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A Dogmatic Belief in Logical Positivism is Stupid


Anthony J. Fejfar, B.A., J.D., Esq., Coif

©Copyright 2010 by Anthony J. Fejfar

Logical Positivism is the idea that reality is best

known through “logical inferences based upon sense

experience.” Now, Logical Positivism, when done right,

can be a positive, intellectual tool. Thus, the logic of

Logical Positivism must include Analogical Logic, that is,

the ability to reason by analogy. This type of reasoning is

very important, and is used by all sorts of people in various

walks of life, on a regular basis. Additionally, you must

recognized that logic is just a tool, and not an absolute.

New logic rules develop over time. Moreover, Logical

Positivism cannot be used as an Ideological Set. Logical

Positivism is an intellectual method, not a set of

preconceived conclusions. For example, since the time of

Thomas Aquainas, and even Aristotle, it is has been

possible to prove the Existence of God as the Unmoved

Mover, and the Uncaused, First Cause, using Logical

Positivism. In these Logical Proofs, a person starts with

sense experience, and observes both movement in the

Universe, as well as causation in the Universe, and these

observations are the basis for Logical Proofs for God’s

Existence. Additionally, it is just a logical to reason with

ethics and values, as it is to try to come up with some

satanic system of ant-values based upon greed and

selfishness. You can also prove the existence of Quantum

Physics with Logical Positivism, which shows that

meaning affects reality, and that, in other words,

Spirituality is valid.