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Daniel Elizondo

637 Woodland St.

Denton, Texas 76209
(713) 702-4038

Highly motivated and creative individual with social work background and teaching experience, seeking a middle
school science position. I work well under pressure, and consistently develop myself and the systems I work in to the
highest possible potential. I am naturally curious and love to motivate others to discover new ideas that shape the way
they view the world. I am hoping to secure a position where I can combine the skills gained from working with
children from hard places and the adults who parent them with my passion for stirring curiosity and knowledge in
University of North Texas, Denton, Texas
Bachelor Degree in Applied Behavior Analysis
Graduated August 2011
iTeach Texas
Probationary Teaching Certificate
Content Areas:
Science 4-8
Math 4-8 (expected Spring 2017)
**Certification will be complete at the end of 2016-2017 school year

Science Teacher, 6th Grade; Dallas ISD, Hill MS

Dallas, Texas, August 2016 to present
Developed lesson plans and instructional planning calendar for 2016-2017 school year
Differentiated instruction for students with diverse learning needs
Created and modified various instructional materials to meet the needs of ESL, SPED, sheltered and gifted
Filmed lessons to deliver new content to co-teachers students while she was out on maternity leave and
supported the sub in her absence by preparing materials, solving technical problems, and dealing with behavioral
Conducted regular tutoring sessions for all 6th grade students
Students consistently produced scores above school and district averages on common assessments
Recruitment Supervisor; ACH Child and Family Services
Fort Worth, Texas, February 2015 to present
Managed a team of 2 recruiters, 3 home study specialists, and support staff in Fort Worth, Texas
Conducted weekly supervision, recruitment meetings, and family staffings
Revamped our current training curriculum which included creating and delivering new materials to prospective
foster and adoptive parents in an effort to set proper expectations and assess motivations
Made regular presentations to staff, parents, and other stakeholders to communicate strategic plans, brainstorm
solutions to ongoing issues, and network for new outreach opportunities
Planned and facilitated quarterly focus groups and steering committee meetings
Participated in Quality Parenting Initiative meetings and collaborated with other subcomittee members to
develop an overall strategy for foster/adoptive recruitment and education in DFPS region 3b.
Reviewed new home studies, home study updates, addendums, etc.
Developed and implemented strategies for recruiting and developing motivated foster and adoptive parents
Developed and implemented strategies for retention of current foster and adoptive families
Interviewed and selected candidates to fill open positions
Completed performance appraisals, utilizing coaching forms and performance improvement plans

Statewide Recruitment Director; Lutheran Social Services of the South

Austin, Texas, May 2014 to February 2015
Managed a team of 9 recruiters and 1 contact center representative located in offices across the state
Conducted weekly conference calls, quarterly meetings, and quarterly supervision to discuss recruitment
strategy, introduce new initiatives, and monitor progress
Interviewed and selected candidates to fill open recruitment positions
Developed a training manual and onboarding protocol for new recruitment staff
Completed performance appraisals, utilizing coaching forms and performance improvement plans
Built and maintained an intake portal that allowed in-process families to complete and submit paperwork
electronically and allowed for shorter verification times
Introduced new policies and procedures to keep families more informed throughout the verification process and
provide them with extra motivation
Worked closely with the clinical and operational team to develop new training modules for parents
Met with DFPS program directors and supervisors to bolster awareness about our kinship program
Helped recruiters plan community outreach efforts and worked with agency advancement and marketing to
increase our online presence through social media and targeted marketing campaigns
Compiled and analyzed regional background data and historical agency trends to aid in the development of a
sustainable 5 year strategic growth plan
Regional Intake-Recruiter; Lutheran Social Services of the South
Fort Worth, Texas, March 2013 to May 2014
Worked a caseload of up to 80 in-process foster families at a time
Wrote and reviewed home studies for new foster and adoptive families
Arranged and attended foster care recruitment events in the greater Dallas/Fort Worth area
Taught and facilitated preverification training for in-process foster families
Performed home visits and wrote home studies
Built relationships with churches and other organizations that led to a greater community presence and more
resources for the program and the children and families it served
Created enough capacity to allow the Fort Worth office to serve more children than it ever had before
Hemodialysis Technician; Fresenius Medical Care
Fort Worth, Texas, October 2012 to March 2013
Administered treatments for up to 4 patients at a time
Electronic charting and monitoring for potential complications
Coordinated with doctors, nurses, and social workers to ensure a high quality of care
Youth Care Worker; Cumberland Presbyterian Childrens Home
Denton, Texas, December 2009 to August 2010
Cared for up to 8 displaced children at a time (ages 5 - 18) in a home setting. Acted as a parental figure with
professional boundaries.
Assisted in the development and implementation of trauma-informed behavioral interventions for children who
were victims of abuse and neglect.
Kept up with medical and recreational logs, daily logs, monthly reports, and behavioral reports
General filing, organization, scheduling and transportation; Liaison with State Child Protective Agency
Behavioral Therapist/Early Interventionist (Summer Intern Position); Behavioral Innovations
Irving, Texas, June 2009 to August 2009
Conducted discrete trial sessions in both natural and formal settings with children and adolescents (ages 2-12)
with Pervasive Developmental Disorders.
Collected, graphed, and analyzed treatment and progress data; Provided aid during programmed treatments
Recognized a trend in the data of several clients that suggested a lack in efficiency and brought it to the attention
of the team. This led to a revision of the general data sheet being used.