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Ashley Whiteheart

936 Mountain Creek Rd., Chattanooga, TN 37405
(423) 544-2947

I am seeking a position as a secondary language arts teacher in which I can help students grow
academically through a variety of teaching methods. I want to prepare students to be effective
scholars, leaders and employees. I believe that they will achieve this with the reading, writing and
communication strategies that they will learn in my classroom.


Bryan College, Dayton, TN

Bachelor of Science, English: Teacher Licensure
Awarded Presidential Merit Scholarship
Minor in TESOL


Brown Middle School, Harrison, TN

August 2016 Present
Teacher, 7 Grade Language Arts
Developed and implemented lessons based on common core state standards
Differentiated instruction based on student needs, interests, and reading levels
Assessed student learning with Triand and Powerschool programs and used data to guide
instructional decisions
Collaborated with coworkers to plan most effective instruction for students

August 2012 May 2016

GPA: 3.52

Dayton City School, Dayton, TN

October 2015 December 2015
Student Teacher, 8 Grade Language Arts
Developed and implemented lessons based on common core state standards
Conducted a variety of collaborative literacy projects with over 80 students
Assessed student reading and writing skills with MICA program
Planned activities for tier II RTI group and kept records of achievement
Rhea County High School, Evensville, TN
August 2015 October 2015
Student Teacher, 10th Grade Language Arts
Created and implemented lessons based on common core state standards
Assumed full leadership of classroom and planning for over 160 students
Worked with special needs students in an inclusion classroom and in pull-outs
Graysville Elementary School, Graysville, TN
January 2015-May 2015
Interim Teacher, K5 and 4 Grade ESL
Created and implemented lessons based on WIDA standards
Assumed full teaching responsibility for three ESL students
Constructed learning activities that encouraged students to communicate in the English
Language such as writing portfolios, journals, plays, etc.
Bryan College Writing Studio, Dayton, TN
August 2014 December 2015
Writing Consultant
Tutored approximately 100 peers in writing skills: composition, grammar, and citation
Examined and critiqued theory and pedagogy of tutoring in Language Arts
Reported recommended areas of improvement to students instructors

Strong Verbal and Written Communication Skills; Proficient in Operating PowerSchool,

Promethean board, Microsoft Powerpoint, Word, Gradecam,