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Hunter Wallace

Hudson Valley Community College

Honor Scholar Admissions

80 Vandenburgh Avenue

Troy, NY 12180

It is my personal goal to obtain a future career as a journalist, or a related career. In order

to do so, I plan to obtain a bachelors degree in Journalism. However, before that can happen, I

wish to attend Hudson Valley Community College to gain general knowledge of social sciences

and the humanities and take advantage of its intern programs.

It is my understanding that Hudson Valley offers internships at local newspapers through

The Hudsonian, to anyone interested in publications experience. This would be a great

opportunity to learn and develop the critical skills of a journalist: time management, objectivity,

the ability to analyze and synthesize information from credible sources, and the ability to work

with people from all walks of life. I intend to take full advantage of this opportunity by joining at

the first meeting. Experience working on The Hudsonian, combined with the academic

enrichment offered through the HonorScholar Program, will offer me a rich and intellectually

stimulating environment that will foster not only an appreciation for the educational and social

aspects of college life, but habits of mind that will benefit me throughout my life.

Hudson Valleys HonorScholar Program will also impact my educational future by

preparing me for the next step of my educational career: entrance into a competitive four-year

university. As a graduate of the HonorScholar Program, my options for transfer credit will be

greater than for a traditional student, as universities will recognize the challenging curriculum
presented in this program. College admissions would be more likely to accept an HVCC honor

graduate over a student whose schedule consisted of a default class track. Likewise the

educational foundation I receive in the HonorScholar Program will give me the skills necessary

to be successful once I transfer.

Being able to take classes with peers who have genuine interest in learning makes the

HonorScholar Program that much more enticing. As a student who has spent a large portion of

my high school career with classmates who expressed little interest in what was being taught, the

ability to be with a group of like-minded individuals who share a desire to learn is not taken for

granted. I also know what it is like to be in a class where students are engaged in education. The

atmosphere is completely different; multiple points of views are voiced through deep, intellectual

conversations. Being accepted into the HonorScholar Program would provide entry to a

community of peers who value elevated thinking and have a determination to succeed, both in

college and in life. I want to be part of that community.