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2017 Employee Voice Award Honorees Announced

Presented to Organizations for Excellence in Employee Engagement.

Omaha, NE, January 26, 2017 --( Quantum Workplace, an employee feedback company well
known for its Best Places to Work contest, recognizes 12 organizations for excellence in employee
engagement with the Employee Voice Award. Employee engagement is the strength of mental and
emotional connection that employees feel toward their places of work.
Employee Voice Award (EVA), established in 2008, recognizes Quantum Workplace's clients nationwide
for success in collecting, analyzing, and taking action on employee feedback. The EVA is based on level
of participation and employee engagement survey results. These honorees have listened to their
employees and worked hard to apply that feedback within their organizations this past year.
The EVA recognizes small, medium, and large-sized organizations in two categories: Highest Level of
Engagement and Raising Engagement. Clients must use Quantum Workplace's core survey items and
have 30 or more employees to be eligible. The following organizations are this year's 2017 EVA
Highest Level of Engagement
(Highest scores)
American Association of Critical-Care Nurses (Aliso Viejo, CA)
Server Technology (Reno, NV)
Donor Alliance (Denver, CO)
Bethpage FCU (Bethpage, NY)
Willamette Dental (Hillsboro, OR)
Keyence (Elmwood Park, NJ)
Equity Residential (Chicago, IL)
Children's Mercy Hospital (Kansas City, MO)
Kemin Industries (Des Moines, IA)
Raising Engagement
(Largest improvement from 2015 to 2016)
SMARTRAC (Fletcher, NC)
Patelco Credit Union (Pleasanton, CA)
dmg : information (Stamford, CT)
These organizations represent the following industries: finance, health care, manufacturing, nonprofit,
real estate, and technology. As a part of the recognition, honorees will receive a custom engraved award
symbolizing their commitment to employee voices.
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Great company cultures don't come easy. They take leadership vulnerability and receptiveness to blunt
and candid employee feedback, detailed analysis and action planning to effectively target areas of
weakness, and a diligent commitment to constantly improve, said Greg Harris, President and CEO of
Quantum Workplace. These 12 organizations have truly proven their commitment to creating great
company cultures where employees can thrive. Not only are we excited to recognize each of these
organizations for their effort and success, but we are proud of the partnership we have with them.
About Quantum Workplace
Quantum Workplace delivers smart tools for achieving and recognizing workplace awesomeness. When
work is awesome, employees are engaged, clients are loyal, and business is good. Quantum Workplace
serves more than 5,500 organizations annually through employee engagement surveys, action-planning
tools, exit surveys, employee recognition, performance evaluations, goal tracking, leadership assessment,
and employer of choice recognition. For more information, visit or email

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