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Volume 2, Number 3 Simpsonville, South Carolina July 2010

Greetings from the Writer-in-Chief..............................................................................................1
Ode to the Single Mother............................................................................................................1
Quote of Provocation, from Edward Gibbon................................................................................2
Republicanism: Another Red Herring..........................................................................................3

Ode to the Single Mother Greetings from the Writer-in-Chief

Sixty hours she puts in each week,
To provide for her children: Jane, Jill, and Pete. This is the fifth all-time issue of The Cerebral
Freedom. If you actually enjoy reading this newsletter,
She manages for a fast food joint,
consider letting me know. The amount of feedback I
A Mexican worker nods at her point.
will use to evaluate the value of continuing this pursuit.
‘Irreconcilable differences’ brought to an end, My email address is given in the online profile.
The business of marriage pledged death only rend. It wouldn't kill you to tell others about this
Beth Ann resented how milk was had free, newsletter either. It's not like you are a U.S. Marine
Prince Charming for four, oh where could he be? distributing stuffed animals on the way to being shot
dead by Taliban. Your turn could be just a matter of
High in glass towers so far away, time, gringo. Girly politics may be compulsory for
Banksters and barons were busy at play. individual viability in America, but it has never been
Orgies were had and deals were struck, viable for civilizations in the world.
There was no limit to whom they could f#@%. —Douglas Morris
They knew they were better, as master to slave,
The proof was in how the masses behave. Bubbles burst, the New Deal was made,
Serfs are found plenty, but for the best slaves, No shame's in welfare, so be not afraid.
Get single mothers: they dig their own graves. A second world war to finish the first,
of violence stymied by lips to be pursed.
A manly father was said to know best,
His tough love set limits at nature's behest. The Progressive Movement had started so well,
Now mothers' love reigning, boundless and pure, Wage slaves stood upright, plutocrats fell.
In consumption of resources, no greed was that sure. But a feminist movement was nestled within,
Schooling was changed from logic to whim.
Industrial Revolution expanded rewards,
Rise downtrodden masses! Rise coveting hordes! Precedent was set and culture was made weak,
With affirmative action, what distinction need be? But World War II declared, the secret did keep.
When oaks are like maples, all will be free! The Fifties was a time of cultural peak,
When whites could be proud, and workers, freely
Minority hues were not license to take, speak.
Until the woman could vote for her sake.
A spending spree like never before, In such a clime a movement was born,
“I am woman. Hear me roar!” Content of character, not skin color worn.
The past hundred years black Americans have been,
The most affluent and free of blacks ever been.

© 2010 Douglas Morris All rights reserved.

‘Crapportunity Threatre’ is an unregistered trademark of Douglas Morris.
Page 2 The Cerebral Freedom Volume 2, Number 3

No societal population of blacks has been more, Carlota at last was finally trained,
Yet these are as victims to settle a score. And at half the wage Beth Ann's job was gained.
A recrudescence of feminism ushered them in, Third World single moms truly are best,
The soldiers of freedom committed the sin. Banksters and barons now phase out the rest.
Hitler and Tojo had they taken down. Generation Fop and Generation Dope:
They fashioned together an economy crown. We survived the one; the other, we hope.
“Made in America,” popular sovereigns did cry, Home of the brave, land of the free,
But by their own seed would such freedom die. Pledge not away your sovereignty.
Husband deferred child's instruction to wife, Cherchez la femme.
The facts abdicated to the feelings of life.
Mothers were victims in young children's eyes,
The indifference of fathers styled tradition to despise. Quote of Provocation
Turns out the Founding Fathers had plenty of historical
Manhoods enthralled took sexual gain,
example from imperial Roman civilization. So do we.
Blissfully gelded in political vein,
Conquest can be a tool of human advancement even for
The neurosis of feminism firmly disposed,
the conquered, but consolidation and efficacy is a matter
To neutralize manhood and see how it goes.
of culture. The quote is from chapter 3 of an abridgment
Politics in general is the forte of men, of Gibbon's The History of the Decline and Fall of the
The strength of women is communal, my friend. Roman Empire by Low in which chapter numbers
Exceptions there've been and exceptions shall be, correspond to the original work. From Edward Gibbon,
But that is the case of individuality. The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, ed. D. M.
Low, First American Edition (New York: Harcourt, Brace
The right to vote is different you see, and Company, c1960), pp. 524–5:
From the right to work or own property. The rise of a city, which swelled into an empire, may
The politician whose strength lies among women, deserve, as a singular prodigy, the reflection of a
Whatever the sex, should oft be misgiven. philosophical mind. But the decline of Rome was
the natural and inevitable effect of immoderate
So long as money is an uplifting tool, greatness. Prosperity ripened the principle of decay;
The law of conservation makes economy rule. the causes of destruction multiplied with the extent
Verily hear ye this aphorism: of conquest; and as soon as time or accident had
“Political motherhood makes communism.” removed the artificial supports, the stupendous fabric
yielded to the pressure of its own weight. The story
Matriarchies had never endured, of its ruin is simple and obvious; and instead of
But yet anthropologists were not assured. inquiring why the Roman empire was destroyed, we
Primitive tribes they reported had been, should rather be surprised that it had subsisted so
But such is disproved; the evidence, thin. long. The victorious legions, who, in distant wars,
Our borders a sham, illegals are lured, acquired the vices of strangers and mercenaries, first
True rankings of cultures deemed racially slurred. oppressed the freedom the republic, and afterwards
Thoughts unpleasant deserve no news feeds, violated the majesty of the purple. The emperors,
Say ‘handicapped’, nay ‘challenged’, nay say ‘special anxious for their personal safety and the public
needs’. peace, were reduced to the base expedient of
corrupting the discipline which rendered them alike
Churches have lost political voice, formidable to their sovereign and to the enemy; the
To non-profit purchase that gives them no choice. vigour of the military government was relaxed and
‘I believe’ is no longer creed, finally dissolved by the partial institutions of
We shall aspire as we are conceived. Constantine; and the Roman world was overwhelmed
by a deluge of barbarians.
Even in the Deep South, unto Bible Belt land,
Let woman enlighten the ‘simple man’. Advertisement: The creator of this newsletter is
For granted Beth Ann takes her equal rights, interested in work as a researcher-writer or talk radio
Of unrelated note, there's a shortage of knights. host. Look for my Crapportunity Theatre(tm) Web
video. Thank you.
July 2010 The Cerebral Freedom Page 3

Republicanism: Another Red Herring

I have heard said there is profound distinction between government bureaucracy does not fix improper
(pure) democracy and republicanism. The distinction is a government bureaucracy. Popular sovereigns are
red herring. Similar distinction has been made between responsible for real solutions in accordance with natural
authoritarianism and totalitarianism, but to your later law. Moreover, useful experience is not something to be
consideration in the context of some pundit's left-right thrown away. The problem evidenced by poor
propagandist specifics I defer that one. representation is not that we the people are free to elect
Democracy is virtuous because political power is who we wish; it is that we are not free to elect who we
spread evenly across the citizenry. Doing so makes wish while being constrained by vested interest to the
domination by elitist difficult in proportion to the political good of the nation.
wisdom commonly held. Republicanism is virtuous only State secession is a solution of last resort, of course. If
if pure democracy is because the crux of both is popular freedom is to be preserved along with this Union,
sovereignty. Republicanism is democracy with a strategic effective change to the federal election mechanism is
impurity of concentrated power to permit application required. The blatant need as I see it is: 1) Repeal of the
beyond small tribal groups. 17th Amendment, 2) Election of the members of the U.S.
The Achilles heel of any majority rule is the majority House by a single national election, and 3) Election of the
being dead wrong. That is why you are to give moral president by votes permitted three ranked preferences.
heed to the will of the majority and to deny the solution of Repealing the 17th Amendment would return the election
the Founders. The overwhelming majority of humanity of Senators to the State legislatures. Ranked preferences
has always been so many lemmings. We say we have a would empower voters to prefer, penalty free, candidates
federal government. Why is that? unbacked by the Establishment.
A worthy people will combine responsibility and The popular sovereign will see conflict between
privilege just as nature combines cause and effect. A American freedom and sworn elegance to the U.S.
worthy people will allow life's ruling to forge the right Constitution, whether by government officials or by
civic mettle. A worthy people will require a purity of citizens. For Americans to truly be free, they must regard
civilized standards among themselves. The only way for the U.S. Constitution as a tool, just as the abolished
an able minority to peacefully empower and defend itself Articles of Confederation were. The original U.S. Federal
in the face of a corrupt majority is by geographical Government maintained a ‘perpetual Union’ by charter
segregation. Behold, the U.S. Federal Government is not to be altered without the consent of all (13) States. At
named after federalism! the conclusion of the famous Constitutional Convention
Without the viability of State secession, federal of 1787, the delegates remaining in attendance decided,
government has no check or balance. Without State quite unconstitutionally, that ratification by 9 out of 13
secession there is neither States' rights nor federalism. States would suffice. Those betrayers of the rule of law
The mechanisms for election of U.S. presidents and included George Washington and Benjamin Franklin.
legislators pretend State's rights and protection from Their excuse was that ‘we the people’ may ‘ordain and
popular folly. The Electoral College is argued to protect establish’ ‘a more perfect Union’. It was the wise thing to
the masses from themselves, but how can people do, done peaceably and in a matter of years. Those were
appreciate politics if they do not hold their own politics in Americans.
their own hands? Congressional representation is divvied Eleven score and two years later, a President-apparent
by State and district, and committee positions are claimed reached the height of public office after serving four years
by seniority. The result is that voters are rewarded for as the junior Senator from Illinois. Illinois, like Chicago,
returning incumbents who best steal from distant has a unique political history. Illinois is a transliteration
neighbors. Voters who do not maintain incumbents are of an Algonquin Amerind term meaning ‘tribe of superior
suckers unless all other constituencies are as virtuous. If men’. The State identifies itself with the copyrighted
your government dole is not at least average, you are phrase: “Land of Lincoln.” In the birth of that land
being penalized. If most Americans are not worthy of federalism was killed. The official State motto of Illinois
freedom, what escape is there for any Americans? is: “State sovereignty; national union.” Huh? That motto
I consider term limits to be another red herring. We is contrary to monolithic republicanism. Many State
understand how government regulations of overreaching mottoes are incongruent with at least statism and
‘safety’ make holding companies a viable workaround despotism. Those mottoes will have to be changed to
only for the rich and powerful, right? Puppet masters, Orwellian phrases like ‘diversity is strength’, ‘majority is
already adept with holding companies, thrive on virtue’, and ‘successful democracy is for everyone’.
regulations that only they can work around. More Cherchez la femme.