 S c rewMachi , ne-#1h-20x31a" 128 S pri ng. . . . 10- 04543
12 Pa d- Condens e r L o noH ex 129 R btai ner - R ear . . . 10- 04542
Retaining 10-04536 7 1 S ta g eMounti ng B ar 10-31366 130 Screw,Tapp- #4BTx1h"
13 Screw,Tapp- #68x lz" 72 Soacer - Rack . 10-04668-01 LongP anP hi l l i P s
L onoF latHeadP h i l l i p s 7 3 R a c k- LensFocus. . . . .. .. 10-04572
74 Screw,Machine - 11120 x 111n" 131 R etai ner * Front. . . 10- 44056
Cov er i HingeA s s e m b i y .... 1 0 -0 4 7 6 3
*132 Lensboard
15 Screw,Tap- #68x th" L o noFl atH d.S l otted - B l ank..... SeeCat alog
L ongP anP hilliP s 75 Upper-Negative Stage 133 S pacer - Fi l terH ol der... . . 10- 43736
- Conde n s e r......
1 6 l i o us ing 1 0 -0 4 7 6 1 Assembl y .......10-04514 134 Sbrew- Shoulder 540-30-55
1 7 Fi lt erS uppor t ..... 6 8 0 -8 6 -0 4 7 6 U p p erB el l owA s ssembl y.... 10-04655 135 B owW asher - 17164" l .D.
1 8 Fi lt er Holder . ......1 0 -0 4 7 7 5 7 7 N e hati ve S i zel ndi cator . . .. . 10-04564 9/16"0.D .x 1/16"
19 Indicating Pointer. . 10-04563 78 Screw,TapP- #48x 1k" 136 H ol der - S afeFi l ter...... . . 10- 42040
2 0 Sc r ew, T app- #4Bx 3 /1 6 " L onoP anP hi l l i P s 137S crewMachi, ne- #8-32 x 5/ 16"
L ongP anP hillip s 7 9 U p per-N egati S vetage. .. .. . 10-04532 LonoP anP hi l l i P s
21 Screw--Shoulder 540-30-12 8 0 G e ar........ .....562-03-05 138 Fi l terFl ol der A ss' v. . 10- 43734
22 L a t c hS or ino .......1 0 -0 4 5 6 2 81 Knob- Locking .. 568-20-06 139 Lockwasher - #8 LockTooth
23 L a t c h( P air ) : . 10-0
. 4 5 6 1(R-0 1),-0 2(L ) 8 2 Be a ri ng, S l i de... ... 10-11017 140 CapNut- #8-32
24 CondensSeruppor t 8 3 Pl a t e, S pri ngB ackup....... 10-08118 141 CaoNut- #r/-20
S t age. . . ..... 1 0 -0 4 5 4 0 -0 1 8 4 Stu d........ ...10-04613-02 142Lockw asher - #1l a
25 Mot or Rear Cov er. . 1 0 -0 4 5 9 9 85 Screw,Machine - #8-32xlz' 143 B al lR etai ni ng S pri ng... . . . . 10- 04608
26 Mot or& T er m inal s , L ongP anP hi l l i P s 144LensS taqe.. ... . . . 10- 44052
115V . . . . .....1 0 -0 4 6 6 9 -1 0 8 6 Kn ob.-. ... 568-05-07 145 Screw,Machine - #6-32x Ia"
27 Sm allP ulley .......1 0 -0 4 5 8 1 8 7 Sh aft .....10-04560 LongP anP hi l l i P s
.8 8 N e o ati ve C arri er........S ee C atal og 146 B al l- 5/16D i a... . .. ... . . 562- 80- 02
28 Belt . . . . ..5 6 2 -3 6 -0 1
29 L ar geP ulley ....... 1 0 -1 5 1 9 2 89 Spiins- Stase(Right). . 592,70-?q 147 W earP l ate- LensTi l t .. . . . 10- 04609
30 M ot orCov erA s s em b l Y 9 0 S i u d........ ...10-04613-02 148 W asher - #12A ,31" 0.D .x 1/ 16"
( 115V . ) . ..... 1 0 -0 4 7 4 5 -5 0 91 Screw,Machine - #4-40x 1lt" 149 W asher - Fi ber25164L"D,
* #6-32x th" L g .Fi l l .S l otted H d. 3/a"0.D .x 1/16"
31 Screw,Machine
LongP anP hilliPs S pri ngB ackup....... 10-08118 150 Low erB el l owAs ss' y... . . . . . 10- 04656
9 2 P l a t-e,
32 M ot or S wit c h ..... 6 1 0 -1 0 -1 4 9 3 B e a ri ng........ ...10-11017 IJI Low erN egati ve S tage.. . . . . 10- 04533
33 BracketAssembly - Left.. . 10-04550 9 4 Bra cket - LeverH i nge..... 10-04610 152 Baseboard . 10-04740
Screw,Machine - #8-32x5la" 9 5 Be ari nq ... 10-11017 IJJ S crewMachi
, - th' 20x 1"
9 6 Pl a t e- S pri ngB ackup .. . . . 10-08118 atP hi l l vi P s
LongF latP hillip s Lonq-AFl ssembl (S P ecilv
97 Nut- #4-40Hex 154 A nol e R.H.
35 GearBox . .10'04577 9 8 Sc re wMachi . ne-#4-40x1h" o"rt-.H.t.. .. . to-bazss-O1 (L)-02(R)
Ret ainer
36 Bu s hing .. . 1 0 -0 4 5 9 4 L ongFi l l i ster S l ot t33 Screw, Machine - th-20 x 1lz"
37 Clam pCollar ... 1 0 -0 4 5 9 0 -0 3 99 Sp ri ng- S tage(Left)..... 562' 70-21 LonqTrussP hi l l i P s
38 Screw,Machin e - #8-32x 3la" 1 0 0 Stu d.. . 10-04613-02 l J o ScrewlMachin e - #10-32 x 1tq"
LongP anP hilliP s 1 0 1 Sta ge0peni ng Lever....... 10-04611 LongTrussP hi l l i P s
39 W or m G ear .......5 6 2 -1 1 -5 3 102 Kn ob.. . 157 Foot- Frame S upport. . . . . 10- 04625
40 W or m . . .. 5 6 2 -1 1 -0 5 1 0 3 Sc re wMachi , ne- #4' 40x th" 158 S crewMachi , ne- #10-32 x 5i 16"
al M ot orM ount ing B r a c k e.t. .. 1 0 -0 4 5 5 9 L ongFi l l i ster S l ot LongR nd.P hi l l i P s
42 S pac er - B ar . . . .. 1 0 -3 1 3 6 8 1 0 4 Nut- #4-40Hex 159 R od- FrameS upport .. . . . . 10- 04741
43 S pac er *P iv ot . . ..1 0 -3 1 3 6 9 1 0 5 P l a te- S pri ngB ackup..... 10-08118 160 Screw,Machine - 10-32 x lz"
4q Biacket .. . 10-04579 1 0 6 B e a ri ng ........ .. . 10-11017 LongTrussP hi l l i P s
K nob. . . ..5 6 8 -2 0 -0 6 1 0 7 S h a l -t LensTi l t .. 10-04574 161 Frame . . . . 10- 04734
1 0 8 W a sher -25164"1.0., % "0.D x 1/16" .162 V ol tmeter .............Cat . No.8111
46 W as her - #108,7/1 6 '0 .D .x 1 1 3 2 " .163 R esi strol
M ac hine - # 3 /8 -1x6 3 " 1 0 9 Bo wW asher * 25164' LD .,% "0.D . ......Cat . N0. 8110
47 S c r ew,
LongHexCap x 3132" 164 S topP i n..... .. . . . . 10- 04628
- 1l a .165 S cal e. . . .. .. . Cat .No 8093
48 Enlar girHeadCar ri a g.e. .. . 1 0 -0 4 5 3 5 1 1 0 L o ckw asher E l evati ng
49 UppeiTube 10-04583 1 1 1 N u t- th-20H ex 166 C arri age E l evati ng R ack. . . . 10- 04624
50 W as her - 1/ a" Nom.,% "0 .0 .x 1 /1 6 " 1 1 2 B o wW asher - 21164" | .D ., 167 S crewMachi. ne- 6-32x r e"
3 l W heel. . ...1 0 -0 4 5 9 2 9 / 16"0.D .x % " LongTrussP hi l l i P s
52 Shoulder S c r ew. .. 5 4 0 -3 0 -3 0 1 1 3 G e ar ..... 562-03-05 168B aseA ssembl Y . . . . 10'04729
53 SideWheel 10-04586 1 1 4 R o l lP i n.. .. . .. . . . 553-09-62 169 S crewMachi , ne- 8-32x %"
Shoulder S c r ew. .. 5 4 0 -3 0 -1 8 1 1 5 Pl a te, S pri ngB ackup....... 10-08118 LonqP anP hi l l i P s
55 SpurG ear 5 6 2 -0 3 -1 1 1 1 6 S c rewMachi , ne- #4' 40x' h" 170 ScrewlMachine - 10-32 x 11"
56 RollPin .. 553-09-30 L g .Fi l l .H d.S l otted LongP anP hi l l i P s
Wheel. . ...1 0 -0 4 5 9 2 1 1 7 N u t- #4-40 H ex
58 Was her- 25164"1 .0 .,
% 0. D.x . 015" Itemsw i th0utpartnumbers avai l ablleocally
hardw are
5 9 Bear ing .. 5 6 0 -4 0 -1 4
6 0 C ollar& B r ac k etA s s e mb l-Y .A ccessortes e vourB esel er
avai l ablfrom deal er.
Right. . . 1 0 -0 4 5 5 6


BeselerPhoto MarketingCompany, Inc., Florham DAMAGESRESULTINGFROMINTERRUPTION IN
Park, New Jersey warrants its products (with the OPERATIONOF EQUIPMENT,DAMAGETO FILM
exceptionof lamps),to the originalpurchaseronly, OR PAPER,OR FOR INCIDENTAL,DIRECT OR
to be free from defects in materialsand workman- CONSEQUENTIALDAMAGESOF ANY NATURE.
ship for a period of one (1) year from the date of Some states do not allow the exclusionor limita-
tion of incidentalor consequentialdamages,so the
This Warrantydoes not apply to our productswhich abovelimitationor exclusionmay not applyto you.
show evidence of accidental damage, misuse or In the event there is any defect in materialsand
abuse by you. The Warrantyalso does not apply to workmanshipof our product you may contact our
our products which are defectiveor damaged by Customer Service Department at Beseler Photo
tamperingor attemptedrepair by an unauthorized Marketing Company, Inc., 8 Fernwood Road,
Beseleragent. Florham Park, New Jersey 07932.This Warranty
Beselerexclusivelylimits this Warranty to repair gives you specific legal rights, and you may also
or replace (at Beseler'soption) the defectivepart have other rights which vary from state to state.
of its product. lf you decideto send our product to You may also have implied warranty rights. ln the
our authorized repair outlet, you must insure the event of a problem with warranty serviceor per-
product and prepay all transportationexpenses. formance,you may be able to go to a Small Claims
Beselerwill not be liable for damagescaused in Court, a State Court, or a FederalDistrictCourt.
the courseof shippingthe productto you. You must
allow at least six (6) weeks for correction of the IMPORTANT:
Some statesdo not allow limitationson how long
an implied warranty lasts,so the above limitation You must provethe date of purchaseby producing
may not apply to you. a sales receipt indicatingthat you are the original


S hou ldyou ne edse rv ic ef or y our BESELERphot ogr ap h i ce q u i p - estimateis received.
ment after the warranty has expired, pleasefollow these steps:
CHARGES.Your local Beselerdealer has a list of current price
PACK the product in the originalpackagingmaterialto protectit r a n g e st o s e r v i c eB e s e l e rp h o t o g r a p h i ce q u i p m e n t.An y r e p a i r
in tra nsit. l i k e l y t o e x c e e d t h e m a x i m u m r e c o m m e n d e ds e r v i cep r i ce w i l l
be estimatedand held for your approvalbeforework is begun.
E NCLOSE co mple te inf or m at ions howing y our nam e a n d a d -
dress,wh at is wro ng w it h t he equipm ent and, t he r et ur ns h i p p i n g PAYMENT.Your check for $7.50must accompanyyour request
addre ss.Tap e th e in f or m at iont o t he equipm entt o be s u r e i t d o e s for an estimate; alternatively,you may charge your VISA or
not ge t thro wn o ut wit h t he pac k ing m at er ial. M A S T E RC H A R G Ea c c o u n t .R e p a i r sm u s t b e p a i d i n fu l l p r i o r to
return to owner. Personalchecks or VISA/MASTERCHARGE
A D DRESS the p ack age t o BESELER SERVI CE M A N A G E R , a c c e p t e d .( l f y o u p a y b y V I S A o r M A S T E RC H A R G E ,p l e a seg i ve
8 FernwoodRoad, Florham Park, NJ 07932. t h e a c c o u n t n u m b e r a n d e x p i r a t i o nd a t e . )
P REPAYFREIGHTCHARG EAND I NSUREt he pac k ag ea g a i n s t OBSOLETE EQUIPMENT.Beselerreservesthe right to refuse
damag eo r loss in trans it . t o r e p a i re q u i p m e n t h a t h a s b e e nd i s c o n t i n u e df o r f i v e ( 5 ) ye a r s.
E S TIMATES.We wi ll gladly pr ov ide es t im at esupon r e q u e s t . IN-WARRANTYSERVICE.There is no charge for serviceper-
T he re is a flat e stima t ec har geof $7. 50pay ablein adv a n c e T . he f o r m e d d u r i n g t h e w a r r a n t yp e r i o d . P R O O F O F P UR C H ASEi s
estimatecharge will be creditedtowards the cost of the repair. required for warranty service and must be enclosed with the
N o wo rk will b e un de r t ak enor billedunt il wr it t enaoor o v a lo f t h e return.Terms of the warranty are explainedabove.