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BBM521/03 Research Methods

July 2015

Tutor-Marked Assignment 2 (TMA 2 20%)

Submission Deadline: 25th October 2015


1. This is an individual assignment, i.e. you have to write your own

assignment and thus, you are advised not to share your work with
others in order to avoid plagiarism.

2. Answer ALL questions in Part A and Part B.

3. This assessment covers topics in Unit 3 and 4 of your reading material.

4. Send your TMA 2 to Turnitin. Re-write your assignment if

necessary so that the index of similarity is below 30%. You can submit
your assignment to Turnitin as many times as you wish before the
submission deadline.

5. Submit your final TMA 2 through the OAS (Online Assignment

Submission System).

Technical requirements:
1. Font: Times New Roman/Arial, size 12.
2. Double spaced.
3. Standard margins.
4. Free of typing errors (please use spell-check).
1. Total marks for TMA 2 is 100.
2. This contributes 20% towards the grand total marks for this course.

Part A (50%)

Question 1

Differentiate the following:

a) Judgmental (purposive) and haphazard sampling

(5 marks)
b) Sampling error and non-sampling error.
(5 marks)

Question 2

a) Describe the three important issues in attitude measurement. (6 marks)

b) Give an example where the use of observational technique with the

presence of the researcher might interfere with the measurement itself.
(4 marks)

Question 3

Explain briefly the purpose of a factor analysis. (5 marks)

Question 4

Based on the article given, answer the following questions.

a) What is the theoretical framework of each article (5 marks)

Mention the theories that the author(s) use(s) as basis of his/her research.

b) Provide two possible hypotheses (5 marks)

c) What is the sampling method (5 marks)

State whether it is a probability or non-probability sampling method, and
what sampling technique is used (for example, stratified sampling,
convenience sampling etc)

d) Explain the findings (10 marks)

Part B (50%)

Continue with your proposal doe the research project that you have written for
TMA 1. Attach your Part B of TMA 1 to Part B of TMA 2. For TMA 2, your
proposal must answer the following questions. For this TMA 2, your proposal
should be between 8 (minimum) and 10 (maximum) pages long.

Question 5

Theoretical Framework of the article (10 marks)

Question 6

Three possible hypotheses (10 marks)

Question 7 Research design (5 marks)

Question 8 Sampling method used (5 marks)

Question 9

Data collection (5 marks)

Question 10

Three major findings (10 marks)

Question 11

Limitations of study (5 marks)