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I am interested in the Medical, specifically Radiology, and Nursing fields. I think that it
would be very fun and humbling to be able to work in either of the fields and to
study them. Working with others to help them recover from various illnesses and
problems will help to humble me since I will not be in it for the money. Since the time I was
young, I have been very interested in these jobs that have intimate interactions between you and
the patient.
Based on what I found on and, physicians usually
work in private offices or clinics. They are also often with administrative and
healthcare personnel. They also diagnose and treat illnesses and injuries, examine
patients, take medical histories, prescribe medications. Along with that, they order, perform,
and interpret diagnostic tests. The salaries for physicians has a median pay of 2015 was $187,200
per year, or $90 per hour.
For nursing, they can work in hospitals, physicians offices, home healthcare
services, nursing care facilities, correctional facilities, schools, or even in the
military. Nurses provide patient care, educate their patients and the public about various
health conditions, and provide advice and support to patients along with their family members.
The salary for registered nurses had a median pay in 2015 was $47,542 per year.
I am preparing myself for a possible career in this area by taking all of my core
classes, plus electives in Psychology, Medical Perspectives, and Forensic Science. I take
psychology because I believe that it will help me to connect with the patients and understand
their points of view on the various situations that they may be going through by learning
about behavioral processes. I enrolled in Medical Perspectives and Forensic Science
to learn more about different aspects of medicine and to further my knowledge of
them. I plan on taking AP Biology and Human Anatomy along with higher level
math courses, in order to prepare myself for the rigorous studies and environment
experienced in these two work fields.
Some possible majors are premed, biology, or even sociology. Some schools I
have looked into which have these majors include: University of Pittsburgh, Temple University,
and LaRoche College. LaRoche has a program specifically for radiologic technology and
medical imaging. I am still open to looking into various other colleges that offer these degrees,
so I need to do more research in these areas.
My School List Includes:
LaRoche College, COA $25,500, my estimated cost is around $22,140
Boston College, COA $68,544, my estimated cost is around $9,079
University of Pittsburgh, COA $29,782, my estimated cost is around $17,123
Temple University, COA $29,796, my estimated cost is around $17,226
Harvard University, COA $63,025, my estimated cost is around $4,600
I would like to possibly interview or job shadow someone at a radiology branch of a
hospital, a long-term unit in a hospital, or even an ICU in a hospital. All of these can be found in
various hospitals, such as UPMC Passavent.
My Path Speaker Series I have attended:

Women in Nuclear
Money 101
U.S. Department of Justice: Joseph Brosky
Government & Law
AGH Resident Physicians
Sports Careers
Field Trips I have attended:
Medical Perspectives Star Simulation Center
Workshops and other events I have attended:
Etiquette Luncheon
Self-Awareness Workshop