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Command-line Reference

There are several commandline switches available for cbloader. To use any of the
se switches, run CBLoader by:
press: WinKey+R
type: cmd.exe
type: cd "<Path To the folder you unzipped cbloader to"
type: cbloader.exe <switches>

CBloader.exe [-p] [-e] [-n] [-v] {[-f customFolder]} [-h] [-r fileName] [-k file
Name] [-a] [-F]
If you find yourself commonly specifying a switch (e.g. the -f switch) you might
find it worthwhile to create a batch file to execute these options. The easiest
way to do this is to create a new file in your character builder folder named c
bloader.bat. Right click that file, and choose 'edit'. In notepad, type cbloader
.exe <whatever switches you want to specify>. Then save the file. You can then d
ouble click on, or create a shortcut to cbloader.bat and it will always execute
cbloader with your custom switches.

-p HardPatch Mode: Creates a 'hard' patch for the cbloader, this will modify the
on-disc copy of Character Builder so it will always load custom content. Howeve
r, please note that you will still need to run cbloader.exe any time you add or
change .part files. You should only need to run cbloader with this switch a sing
le time. If you would like to reverse the changes made by this mode, you will ne
ed to navigate to your character builder folder, delete D20RulesEngine.dll, and
rename the file D20RulesEngine.dll.bak to D20RulesEngine.dll.
I recommend against using this mode unless you find it absolutely necessary. Thi
s mode makes it more difficult to revert back to the 'standard' character builde
r should you ever choose to and may cause problems with future versions of cbloa
der. If you use this mode, please reverse the changes as described above and re-
run hard-patch mode every time you get a new version of cbloader.
-e AlwaysExtractAndMerge Mode: Typically, CBLoader will only remerge custom cont
ent when it detects a new .part file, or detects that an existing .part or .main
file has been modified. However, you can force cbloader to ignore these checks
and to re-extract the .main file, and remerge all .part files by specifying the
-e switch. This might be worth trying if some changes do not appear to be loaded
by cbloader.
-n NoRun Mode: This will execute cbloader without loading up character builder.
This can be useful if you are only attempting to merge, or use some other piece
of cbloader functionality, but do not want the character builder application its
elf to load.
-v Verbose Mode: This will output additional debugging information that might be
useful in a bug report. If you would like to write this information to a file,
you can execute the application as 'cbloader.exe -v > log.txt' this will create
a new file named 'log.txt' containing debug information that might be useful in
an issue ticket.
-h Help Mode: Emits a short help message describing some of these commandline op
tions and exits.
-f CustomFolder Specifier: You can specify this switch as many times as you'd li
ke. Each time it is specified, the next argument should be a path to a folder co
ntaining .part files. All part files, including combined.dnd4e.part, the content
s of the ./custom folder and files contained in folders specified by the -f swit
ch will be merged and loaded into character builder.

-r fileName switch: Will generate a keyfile called fileName.out, This is useful

in allowing users to move the character builder between machines
-k fileName switch: Will use the specified keyfile named fileName to decrypt the
combined.dnd40.encrypted file.
-a switch: Will associate .dnd4e files to launch with cbloader instead of launch
ing with characterbuilder.exe
-F switch: Will launch in Fast Mode. Fast mode launches the Character Builder fi
rst, and merges files second. Useful if you've got a large amount of parts (and
one has been modified), and just want to quickly access a character. Not recomme
nded for normal use. Not to be confused with -f
-d Don't download.
+d Only download [shortcut for Update First + No Launch]