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Patients Initials: C.S Age: 52 y.

o Ward: OB- Prepartum

Date of Admission: January 31, 2017 Attending Physician: Dr. M CC: Excessive vaginal bleeding
Generic Name Brand Name Classification Mechanism of Indication Adverse Effects Nursing
Action Considerations
tranexamic acid Pharmacological; Treatment BEFORE:
Tranexamic acid of abnormal
Dosage: 500 mg/ uterine 1)Monitor VS as
I tab fibrinolysis competitively
bleeding indicated by
Route: PO inhibitors inhibits
severity of
Frequency: activation of
Q8h (12n-8am- plasminogen
4pm) thereby reducing
Therapeutical; 2)Monitor for overt
antihemorrhagi conversion of bleeding every 15
c plasminogen to 30 min.
plasmin 3)Assess for
(fibrinolysin), an thromboembolic
enzyme that complications.
degrades fibrin
4)Caution paient to
clots, fibrinogen, take the whole
and other tablet- not to crush
plasma proteins, or half it.
including the AFTER:
factors V and 5)Instruct patient to
notify the nurse
VIII. immediately if
bleeding recurs

6)Caution patient to
make position
changes slowly to
avoid orthostatic