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Scene that can be emotional with ages This is classified as using Blue-Ray/DVD that an adult

8 and above should not be shown. is not needed for the child to watch the movie at
Topics such as bullying should be home.

This stands for Parental guidance. The Violence is allowed to be shown but within limit and
violence shown can be only mild with a
topics that consist of discrimination can be shown as
limit to the drug scenes that they show.
one of the topics.
Many Themes can be used I2
but has to be appropriate
for all young children. PG I2A
U String language can be used but should not be
recognised as an influence.

U stands for universal that stand for BBFC British Board of film classification
anyone that is above the age of 4 can
watch with the movie that comes
under this classification.

18 15
Strong violence and language can be
Limited amount of violence is allows used.
and language should be appropriate.
Mild sexual scene are only allowed to Films can be classified if they have
be shown such as a kissing scene. strong horror and sexual violent scenes.

Topics of discrimination can be used

Behaviour counted as danger
Drugs shown on screen Drugs can be shown during the movie with appropriate language.
could be copied such as
should not encourage young but should not come across as Suicide.
adults to have any use of encouraging to the audience.

Maheen Hashmi